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This table contains names I have found in the Oak Park Oak Leaves newspapers, currently being published by the Pioneer Press newspapers, and in the various Oak Park Directories. I have most of the hard copies of items found in my index. I do my research at the Oak Park Public Library, which has microfilmed copies of the Oak Leaves, as well as city directories and phone books for Oak Park. The library does have a "old-fashioned" card catalog index that lists citations of items published in the Oak Park papers. Usually that is my first step, is to take your surname, and check there first. If I can find something, great, because I can get the date, page of newspaper right there, and the microfilm is easy to use. However, often times I need a death date, or at least some info about the person to help me with my search. Please provide as much information as you can! It should also be noted that many surrounding suburbs "blended" during the early part of this century. The directories often include River Forest, Forest Park, Berwyn, and Maywood references; as well as the Austin community of the city.

I am happy to research the following at the Oak Park Public Library: any and all Oak Park newspapers on microfilm. The directories, which start in the late 1880's, and continue throught the 1920's pretty consistently. Then a 1930 directory, then a directory in 1967. The directories often provide good info: they often list the job of the head of the household, the employment address; some issues list the family, and sometimes even the ages of the children. Most issues of the directories also include a "reverse lookup." This lists each street, and all the people who lived at each number on each street: this is especially helpful when you suspect that more than one family was living together. I have found this information "by accident" many times: you can't find someone, only to find they were living with the relative. This reverse directory often provides that. The library also has the Oak Park phone books from the 20's until now. I'm happy to look up anything. I love a good mystery, and have a long list of people that I've provided assistance to. Ask me for references, if you like. My services are free, but I always welcome copying and postage costs. If you would like me to search the Oak Leaves or a directory for other names, please contact me at: mailto:ellenplourde@ameritech.net

  Oftentimes on a death record, it states, "Oak Park" as the place of death. There are/were two hospitals in Oak Park, one of which, West Suburban, serves the West Side of Chicago, and is a trauma center. Having Oak Park listed as the place of death does not necessarily mean that this person was from OP, they could have died in an Oak Park hospital. Oftentimes, I ask you for more information about the person. Just because the death index lists Oak Park as the place of death does not mean they lived in Oak Park. However, I"m happy to check it out!   

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