Orange Breweriana
Orange Breweriana 
During Winter family ownership, 1901-1925 
 Pre-Prohibition bottles from The Orange Brewery can be found in clear, aqua, green, or brown glass 
featuring the embossed Orange Brewery Trade Mark logo of Purity & Strength. 
This wooden crate could hold 24 bottles of beer for home delivery by horse-drawn wagons,  
and later by motor truck.  This type of case can be seen in this close-up of the  
1916 "beer truck" photo found on the home page
An old Pre-Prohibition porcelain-on-metal sign measuring 10" by 14" 
(Courtesy P. Brady)
A Pre-Prohibition chromium beer tray measuring 16" X 12",  
perhaps used in taverns.  Inscription about the Trade Mark logo says:  
"With Compliments From M. Winter, Prop." 
Small round 4.5" metal coasters, which also could have been  
found 100 years ago in various Essex County taverns. 
(Courtesy S. Walker) 
A colorful Lithograph-on-tin sign from the early 1900s produced by  
F. Tuchfarber & Co of Cincinnati that measures approx. 20" by 29". 
Examples of some Pre-Prohibition labels which appeared on early 
bottles and varieties of Orange Brewery beer.  (Courtesy P. Brady & others) 
Antique bottle opener embossed with  
"Orange Brewery Quality First"   
(Courtesy J. Stanley) 
An interesting sign painted on the reverse side of glass featuring stippled gold leaf lettering and  
hand painted flower, mounted on tin/metal frame.  From the early 1900s, it was produced by  
the Thomas Jones Decorative Glass Co. of Brooklyn, NY and measures approx. 24" across. 
(Courtesy G. York) 
Centennial of The Oranges Parade, June 1907.  The Orange Brewery float  is pictured here, being drawn by a team of six horses.  It features a man dressed as Bacchus, The Roman god of wine and intoxication, riding atop a giant barrel of beer, with beverage in hand.  It proved to be one of the  
more popular floats in the entire parade. 
The letterhead graphics of the Orange Brewery, which was displayed atop their stationery. 
--- 1916 photos of Beer Trucks at the brewery --- 
A newspaper ad which appeared in The New York Sun newspaper in 1915 
Print Advertisement found within an Orange, NJ publication dated early 1914 
Jo-La Cola, a carbonated soda drink manufactured during Prohibition.   
The bottle is embossed near the neck with "M. Winter" on one side  
and "Orange Brewery" on the other. 
Bricks from the Orange Brewery.  Taken as 'souvenirs' by a Winter family member during demolition of the plant in 1980.  (Courtesy M. Ihle) 
Pictures or information about any other Orange Breweriana are appreciated!   
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