Winter Brothers Breweriana
Winter Bros. Breweriana 
The Trade Mark Logo of the M. Winter Brothers Brewing Company (MWBBCo) featured an eagle perched atop a wooden keg barrel of beer; and surrounded by images of barley, hops, and wheat.
------A Glass Paperweight------ 
A German-to-English Dictionary.  Probably given out as a 
promotional item to the many German speaking customers of the  
M. Winter Brothers Brewing Company  
that lived in the Pittsburgh area. 
------Print Advertisement from the 1890's------ 
A 14" X 16" advertising placard from the early 1900's; owned by a  
4th generation descendant of Alois Winter. 
Graphics appearing at the top of M. Winter Brothers invoices. 
------Print Advertisement from 1895------ 
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