Ormandy death certificates

Ormandy Death Certificates 30th July 2006

Year Name Age Occupation Date of death Cause of death Place of death Informant Sub district Date registered Certificate holder
1837 Thomas Ormandy 25 Labourer 4.12.1837 Scarlet Fever Bootle The mark of Betty Ormandy of Tarn Bootle 10.8.1838

Margaret Miller
1838 Joseph Ormandy 26 Tanner 6.4.1838 Consumption Lowood
W. Atkinson (father in law) of Mill Style Colton 6.4.1838 Margaret Miller
  William Ormandy 9 son of Benjamin (deceased, a brazier) 11.4.1838 Decline Commongate David Mottershead of M'field Macclesfield 14.4.1838 Margaret Miller
  John Ormandy 17 Carpenter 14.7.1838 Consumption Adlington Elizabeth Ormandy of Adlington Rivington 17.7.1838 Margaret Miller
1839 William Ormandy 2 son of Henry & Mary (ropemaker) 24.4.1839 Small Pox Preston Henry Ormandy of Walker St, Preston Preston 24.4.1839 Margaret Miller
  John Ormandy 45 Book keeper 25.11.1839 Asthma Upper Pitt
S? Spoonley, In Attendance, Scotland Road Liverpool - St Thomas 26.11.1839 Margaret Miller
  John Ormandy 83 Agr. Lab 28.12.1839 Hydrothorax? Mansriggs John Wilson of Mansriggs Ulverston 31.12.1839 Margaret Miller
1840 Thomas Ormandy 3 son of John (shoemaker) 5.5.1840 Scarlet Fever Bishop-wearmouth The mark of John Ormandy B'mouth North 7.5.1840 Margaret Miller
1841 John Ormandy 20 Clerk with Messrs. Fell & Co. Merchants, Ulverstone 25.1.1841* Drowned ** J. Gardner, County Coroner, Garstang Cartmel 2.4.1841 Margaret Miller
  William Ormandy 4½ son of WilliamOrmandy (a joiner) 30.1.1841
3 A.M.
Scarlet Fever Lathom William Ormandy Father Present at the Death Lathom Ormskirk - Lathom 30.1.1841 Margaret Miller
  John Ormandy 79 Gentleman 5.9.1841 Decay of Nature Walton Arthur Ormandy present at the death Walton West Derby - Walton on the Hill 7.9.1841 Margaret Miller
1842 James Ormandy 8 son of Joseph (blacksmith) 6.1.1842 Drowned *** Lindale Wm. Blundall, Coroner, Broughton in Furness Dalton 27.1.1842 Margaret Miller
1843 William Ormandy 7 wks son of Mary Ormandy 13.2.1843 Convulsions Jordan St. The mark of Alice Usher present at the death Jamaica Street Liverpool - St Thomas Liverpool 16.2.1843 Margaret Miller
  John Ormandy 65 Gentleman 13.2.1843 Apoplexy Workington Stamper Atkinson of Workington Workington 14.2.1843 Margaret Miller
  Robert Fell Ormandy 11 wks son of James (flour dealer) 21.8.1843 Inflam. of the Bowels Wreaksend, Broughton Jane Ormandy of Market St., Ulverstone Broughton W. 22.8.1843 Margaret Miller
  John Ormandy 1 or 9 mths son of Henry (ropemaker) 22.9.1843 Convulsions Maudland Rd. Henry Ormandy Preston 23.9.1843 Margaret Miller
  Joseph Ormandy 30 Joiner 25.11.1843 Consumption Longfield James Bridge of Longfield, Prestwich Prestwich 26.11.1843 Margaret Miller
1844 Joseph Ormandy 2 son of John (blacksmith) 2.1.1844 Whooping Cough Millom Ann Ormandy of Beckstones Bootle 22.4.1844 Margaret Miller
  James Ormandy 6 mths son of Agnes (single woman) 16.5.1844 Hooping (as spelt) Cough, Pneumonia Dalton The mark of Betty Ormandy of Dalton Dalton 17.5.1844 Margaret Miller
  Robert Ormandy 85 Husbandman 19.7.1844 Natural debility from age Hawkshead Richard Lodge of Hawkshead Hawkshead 21.7.1844 Margaret Miller
1845 Joseph Samuel Ormandy 5 days son of James (flour dealer) 20.1.1845 Congestion of the lungs Market St The mark of Susannah Dixon of Ulverstone Ulverstone 22.1.1845 Margaret Miller
  William Ormandy 74 Farmer 16.11.1845 Haemiplegia Wreaksend Hannah Ormandy of Wreaksend Broughton W. 17.11.1845 Margaret Miller
  William Ormandy 60 Grocer 26.11.1845 Gastricitis Hambrook The mark of Ann Gay of Hambrook Stapleton 29.11.1845 Margaret Miller
1846 William Ormandy 53 Cabinet maker 1.5.1846
8 P.M.
Consumption   John Ashton of Lathom Lathom 2.5.1846 Margaret Miller
  William Ormandy 72 Mariner 1.5.1846 Effusion in the Brain 1 Lace Court Stanley St. Liverpool The mark of Jane Morris present at the death 3 Lace Court Stanley Street Liverpool Liverpool - St. Georges 1.5.1846 Margaret Miller
  James Ormandy 68 Blacksmith 7.3.1846 Natural decay Beckstones, Millom John Ormandy of Beckstones Bootle 23.3.1846 Margaret Miller
  John Ormandy 54 Clergyman 16.5.1846 Typhus Millom Mary Ormandy of Bridgend Bootle 1.6.1846 Margaret Miller
  Robert Ormandy 21 Blacksmith 27.5.1846 Pneumonia/Meningitis Nethertown, St Bees James Ormandy of Rally Green, Millom St Bees 29.9.1846 Margaret Miller
1847 James Ormandy 26 Butcher 16.5.1847 Phthisis Cartmel - Upper Holker Alice Ormandy of Cartmel Cartmel 22.5.1847 Margaret Miller
1848 John Ormandy 14 mths son of John Ormandy (a porter) 14.2.1848 Marasmus 60 Dryden St. Liverpool Elizabeth Ormandy Present at death 60 Dryden Street Liverpool Liverpool - St Martin 5.2.1848 Margaret Miller
  John Ormandy 73 Farmer 12.9.1848 Continued fever Gill, Ulverstone The mark of Elizabeth Atkinson of Mountbarrow, Ulverstone Ulverstone 13.9.1848 Margaret Miller
  James Ormandy 2 son of Henry (rope maker) 13.9.1848 Scarlet fever 19 Maudland Bank Henry Ormandy Preston 16.9.1848 Margaret Miller
1849 James Ormandy 2 son of James (flour dealer) 23.2.1849 Inflammation of the lungs Market St. James Ormandy of Market St. Ulverstone 26.2.1849 Margaret Miller
  William Ormandy 65 Laborer (how spelt) 22.8.1849 Cholera Ewart Buildings Great Homer St. Everton Elizabeth Ormandy present at death 6 Dryden Street Liverpool West Derby - Everton 23.8.1849 Margaret Miller
  Elizabeth Ormandy 72 widow of Joseph 18.10.1849 Paralytic stroke Adlington John Smith of Adlington Rivington 19.10.1849 Margaret Miller
1851 Thomas Ormandy 54 Book Keeper 25.10.1851 Asthma with Pneumonia 25 Smithdown Lane West Derby Saml. Spoonley In attendance 156 Scotland Road Liverpool West Derby - West Derby 27.10.1857 Margaret Miller
  Seth Ormandy 73 Labourer 13.11.1851 Natural decay Tarn Isaac Park of Tarn, Bootle Bootle 14.11.1851 Margaret Miller
1852 John Ormandy 11 wks son of James (accountant) 21.3.1852 Asphyxiated from turning on its face in bed 29 Sunderland Terrace James Ormandy Ulverstone 23..3.1852 Margaret Miller
  Thomas Ormandy 43 Boat builder of Wigan 29.4.1852 Pulmonary/Consumption Gleaston Castle Hannah Ormandy of Gleaston Castle Dalton 30.4.1852 Margaret Miller
1854 Thomas Ormandy 4 mths son of James (accountant) 10.2.1854 Phthisis Ulverstone James Ormandy of Sunderland Terrace Ulverstone 14.2.1854 Margaret Miller
  John Ormandy 86 Joiner 5.7.1854 Old Age Ramsbotham John Ormandy of Ramsbottom Holcombe 7.7.1854 Margaret Miller
  Thomas Ormandy 73 Blacksmith & Beerhouse Keeper 27.11.1854 Senile decay Church Style- Pennington Thomas Ormandy of Lindal, Dalton Ulverston 28.11.1854 Margaret Miller
1855 Isaac Ormandy 53 G.P. M.R.C.S., L.S.A. 18.1.1855 Partial paralysis Fibris Typhoides Dalton Dalton Boulton Ormandy present at death Dalton Dalton Ulverstone - Dalton 19.1.1855 Margaret Miller
  Thomas Ormandy 1 Son of John (a porter) 24.4.1855 Convulsions 6 Court Penrhyn St. The mark of Elizabeth Ormandy present at death 6 Court Penrhyn Street Liverpool Liverpool - St. Martin 25.4.1855 Margaret Miller
  James Ormandy 69 Labourer 24.4.1855 Asthma File Cottages Hy. Smith of Cavendish St., Ulverstone Ulverstone 27.4.1855 Margaret Miller
  John Ormandy 43 Basket maker 15.9.1855 Consumption Lunatic Asylum William Dugdale of the Lunatic asylum, Lancaster Lancaster 19.9.1855 Margaret Miller
  William Ormandy 15 son of James (book keeper) 28.11.1855 Phthisis James' St. James Ormandy of Tuner's St., Ulverstone Ulverstone 1.12.1855 Margaret Miller
  Joseph Ormandy 74 Farmer 20.12.1855 Fungus Homotodes New Park House Sarah Ormandy of New Park House Dalton 29.12.1855 Margaret Miller
1856 William Ormandy 68 Farmer 16.4.1856 Decay of nature Gleaston Castle Thomas Ormandy of Gleaston Castle Dalton 18.4.1856 Margaret Miller
1861 Robert Ormandy 75 Joiner (master) 1.5.1861 Bronchitis Cavendish St. Ulverstone Thomas Wearing of James Street, Ulverstone Ulverstone 17.7.1861 Margaret Miller

William Ormandy 65 Accountant 12.2.1862 Apoplexy College Farm, Orrell Peter O'Malley of Roby Hill, Upholland Pemberton


Margaret Miller
  Joseph Ormandy 1

Son of William -Joiner/journeyman 28.11.1862 Hydrocephalus Hindpool, Dalton William Ormandy of Hindpool, Dalton Dalton 29.11.1862 Margaret Miller

James Ormandy 37

Book keeper at Canal Office 2.2.1863 Typhus Canal Bank near Chisenhale St. The mark of Elizabeth Draper of 12 Eldon Place, L'pool

Howard St, Liverpool


Margaret Miller

John Ormandy


Son of James Ormandy – boatbuilder/



Marasmus and effusion on the brain Upholland James Ormandy of Upholland Upholland 7.3.1863 Margaret Miller

Henry Ormandy 5

Son of Henry – blacksmith (deceased) 16.2.1864 Scarlet fever and dropsy Neville St., Ulverstone The mark of Ann Rudd of Neville St. Ulverstone Ulverstone


Margaret Miller
  George Ormandy 5 Son of Joseph - master butcher 13.9.1864 Muco enteritis Dalton Town Joseph Ormandy of Dalton Town Dalton 16.9.1864 Margaret Miller
  Joseph Ormandy 66 Master blacksmith

30.10.1864 Hypercardia Lindale, Dalton Thomas Ormandy of Lindale, Dalton Dalton 31.10.1864 Margaret Miller
  Richard Ormandy 1

Son of Joseph – Master butcher 25.3.1864

Measles and Pneumonia Dalton Town Dorothy Ormandy of Dalton Town Dalton 26.3.1864 Margaret Miller

Joseph Ormandy 9 wks

Son of William – basket maker 21.4.1865

Atrophy Peppercorn Lane, Kirkland Flora Ormandy of Peppercorn Lane Kendal


Margaret Miller
1866 John Ormandy 53 Labourer 20.7.1866 Broch'l Pneumonia Workhouse Brownlow Hill The mark of Elizabeth Ormandy In Attendance
151 Great Homer Street Liverpool
Liverpool - Mount Pleasant 21.7.1866 Jeff Jones


William Ormandy 72

Outdoor labourer 2.12.1873 Dropsy Fulwood Workhouse, Preston The mark of Vincent Smith, Workhouse



Margaret Miller
1879 William Ormandy Gibson 2 Son of Richard Gibson, a carter. 6.4.1879 Whooping cough Congestion of lungs
Certified by G Jones MD
121 Roscommom Street R Gibson Father present at death
121 Roscommon Street Everton
West Derby and Toxteth Park - Everton 7.4.1879 Janet Atherton

James Johnson Ormandy 55 Land Surveyor 15.2.1880 Obstruction of the bowels and apoplexy Grantley Lane, Billinge

James Ormandy (son) of Grantley Lane



Margaret Miller

Joseph Ormandy 58

Commercial Traveller 25.2.1888 Cardiac vascular disease, dropsy and apoplexy Bank Terrace, Wigan Jane Cecilia Ormandy (daughter) of Bank Terrace, Wigan Wigan


Margaret Miller
1890 Sarah Beamish
55 Wife of Abraham Beamish, general dealer 23.8.1890 Chronic Hepatitis
Certified by John Cannell L.R.C.P.
6 Palermo Street
Poolton cum Seacombe
A. Beamish widower of deceased
In attendance
6 Palermo Street Poolton cum Seacombe
Wallasey in the County of Chester 26.8.1890 Jeff Jones

Helen Ormandy 49

Wife of Joseph Ormandy, Private in the British Red Cross Society and Tailor's Salesman 29.7.1915 Chronic Brights disease and Cerebral haemorrhage 54 Macfarlane Road, Hammersmith, London E. Ormandy – daughter of Macfarlane Road

North H'smith


Margaret Miller
1917 Abraham Beamish
83 Master Ship Repairer (retired) 8.3.1917 Cerebral Haemorrhage
Certified by J ? Sykes MD (Lond)
4 Preston Road Ainsdale Southport UD Ruth Lucas Daughter present at the death 4 Preston Road Ainsdale Southport Ormskirk 9.3.1917 Dawn Elkins
1919 Henry James Ormandy 61 Master Baker 17.6.1919 Cancer of Liver/Stomach Oakfield Cottage, Upton by Chester R. Horridge, daughter in law, 23 Pine Grove, Southport Chester Rural 17.6.1919 Norman DOBSON
1932 John Ormandy 80 Iron Foundry Labourer 20.8.1932 In Cerebral Haemorrhage 80A Beatrice Street Elizabeth Forsythe Daughter present at the death
45 Penrose Street
West Derby - Everton North West 22.8.1932 Jeff Jones

Eliza Ormandy 90

Widow of Joseph Ormandy – Commercial traveller 9.8.1936 Cardio Vascular degeneration South View, Waterloo, Waterloo with Seaforth, Crosby J.C. Ormandy (daughter) of South View



Margaret Miller

John otherwise Joseph Ormandy 79 Salesman – Gentlemens' Outfitters (retd) 13.9.1948 Hemiplegia, Cerebral Thrombosis and Myocardial degeneration Cromwell Mansions, Hammersmith C.J.S. Ormandy of Chertsey Court, London Hammersmith 13.9.1948 Margaret Miller
1951 Ellen Matilda Cater 61 Widow of Alvan Thomas Cater, Dock Labourer 12th July 1951   St. Matthews Hospital, Shoreditch       Walter Cater
1976 Annie Ormandy     24.10.1976 Cerebral Thrombosis Hope Hospital, Pendleton, Salford Florence Edna Bunn, daughter Salford 25.10.1976 Norman DOBSON

* Found dead on Ulverstone sands on that date
** presumed Ulverston as he worked for an Ulverstone merchant - case dealt with by the County Coroner at Garstang
*** case dealt with by the Coroner at Broughton in Furness
**** a possible duplicate certificate but with the address of MillStyle, Lowick – informant the same
***** Sarah and Abraham Beamish were my great great grandparents, their daughter Sarah was the mother of my grandmother Christina Ormandy nee Bird