Michael Winter and Family
Michael Winter & Family 
Michael Winter
Gertrude Winter
Michael Winter was born 29 December 1853 in Ansdorf, Bayern, Germany, the youngest son of Franz Winter (1816-1874) and Anna Maria Muhlbauer (1814-1899).   He arrived in America from Germany by way of steamship in 1873 at the age of 20.  He, his parents and brothers, settled in Chicago, Illinois by 1875.  While there he met Gertrude Trageser, and became married to her on 24 November 1876 at the St. Anthony's Catholic Church of Chicago.  She was the daughter of Peter and Catarina Trageser, and had immigrated to the United States in 1859 as a young girl.  She was born 18 October 1856 in Altenmittlau, Churhessen Germany.  The 8 children of Michael and Gertrude Winter: 
i.      ANNA MARIA WINTER, b. 10 September 1877, Chicago, Illinois; d. 02 February 1955, Germany; m. Max STEHLE.  They returned to Germany to live and had one daughter, Ida Stehle (1901-1981).  She married Friedrich Ihle and had 5 children: Bernhard, Peter, Gisela, Agnes, and Gabriele; all of whom live in Germany. 
ii.      FRANCIS WOLFGANG WINTER, b. 31 August 1880, Chicago, Illinois; m. MAE DONOVAN; b. about 1887, New York.  "Frank" attended Notre Dame University and roomed there for two years with his cousin, Francis M. Winter.  He worked at The Orange Brewery, died about 1930, and had no children. 
iii.     GERTRUDE C. WINTER, b. December 1883, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; d. 1959, New Jersey; m. JOHN J. MENTZ.  They had one son, John Winter Mentz (1910-1980). 
iv.     ANNE SYBILLA WINTER, b. January 1885, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; d. 06 November 1968; m. JOSEPH M. MENTZ.  They had one daughter, Joan, who has 4 sons. 
v.      LORETTO E. WINTER, b. 17 June 1887, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; d. January 1973, Los Angeles, California; m. ANDREW S. MCDONOUGH; he was b. 03 December 1885; d. October 1971 in New Jersey.  They had 2 daughters; Nancy Ann (1922-2000) and Margaret.  Margaret has 4 sons and a daughter. 
vi.      HILDA BARBARA WINTER, b. 04 April 1890, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; d. January 1978, Hacketstown, New Jersey; m. JOHN GEIGER.  They had 2 daughters and a son; Ruth (1915-2005), Mary, and John. 
vii.     GILBERT WINTER, b. 27 January 1896, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; d. 01 January 1916, East Orange, New Jersey.  Gilbert Winter never married. 
viii.    ELIZABETH CAROLINE WINTER, b. 12 January 1899, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; d. 30 May 1940, East Orange, New Jersey; m. cousin WILLIAM JACOB WINTER,--son of Alois & Barbara Winter.  He was b. 07 November 1887,  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; d.  07 February 1936, Lyons, New Jersey.   They had 2 sons and a daughter; William Jr. (1922-?), Thomas Raymond Winter (1924-2010), and Elizabeth Barbara Winter (1926-1975).  William Jr. never married; Thomas had 4 daughters; Elizabeth had 2 sons and 2 daughters.
---rear: Anna Maria, Hilda, Gertrude, Loretto, Frank, Anne--- 
---front:  Elizabeth, Michael, Gilbert, Gertrude--- 
Michael Winter was one of the original founding members of the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce, along with many other local businessmen, which included industrialist Austin Colgate and inventor Thomas Edison.  His wife Gertrude died at age 61 on 24 October 1917 in Orange, New Jersey and is buried at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery in East Orange, NJ along with John & Gertrude (Winter) Mentz, William & Elizabeth Winter, and son Gilbert Winter in Section F, Lot 54.  At some point after 1925, Michael returned to Germany to live, and stayed with his daughter Anna Maria and her family.  He did enjoy the Stuttgart "Biergarten" (beer garden) very much and fell in love with a servant there, whom he married.  The couple moved to Munich, and Michael eventually died there on 22 July 1929, age 75, suffering from pneumonia and other complications resulting from a recent operation he had undergone (obituary). 
Former Residences: 
1880:  46 Alexander Street, Chicago IL 
1890:  2020 Josephine Street, Pittsburgh, PA 
1895:  2226 Jane Street, Pittsburgh, PA 
1901:  Center Street, Orange, NJ (St. Mary's Hospital site) 
1906:  521 Center Street, Orange, NJ 
1920:  54 Harrison Avenue, East Orange, NJ 
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