Ormandy birth certificates

Ormandy Birth Certificates 11th October 2009

The entries marked *** in the Year column are from parish baptism registers

Year Name Sex Father's name Mother's name and maiden name Father's occupation Date Place Informant Sub district Date registered Certificate holder
William   John Ormandy of Great Homer Street Elizabeth Ormandy of Great Homer Street Tallow Chandler 6th January 1839 Parish Church of St. Peter, Liverpool       Jeff Jones
1851 John Bull Boy John Ormandy Elizabeth Ormandy formerly Sharrock Warehouseman 17th September 1851 7 Tenterden Street The mark of Elizabeth Ormandy Mother
7 Tenterden Street Liverpool
Liverpool - Saint Martin 22nd October 1851 Jeff Jones
Ellen   John Ormandy of Egan St. Ann Ormandy of Egan St. Joiner 11th September 1852 St. John Preston       Wilf Chapman
1858 John Boy John Ormandy Ann Ormandy formerly Culshaw Joiner 10th January 1858 The Grove Standish John Ormandy Father
The Grove Standish
Wigan - Standish 14th February 1858 Wilf Chapman

1858 Henry James Ormandy Boy James Ormandy Ann Ormandy, formerly Prescott Agent to Canal Company 24th March 1858 Top Locks, Lathom James Ormandy, Father, Top Locks, Lathom Ormskirk - Lathom 26th April 1858 Norman DOBSON
1870 Thomas Boy William Ormandy Ann Ormandy formerly Westhead Agricultural Labourer 22nd March 1870 Narrow Moss Scarisbrick The mark of William Ormandy Father Narrow Moss Scarisbrick Ormskirk - Scarisbrick 3rd April 1870 Jeff Jones
1870 Mary Ellen Girl Thomas Edwards Jane Edwards formerly Ormondy Puddler (iron works) 26th November 1870     Salford   Norman Weston
1876 Seth Boy John Ormandy Jane Ormandy formerly Peeling Laborer (sic) 1st June 1876 25 Mould Street The mark of Jane Ormandy Mother
Mould Street
Liverpool - St. Martin 11th July 1876 Jeff Jones
1877 William Ormandy Boy Richard Gibson Jane Ormandy formerly Crosbie Carter 13th April 1877 10 Garibaldi Street Jane Gibson
10 Garibaldi Street
West Derby and Toxteth Park - Everton 6th June 1877 Janet Atherton
1882 Christina * Girl John Bird Sarah Ann Bird formerly Beamish Labourer in an Oil mill 29th January 1882 31 St Albans Road Liscard U.S.D. Sarah Ann Bird Mother
31 St Albans Road Liscard
Wallasey - Wallasey 11th March 1882 Jeff Jones
1884 John William Boy William Ormandy Mary Ellen Ormandy formerly Shortall Laborer (sic) at a Brickyard 25th/24th December 1883 3 Court Burscough Street U.S.D. The mark of Ellen Shortall
Present at the birth
Burscough Street Ormskirk
Ormskirk - Ormskirk 4th February 1884 Dave Ormandy
1884 John Robinson Boy Joseph Ormandy Eleanor Ann Ormandy formerly Robinson Iron Ore Miner 14th June 1884 20 Buccleuch Street, Dalton J. Ormandy - Father - 20 Buccleuch Street, Dalton Ulverston - Dalton 22nd July 1884 Lori Herman
1885 William Boy William Ormandy Mary Ormandy formerly Thomas Sawyer 30th September 1885 27 Hodson Street Blackburn U.S.D. Mary Ormandy Mother
27 Hodson Street Blackburn
Blackburn - Blackburn Northern 12th October 1885 Dave Ormandy
1889 Ellen Matilda Girl Charles William Ormandy Elizabeth Thwaites Plumber Journeyman 17th September 1889         Walter Cater
1891 Annie Ormandy         25th April 1891 Lathom       Norman DOBSON
1893 Margaret Ann Girl John Ormondy Elizabeth Ormondy formerly Thornton Labourer at Iron Works 27th July 1893 30 Waterloo Place Salford The mark of Elizabeth Ormondy Mother
30 Waterloo Place Salford
Salford - Greengate 7th September 1893 Wilf Chapman
1894 Florence Girl William Ormandy Mary Alice Ormandy formerly Shortall Labourer at Brickworks 24th April 1894 Burscough Town Burscough U.S.D. W. Ormandy
Burscough Town
Ormskirk - Scarisbrick 28th May 1894 Dave Ormandy
1911 Stanley Scholes Boy   Annis (sic) ORMANDY, a Tailoress   10th December 1911 26 Cemetery Road Southport U. D. Annie Ormandy, Mother 25 Ellor Street Salford as per declaration dated 11th January 1912 Ormskirk - North Meols 12th January 1912 Karen Arnold
1931 Ethel Girl Arthur Williams Charlotte Williams formerly Ormandy Paper Hanger of 129 Buckingham Street Everton 17th November 1931 147a Mill Road C Williams
129 Buckingham Street
Everton South East 20th November 1931 Ronald Anderson

* Christina Bird is included as she married Seth Ormandy, born 1876