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The Original State Highway 14 (NC 14) through Orange County
Original-style state sign for NC14
Original-style state sign for NC14
The original NC Highway 14 was one of the first designated state highways. It was designated as a state highway between 1921 and 1922.

In Orange County, the highway originally ran from Chapel Hill (beginning at the intersection of Franklin and Columbia streets), through Carrboro, Calvander, Hillsboro, and Cedar Grove to the Caswell County line (to Prospect Hill), following a series of earlier public roads. The original route likely followed (from south-to-north) present-day Franklin Street to Greensboro Street, then Old Highway 86 into Hillsborough; then Churton Street/HWY 86 to Corbin Street, then Cedar Grove Road, then Rainey Street to Old Cedar Grove Road (most of this section is no longer usable roadway, but follows current property lines), then Coleman Loop, then to Highland Farm Road, then Efland-Cedar Grove Road, and then reconnected with HWY 86. In 1924, the road was realigned north of Hillsborough, bypassing Cedar Grove (more closely following the route of modern Highway 86); by 1926, the highway may have been partially realigned between Hillsborough and Calvander.

The 1930, 1936, and 1938 North Carolina County road surveys of Orange County shows Highway 14 running from Carrboro through Calvander and Hillsboro to the Caswell County line, where it linked with Highway 144. The 1940 Federal Writer's Map of Orange County still shows Highway 14, but later that same year Highway 14 was renumbered by the State to Highway 86 (now Old NC 86).

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