Alois Winter and Family
Alois Winter & Family 
--- Alois and Barbara Winter --- 
Alois Winter was born 30 December, 1851 in Hohenwart, Bayern, Germany; the middle son of Franz Winter (1816-1874) and Anna Maria Muhlbauer (1814-1899).   He arrived in America from Germany by way of steamship in 1873 at the age of 21.  He, his parents and brothers, settled in Chicago, Illinois by 1875.  While there he met Barbara Will, and became married to her on 25 April 1881 at the St. Anthony's Catholic Church of Chicago.  She was the daughter of Johann and Barbara Will, and had immigrated to the United States in 1880.  She was born in Walbengrin, Germany on 28 April 1859. 
 The 7 children of Alois and Barbara Winter: 
i.      MARY G. WINTER, b. January 1883, Chicago, Illinois; d. 1960; m. LOUIS A. SAHNER; b. about 1883, Pennsylvania.  They had one daughter who is now deceased, Rita Barbara Sahner.  She did not marry and had no children of her own. 
ii.      ALOYSIUS WOLFGANG WINTER, b. September 1884, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 
d. 22 November 1959, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; m. VICTORIA P. BENZ, b. May 1882 in Pennsylvania; d. 20 June 1960, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  They had 2 daughters and a son; Mary (1909-1981), Victoria (1911-1989), and Philip (1913-1975).  Mary married, but had no children; Victoria, a successful Pittsburgh Realtor, never married; Philip had 2 sons...Philip Jr. and Mark, each with children. 
iii.      AUGUSTUS ALOYSIUS WINTER, b. 09 June 1886, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; 
d. 29 December 1963, Coral Gables, Florida.  He married a woman named Margaret O'Neil.  They had only been married a short time when she became quite ill and died.  He then married Lillian (O'Neil) Henky (1886-1973), who was a widow with 5 children, and was the sister of Margaret O'Neil.  "Gus", a WWI veteran, had no children of his own. 
iv.      WILLIAM JACOB WINTER, b. 07 November 1887, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; d. 
07 February 1936, Lyons, New Jersey; m. cousin ELIZABETH CAROLINE WINTER --daughter of Michael & Gertrude Winter; she was b. 12 January 1899, Pittsburgh,  Pennsylvania; d.  30 May 1940, East Orange, New Jersey.  William was exposed to mustard Gas during WWI and was somewhat affected by it, in terms of some paralysis.  He required the use of a cane after returning from the war.  William lived in New Jersey and did not remain in Pittsburgh, as the rest of his siblings and parents did.  They had 2 sons and a daughter; William Jr. (1922-?), Thomas Raymond Winter (1924-2010), and Elizabeth Barbara Winter (1926-1975).  William Jr. never married; Thomas had 4 daughters; and Elizabeth had 2 sons and 2 daughters. 
v.      ALBERT P. WINTER, b. 11 November 1893, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; d. 03 
March 1983, Bethel Park, Pennsylvania; m. MARGARET SAYLOR; b. 13 October 1893; d. 24 January 1973, Pennsylvania.  They had one daughter, Rosemary Gertrude Winter (1919-2001).  Also known as "Dolly", her married name was MILLER, and she had 2 daughters, Margaret and Rosemary.   
vi.      HENRY WINTER, b. February 1895, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; d. about  
1903, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 
vii.     RAYMOND MICHAEL WINTER, b. August 1897, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; d.  
06 July 1974 in PA.  Raymond Winter was a talented artist who never married; last resided at 3336 Brownsville Road in Brentwood, PA
Alois, along with some other former brewery owners,  founded in 1901 a savings bank in Pittsburgh known as The People's Trust Company of Pittsburgh, and he served on their Board of Directors.  He was also on the Board of Directors of The Fourteenth Street Bank of the Southside, Tech Food Products Company, and Pittsburgh Brewing Company.  He and his family were members of the St. Basil's Roman Catholic Church in Carrick.  Alois died at age 74 on 29 March, 1926 while visiting in Cambridge Springs, Pennsylvania (obituary).   His wife Barbara died 18 December 1938 at 79 years in Pittsburgh.  Alois and Barbara Winter rest in a mausoleum at the St. George Cemetery on Brownsville Road in Pittsburgh along with sons August, Henry, and Raymond Winter, and daughter Mary.  At a nearby plot at St. George Cemetery are several other Winter family members  
Former Residences: 
1880:  46 Alexander Street, Chicago IL 
1890:  2701 Josephine Street, Pittsburgh, PA 
1895:  2227 Jane Street, Pittsburgh, PA 
1905:  2122 Brownsville Road, Carrick, PA 
1922:  136 Hornaday Road, Carrick, PA  
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