Ormandy marriage certificates

Ormandy Marriage Certificates 11th February 2008
The entries marked *** below Year are from parish registers

Year Name Age Condition Rank or profession Residence Father's name Father's rank or profession Date Place Banns or licence Witnesses Certificate holder
John Ormandy Full age Bachelor Tallow Chandler Craven St William Ormandy Weaver 24th December 1837 Liverpool - the Parish Church Banns John Westgarth Jeff Jones
  Elizabeth Chadwick Full age Spinster   Craven St Thomas Chadwick Tanner       Elizabeth Birkett (mark)  
1842 Robert Gibson Full age Bachelor Labourer Broadstone Robert Gibson Labourer 15th August 1842 Parish Church, Dalton   James Farren Janet Atherton
  Sarah Ormandy Minor Spinster   Broadstone James Ormandy Labourer       Agnes Ormandy  
1845 Joseph Glover Full age Bachelor Land Agent Haigh in the Parish of Wigan James Glover Carpenter 10th February 1845 Parish Church of Aldingham Licence James Kellett Hodgson Peter and Susie
  Mary Ormandy Full age Spinster   Gleaston Castle William Ormandy Book Keeper       William Ormandy  
  see note 1                      
1846 James Butterfield Full age Bachelor Joiner Broughton in Furness James Butterfield Labourer 30th May 1846 Millom - the Parish church Banns James Ormandy Jeff Jones
  Mary Ormandy Full age Spinster   Beck Stones James Ormandy Blacksmith       Anne Casson (mark)  
  see note 2                      
1849 James Johnson Ormandy Full age Bachelor Land Surveyor Haigh William Ormandy Agent 22nd February 1849 Wigan - Chapel of Billinge Licence M. Banks Peter and Susie
  Mary Tebay Full age Spinster   Winstanley Thomas Tebay Steward       Thomas Tebay  
                      Henry Harrison  
John Ormandy full Bachelor Wheelwright Lathom John Ormandy Cabinet Maker 24th March 1849 Ormskirk - the Parish Church Registrar's certificate Thomas Myers Ann and Wilf

  Ann Culshaw full Spinster   Burscough John Culshaw Labourer       George Wignall  
1853 Abraham Bemish Full Bachelor Boatman Prussia? St. Charles Bemish Shipwright 6th June 1853 The Parish Church, Liverpool Banns Edward ? Dawn Elkins
  Sarah Peers Minor Spinster   Leeds St. Robert Peers Engine-driver       Sarah Lewis  
  See note 7                      
1854 James Ormandy 27 Bachelor Carpenter Lathom William Ormandy, deceased   26th October 1854 The parish church, Ormskirk Banns John Prescott Norman DOBSON
  Ann Prescott 26 Spinster   Lathom John Prescott, deceased         Elizabeth Ormandy  
1856 William Ormandy 24 Bachelor Labourer Queen Street - - 22nd January 1856 Wigan - the Parish Church Banns John Ormandy (mark) Celia Bloor
  Ann Westhead 25 Spinster   Queen Street Henry Westhead Carter Deceased       Ann Glover (mark)  
1861 Thomas Anderton 50 Widower Labourer 91 Villiers Street Preston George Anderton (deceased) Agricultural Labourer 24th December 1861 Preston - The Register Office   Bernard Ormandy Peter Heptinstall
  Margaret Ormandy 34 Spinster Servant 61 Fylde Road Preston William Ormandy (deceased) Hand Loom Cotton Weaver       Margaret Ormandy (mark)  
1863 Fisher Ormandy Full Bachelor Railway Manager Witchford John Ormandy Gentleman 23rd June 1863 The Parish Church, Witchford, Cambridge Banns James Rickarby Emily Hollins
  Ellen Rackham Full Spinster   Witchford William Rackham Solicitor       Margaret Chappell  
  see note 5                      
1871 John Ormandy Full Bachelor Engineer Fulford St John Ormandy Cooper 26th Dec. 1871 Liverpool - the Parish church, Banns John Tasker Jeff Jones
  Jane Peeling Minor Spinster   Mould St James Peeling Tailor       Hannah Tasker (mark)  
Michael Carline 21 Bachelor Moulder Stanley Street John Carline Labourer 16th March 1874 Salford - the Parish Church of St. Simon Banns Thomas Edwards (mark) Ann and Wilf
  Ellen Ormandy 20 Spinster   Stanley Street John Ormandy Joiner       Jane Edwards (mark)  
  see note 3                      
1874 Charles William Ormandy Full Age Bachelor Plumber 43 Foley Place, St. Marylebone Francis John Ormandy Shoemaker 31st August 1874 Parish of Marylebone, Middlesex   Frederick Goodwin Walter Cater
  Elizabeth Thwaites Full Age Spinster   81 Gt. Titchfield St., St. Marylebone Alexander Thwaites Warehouseman       Sarah Harriet Bridles  
1879 William Ormandy Gibson 23 Bachelor Station master Adelaide Street, Rumworth Robert Gibson Breaksman 4th August 1879 Parish Church of Deane in County of Lancaster   James Wright Janet Atherton
  Alice Wright 30 Spinster Weaver Derwent Street, Rumworth John Wright Weaver       Margaret Greenhalgh  
1880 Henry James Ormandy 21 Bachelor Baker 7 Bury Rd., Birkdale James Ormandy (deceased) Boat Builder 15th January 1880 The parish church of St Paul, Southport Banns Thomas Baughan Norman DOBSON
  Harriet Jane Baughan 20 Spinster   24 Boundary Street Thomas Baughan Baker       Mary Johnson  
John Ormandy 22 Bachelor Butcher 4 Brunswick Street Salford John Ormandy Joiner 5th December 1880 Salford - the Parish Church of St. Stephen Banns Arthur Charles Croden Ann and Wilf
  Elizabeth Thornton 20 Spinster   4 Brunswick Street Salford William Thornton Weaver       Margaret Croden (mark)  
  see note 4                      
1882 Joseph Ormandy 23 Bachelor Miner Crossley Street, Askam Joseph Ormandy Miner 5th September 1882 The Register Office - Ulverston   Maria Langstreth Lori Herman
  Eleanor Ann Robinson 22 Spinster   Duddon View, Askam John Robinson Miner       Thomas Langstreth  
1883 Miles Hornsby (mark) 23 Bachelor Iron Miner Parkgate, Frizington Thomas Hornsby Iron Miner 29th January 1883 The Register Office - Whitehaven   J. S. Moffat James Ormandy
  Elizabeth Ann Burnhope 23 Spinster Domestic Servant 16, Irish Street, Whitehaven Joseph Burnhope Platelayer       Rhoberta Moffat  
  see note 6                      
1883 John Prescott 22 Bachelor Farmer Scarisbrick James Prescott Farmer 14th November 1883 Ormskirk - the Parish Church Banns Samuel Prescott Celia Bloor
  Ann Ormandy 23 Spinster   Scarisbrick William Ormandy Labourer       Ellen Ormandy  
Henry Smith (mark) 27 Widower Boilermaker 16 Ermine Street Henry Smith Boilermaker 8th February 1886 Everton, St. George Banns L? Beamish Transcribed by Jeff Jones
  Sarah Ann Bird 27 Widow   1a Church Place Abraham Beamish Engineer       Mary Despin?  
  see note 8                      
Seth Ormandy 24 Bachelor Labourer 6 Victoria Square John Ormandy Mariner 18th November 1900   Banns James Boothroyd Transcribed by Jeff Jones
  Christina Bird 21 Spinster   12 Cazneau Street John Bird Labourer       Sarah Boothroyd  
1913 Elvin Thomas Cater 23 Bachelor Beer Bottler 8, Prospect Place, Barnsbury Street Thomas Cater (deceased) Builder (master) 25th August 1913 The Register Office - Islington, London   A Cater Walter Cater

  Ellen Matilda Ormandy 23 Spinster   8, Prospect Place, Barnsbury Street Charles William Ormandy House Painter       C. W. Ormandy  
Samuel Chapman 26 Bachelor Stoker H.M.S. Centurion Richard James Chapman (deceased) Foreman 12th August 1916 Salford - St. Philip's Church Banns Levi Hartley Ann and Wilf
  Margarett (sic) Ann Ormandy 23 Spinster Doubler 3 Anderson St. John Ormandy (deceased) Mechanic       Ellie Wood  
William Withe 19 Bachelor Motor Driver 129 Buckingham St James Ellison Withe Motor Driver 12th June 1921 The Parish Church, Christ Church, Everton, Lancaster Banns R. Withe Transcribed by Jeff Jones
  Christina Ormandy 19 Spinster   129 Buckingham St Seth Ormandy Labourer       Margaret Withe  
1931 Seth Ormandy 25 Bachelor Fitter 129 Buckingham Street Seth Ormandy (Deceased) Labourer 5th April 1931 West Derby - Christ Church, Everton Banns William Withe Jeff Jones
  Augusta Smith 19 Spinster Cigar maker 13 Buckingham Street John James Smith (Deceased) Mill-hand       Christina Withe  
1935 Norman Dobson 37           11th February 1935 Salford     Norman DOBSON
  Annie Ormandy                      

1. The marriage certificate was signed by Thos Ormandy, Curate
2. This information was taken from a scanned image of the certificate at
the Lancaster (UK) family tree web site at http://www.lancasterfamily.fslife.co.uk
3. The witnesses are Ellen Ormandy's sister and her husband
4. The witnesses are John Ormandy's sister and her husband
5. The marriage was conducted by H. E. Rackham, vicar
6. Miles Hornsby is Miles Ormandy
7. Abraham and Sarah Beamish are my great great grandparents. Their daughter Sarah's daughter was my grandmother - Christina Ormandy nee Bird.
8. Sarah Ann Bird (nee Beamish) is my great grandmother - the mother of my grandmother Christina Ormandy nee Bird.