Wolfgang Winter and Family
Wolfgang Winter & Family 
Wolfgang Winter
Mary Winter
Wolfgang Winter was born January, 1843 in Hohenwart, Bayern, Germany; the oldest son of Franz Winter (1816-1874) and Anna Maria Muhlbauer (1814-1899).   He arrived in America at the Port of New York from Bremen, Germany along with his parents by way of the steamship Leipzig on October 4, 1873 at the age of 30.  He, and his parents and brothers, settled in Chicago, Illinois by 1875.  While there he met Mary Ehrenstrasse, and became married to her on 27 June 1880 at the St. Anthony's Catholic Church of Chicago.  She was the daughter of Andrew and Barbara Ehrenstrasse, and had immigrated to the United States in 1878.  She was born in Germany in April of 1859.  The 4 children of Wolfgang and Mary Winter are: 
i.      FRANCIS MICHAEL WINTER, b. 24 January 1881, Chicago, Illinois; d. 1939 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; m. KATHERINE M. SIMON; b. 1880, Pennsylvania; d. 1942, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.   Frank Winter attended Notre Dame University, and made the football team all four years that he was there, 1898-1899-1900-1901.  University records indicate that he roomed with his cousin Frank W. Winter for two years at the school.  Frank and his wife Katherine are buried in the Winter family plot at St. Peter's Cemetery in Pittsburgh, PA.  His nickname was "Dick".   They had one son, Sylvester Wolfgang Winter (1904-1981), a Pittsburgh Dentist.  Sylvester married Luella Doyle and had 3 sons and a daughter (Paul, Doris, Charles, Richard), some of whom still live in the Pittsburgh area. 
ii        CHARLES ALOYSIUS WINTER, b. 01 April 1887, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; d. 10 July 1950, Orange, New Jersey; m. KATHRYN M. WRIGLEY; b. Pennsylvania; d. 04 January 1965.  "Charlie" attended Notre Dame University and received a Pharmacy Degree in 1905, and later attended the New Jersey College of Pharmacy.  He operated a pharmacy in East Orange, NJ for 21 years at the corner of Halsted Street and Central Avenue. They resided at 84 Kenwood Place in East Orange, New Jersey, and apparently had no children.  
iii.       HEINRICH WINTER, b. 02 December 1888, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; d. 27 November 1890, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Buried at St. Peterís Cemetery. 
iv.       HARRY ANDREW WINTER, b. 04 December 1890, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; d. 21 October 1951; m. LORETTA CASEY; b. Orange, New Jersey; d. 02 March 1963, East Orange, New Jersey.  They had 2 daughters; Maurie Ann Winter (1909-1993) and Grace Barbara Winter (1915-2009).  Maurie married William James Meehan (1909-1974) and had an only daughter Maureen who died young; Grace never married nor had any children.  Harry worked with his father at The Orange Brewery.
---rear:  Wolfgang Winter, Frank M. Winter 
---front:  Harry A. Winter, Mary Winter, Charlie A. Winter 
Wolfgang Winter died 02 October 1922 at age 79 while on a visit to Bremen Germany, and Mary at age 74 on 07 July 1933 at her home in East Orange (obituaries).  They are both buried at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery in East Orange, NJ along with son Harry Winter and his wife Loretta; and son Charles Winter and his wife Katherine; in Section G., lot 380.  Their oldest son, Frank, is buried at the St. Peters Cemetery on Arlington Avenue in the Mt. Oliver section of the Pittsburgh Southside along with his wife Katherine, in the Winter Family Plot in that city. 
Former Residences: 
1880:  46 Alexander Street, Chicago IL 
1890:  2020 Josephine Street, Pittsburgh, PA 
1895:  2225 Jane Street, Pittsburgh, PA 
1901:  460 Center Street, Orange, NJ 
1920:  88 Kenwood Place, East Orange, New Jersey 
1933:  90 Kenwood Place, East Orange, New Jersey 
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