Ormandy further info. and clues ORMANDY further info. and clues
Last updated 30th December 2008

Here are some items I have collected from various sources, including references to web-sites which contain, or could potentially contain, Ormandy-related information.

Auckland City Libraries

This site at www.aucklandlibrary.co.nz includes a family history section (point cursor at 'explore' then select Family History). There are several databases including electoral roles and passenger arrivals. There are Ormandy entries there (in September 2003) but I've not yet extracted them.

Australian National Archives

"The National Archives promotes good government recordkeeping and encourages community awareness and use of valuable Commonwealth records in its care. We have galleries, a reading room and offices in Canberra and a reading room and offices in each State capital and Darwin."

I visited this site in August 2006 and used the record search for Ormandy (25 results) and Ormondy (none). Here are the results - physical access to the records is required to get further details.

Title: [Personal Papers of Prime Minister Fraser] Electorate correspondence [W G Ormandy - P O'Leary, representations relating to employment, Toolondo telephone service, Vietnamese orphans, immigration etc]
Contents date range: 9 Feb 1971 - 5 Aug 1977

Title: [ABC publicity photos] Eugene Ormandy, conductor [Box 118A]
Contents date range: circa 1955 - circa 1955

Title: Eugene Ormandy - Conductor, Part 2 [Box 21]
Contents date range: 1944 - 1947

Title: Ormandy, John Gordon; Army Number - 447507; Date of birth - 30 September 1907
Contents date range: 1939 - circa 1946:

Title: JONES Harold Ormandy born 15 January 1933; Anne (nee Atkinson) born 27 July 1937; Heather born 24 April 1961; Andrew born 31 October 1962; travelled per aircraft departing UK on 11 September 1966 under the Assisted Passage Migration Scheme:
Contents date range: 1966 - 1966

Title: [Rev W J Ormandy]
Contents date range: 1937 - 1937

Title: ORMANDY Eugene born 18 November 1899; nationality American; travelled per flight 594 arriving at Amberley Field on 24 May 1944
Contents date range: 1944 - 1944

Title: Eugene Ormandy [Box 21]
Contents date range: 1940 - 1952

Title: Eugene Ormandy - Conductor, Part 1 [Box 21]
Contents date range: 1944 - 1947

Title: ORMANDY JOHN GORDON : Service Number - VX15537 : Date of birth - 30 Sep 1906 : Place of birth - PORTLAND VIC : Place of enlistment - CAULFIELD VIC : Next of Kin - ORMANDY G
Contents date range: 1939 - 1948

Title: ORMANDY Duncan Craig born 3 July 1944; travelled per aircraft departing UK on 20 July 1967 under the Assisted Passage Migration Scheme
Contents date range: 1967 - 1967

Title: ORMANDY JOHN MALCOLM : Service Number - V351859 : Date of birth - 21 Feb 1903 : Place of birth - PORTLAND VIC : Place of enlistment - BRANXHOLME VIC : Next of Kin - ORMANDY EILEEN
Contents date range: 1939 - 1948

Title: ORMANDY HUGH LINDSAY : Service Number - VX103138 : Date of birth - 15 Feb 1902 : Place of birth - WALLACEDALE VIC : Place of enlistment - PORT MORESBY PAPUA : Next of Kin - ORMANDY ELVA
Contents date range: 1939 - 1948

Title: ORMANDY William Stanley : Service Number - 560 : Place of Birth - Mount Arthur VIC : Place of Enlistment - Melbourne VIC : Next of Kin - (Father) ORMANDY George Samuel
Contents date range: 1914 - 1920

Title: ORMANDY WILLIAM JOHN : Service Number - V500313 : Date of birth - 05 May 1890 : Place of birth - GLEN INNES NSW : Place of enlistment - CAULFIELD VIC : Next of Kin - ORMANDY CATHERINE
Contents date range: 1939 - 1948

Title: [Personal Papers of Prime Minister Curtin] Correspondence 'O' [Oakey District Co-operative Butter Association Ltd - VX90716 Lieut B D Oxlade, includes representations from Operative Painters and Decorators' Union, E E Owen (Owen Gun inventor) re royalties, H W Oxford, telegram to Eugene Ormandy (conductor), personal letters from Mrs G Ovenden]
Contents date range: 31 May 1944 - 29 Dec 1944

Title: ORMANDY William John : Service Number - 3526 : Place of Birth - Glen Innes NSW : Place of Enlistment - Toowoomba QLD : Next of Kin - (Mother) ORMANDY Elizabeth
Contents date range: 1914 - 1920

Title: Report on Orchestras, all states - Eugene Ormandy [Box 20]
Contents date range: 1944 - 1944

Title: Ormandy, Eugene born 1899 - nationality American - arrived in Amberley Field on Flight 594, 24 May 1944
Contents date range: 1944 - 1944

Title: ORMANDY Stefanie G born 9 February 1896; nationality American; travelled per KANANGOORA arriving in Sydney on 21 June 1944
Contents date range: 1944 - 1944

Title: Jalmar Johannes Paalanen [Finnish - arrived Sydney per ORMANDY [ORMONDE ?], 24 Oct 1924. Box 78]
Contents date range: 1939 - 1944

Title: Eugene Ormandy [Manager of the Philadelphia Orchesta] [Box 35]
Contents date range: 1944 - 1958

Title: ORMANDY GEORGE STANLEY : Service Number - 257198 : Date of birth - 24 Feb 1901 : Place of birth - Unknown : Place of enlistment - Unknown : Next of Kin - ORMANDY EILEEN
Contents date range: 1939 - 1948

Title: Mr M Ormandy - Access to information on Cassilis mine and its operation
Contents date range: 7 Aug 1968 - 17 Jun 1969

Title: Eugene Ormandy [Box 21]
Contents date range: 1940 - 1952

Australian World War 2 nominal role

National Archives of Australia has established a World War Two Nominal Roll web site at http://www.ww2roll.gov.au 'created to honour and commemorate the men and women who served in Australia's defence forces and the Merchant Navy during this conflict'. The site 'contains information from the service records of some one million individuals who served during World War Two'. When I looked (in November 2002) I found records for 5 Ormandys:

Service Royal Australian Air Force Australian Army Australian Army Australian Army Australian Army
Service Number


VX103138 (V59521) VX15537 V351859 V500313
Date of Birth 24 Feb 1901 15 Feb 1902 30 Sep 1906 21 Feb 1903 5 May 1890
Date of Enlistment Unknown 18 Jul 1942 17 May 1940 17 May 1942 7 Aug 1942
Date of Discharge 21 Feb 1946 1 Nov 1945 4 Dec 1945 20 Sep 1945 8 Mar 1946
Rank Pilot Officer Corporal Sapper Lance Corporal Captain
Posting at Discharge Unknown 127 General Transport Company 2/25 AUSTRALIAN FIELD PARK COMPANY V D C 9 BN AUST ARMY CHAPLAINS DEP
WW2 Honours and Gallantry None None None None None
Prisoner of War No No No No No

Australasia BMD exchange

https://sites.rootsweb.com/~ausbdm is the Australasia Births, Deaths and Marriages Exchange with the aim 'to provide genealogists with a free resource to share information about details contained on civil and parish records registered in Australia and civil records registered in New Zealand'. The site also has links to similar exchanges for other countries. In May 2002 the search facility produced 3 Ormandy entries:
ORMANDY Grace Victoria death 26MAY1966 Koondrook Victoria Australia
ORMANDY Lewis Rigby Mercer death 03JAN1966 Koondrook Victoria Australia
ORMANDY Winifred Mirian birth 11SEP1889 Christchurch New Zealand
(thanks to Elaine Marshall)

Birth, Marriage and Death Records

I'm not planning to record all the Ormandy BMD records that I collect, but may add a few here. However, here are some web sites that publish such data:
http://freebmd.rootsweb.com/. "The FreeBMD Project's objective is to provide free Internet access to the Civil Registration index information for England and Wales." The site, which is not yet complete, contains index information for the period 1837 (1st July) -1983. Lots of Ormandy data, mostly submitted by Fred Sedgwick.
http://www.ukbmd.org.uk/. "Links to all known web sites that offer indexes and information about UK Births, Marriages and Deaths." Includes links to sites that have lists of BMD certificates (including naming both partners for marriages) and provides an easy way of purchasing copies - lots of Ormandys on the Cheshire (http://www.cheshirebmd.org.uk) and Lancashire (http://www.lancashirebmd.org.uk/) sites. A new version of the site went live in August 2003 with links to over 150 web sites.


http://www.cs.ncl.ac.uk/~brian.randell/home.informal/Genealogy/genuki/Transcriptions/DUR/BWM1832.html includes a list of Marriages from the Bishopwearmouth (in the NE of England) Registers (1832-1837) compiled by George Bell. I found the following Ormandy marriage in July 2002:
6 May 1833 John Ormandy = Grace Forrester

Bristol & Avon Family History Society South Gloucestershire Burials Index

This index at http://www.bafhs.org.uk/burialindex/burials.htm is taken from work done by the Sodbury Vale Group of the Society as a contribution towards the National Burial Index, which is being published by the Federation of Family History Societies. When I looked in November 2002 there were 3 Ormandy entries:

Surname First name Abode Date of Burial Age Parish where buried
ORMANDY John Hambrook in Winterbourne





ORMANDY John Hambrook in Winterbourne




16m Winterbourne
ORMANDY William Hambrook






British Book Trade Index

The BRITISH BOOK TRADE INDEX (BBTI) is an index of the names and brief biographical details and trade details of people who worked in the book trade in England and Wales and who were trading by 1851 - web site http://www.bbti.bham.ac.uk/. The National Library of Scotland maintains a separate Scottish Book Trade Index

When I visited the site in August 2006 I found 4 Ormandy entries:

Name: ORMANDY, John
County: Lancashire
Town: Liverpool
Address(es): 1 Tythebarn St. 9 Temple St
Book Trades: Stationer
Non-Book Trade:
Trading Dates: 1790 - 1794 (uncertain)
Biographical Dates: 1790 - 1794 (uncertain)
Sources: Eighteenth Century Short Title Catalogue

County: Lancashire
Town: Liverpool
Book Trades: Stationer, Bookseller
Non-Book Trade:
Trading Dates: 1798 - 1798
Biographical Dates: 1798 - 1798
Notes: See Wright & Ormandy
Sources: Eighteenth Century Short Title Catalogue

Name: ORMANDY, John
County: Lancashire
Town: Liverpool
Address(es): 46 Lord St (08<). 56 (12). 54 (15). 57 (20). 79 (27). 84 (31). 85 (35). 79 (36)
Book Trades: Stationer, Bookseller, Bookbinder, Librarian/owner of circulating library
Non-Book Trade: Stamp agent/stamp office (stamp agent, stamp office)
Trading Dates: 1808 (before) - 1836 (after)
Biographical Dates: 1789 (date of birth) - 1846 (uncertain)
Notes: Part son Arthur Lowe Ormandy 1833, diss 1838.
`Good/Good/Good/Good/Good' (O&B S/Me/Th/H/Ma)
Sources: Liverpool Bibliographical Society, The Book Trade in Liverpool from 1806 to 1850: a directory (Liverpool, Book Trade in the North West Project, Occ. Pub. 2, 1987)
The travellers' log book of Oliver & Boyd (NLS Acc5000/78) with name of traveller and with ref. to Reach of Print
Pigot, James & Slater, Isaac, Commercial Directory and London & Provincial New Commercial Directory, covering various parts of the country and issued: 1814, 1816, 1818 and 1819
1820, 1821, 1822, 1823, 1824, 1825 and 1826
1827, 1828, 1829 and 1830
1831, 1832, 1833, 1834, 1835, 1836, 1837, 1838, 1839 and 1840
1841, 1842, 1844, 1846 and 1847
1848, 1849, 1850, 1851, 1852, 1854 and 1855
For fuller transcriptions of titles see Norton, Jane E., Guide to the National and Provincial Directories of England and Wales, excluding London, published before 1856 (London, 1950)
Extra source information - 1828-9

Name: ORMANDY, Arthur Lowe
County: Lancashire
Town: Liverpool
Address(es): 4 Church St (38)
Book Trades: Bookseller, Stationer
Non-Book Trade:
Trading Dates: 1838 - 1838
Biographical Dates: 1838 (before) - 1838 (after)
Notes: Part father John Ormandy (diss 1838)
Sources: Liverpool Bibliographical Society, The Book Trade in Liverpool from 1806 to 1850: a directory (Liverpool, Book Trade in the North West Project, Occ. Pub. 2, 1987)

I also found the following two records:
County: Lancashire
Town: Liverpool
Address(es): Lord St (various 1789-)
Book Trades: Bookbinder, Stationer, Bookseller, Publisher
Non-Book Trade: Pharmacy/medicine (pharmacist/druggist/chemist/patent medicine seller), Food and drink (grocer)
Trading Dates: 1788 - 1788
Biographical Dates: 1788 - 1788
Notes: Also Wright & Ormanday. See Peter Wright & John Ormandy/Ormanday
Sources: Liverpool Bibliographical Society, The Book Trade in Liverpool to 1805: a directory (Liverpool, Book Trade in the North West Project, Occ. Pub. 1, 1981)

County: Lancashire
Town: Liverpool
Book Trades:
Non-Book Trade:
Trading Dates: 1788 - 1788
Biographical Dates: 1788 - 1788

British Queen

http://www.webruler.com/gprovost/Lloyd's.htm contains registration details of vessels, transcribed from the Lloyd's Register of British and Foreign Shipping from 1764 up to 2001, by Gilbert Provost with assistance from Pauline Joicey. Searching for Ormandy produced 1 entry in August 2002:


(Red Book - Shipowners only)
Master: Captain Ormandy
Rigging: Ship; single deck with beams; sheathed in copper in 1808.
Tonnage: 303 tons
Construction: 1800 in Topsham
Owners: Stitt
Draught under load: 16 feet
Port of survey: London
Voyage: sailed for Charleston

See also Cumbria 2 below.

British Columbia

The British Columbia web site is at http://www.bcarchives.gov.bc.ca/index.htm and includes a genealogy/vital events indexes section containing (in February 2003) information about births (1872-1902), marriages (1872-1927) and deaths (1872-1982). I searched for Ormandy on all indexes with the 'approximate match' option which produced a total of 39 results including Ormand, Orman, Omand entries and the following Ormandy/Ormondy death registrations:

Denver Hickman Ormandy, Date 5th February 1923, Age 1, Place Vancouver
Charlotte G Ormandy, Date 21st March 1943, Age 0, Place Vancouver
Lorna Ann Ormandy, Date 6th April 1962, Age 0, Place Vancouver
John Robertson Ormandy, Date 24th December 1965, Age 44, Place Nanaimo
Eva Ormandy, Date 20th June 1972, Age 78, Place Vancouver
Richard Kenneth Ormondy, Date 7th October 1977, Age 67, Place Vancouver
Annie Ormandy, Date 19th November 1980, Age 58, Place Mission
John Robson Ormandy, Date 19th December 1946 12 19, Age 62, Place Vancouver
George Lawrence Ormandy, Date: 28th September 1982, Age 58, Place Burnaby

Broughton Church Wardens

Peter Charnock sent me a photo he took at St Mary Magdalene at Broughton showing the list of church wardens over many years. This includes the following:
Joseph Ormandy 1722 (Low End)
Joseph Ormandy 1723 (Low End)
William Ormandy 1727-29 (Dunnerdale)
William Ormandy 1816 (Low End)
William Ormandy 1817-19 (Low End)
William Ormandy 1820 (Low End)
To see the photo click here.

Buildings and things

http://www.chadwickg.freeserve.co.uk/poorrate.htm has information from the Wigan General Rate/Poor books 1805/1830/1847/1855/1865 for the Chadwick family. I found it (in March 2002) because my great great grandparents were John and Elizabeth (nee Chadwick) Ormandy. Curiously it includes, from the Poor Rate book 1855, a Joseph Chadwick with an address of Henhams? Bridge, a house belonging to the 'Heirs of S Ormandy?'. I later found that in 1865 the apparently equivalent entry was for Joseph Chadwick with an address of Henhouse? Bridge a house belonging to Michael Wood. Research by Dave Ormandy of Wigan has established that the address is almost certainly Henhurst Bridge which is a canal bridge in Poolstock Lane in Wigan, and a name that refers to the surrounding area - and he is continuing research into this and the Ormandy Houses mentioned in the next item re Margaret Fazakerly (April 2002).

http://www.fazakerly.net has lots of information about the Fazakerly family. It includes the following for a Mrs. Margaret Fazakerly:
'1881 Census: FHL Film # 1341901: Margaret, Age 52, Head of Household, Married, Occ., Boatman's Wife; Res., # 3 Ormandys Huses, Wigan, b. "Mellen" (?), Lanc. Co.'
I just stumbled across this in March 2002.
Then, from Wigan Heritage, thanks to Dave Ormandy: '
If you come into Wigan along Poolstock Lane to Poolstock/Chapel Lane, just after the turning and set of lights (specially for the turning) to the Girobank, opposite De Roma's, there is another right turn to Bithel's scrap yard. This leads to the canal and what was the old Brewery (this building still stands). There is a set of iron steps going over the canal to Westwood. Ormandy's Houses stood there. We have maps in the History Shop showing the position of the houses should you care to come in and view these'
Using the neighbours facility of the 1881 census CD I subsequently discovered that numbers 1 - 32 Ormandy houses were in existence.
The 1851 census (thanks to Celia Bloor) shows a Thomas Ormandy (boat builder) with his wife Frances and 3 children at Ormandy Buildings in Wigan.

http://www.lake-district.com/Cumbria/ld/Services/Estate_agents.htm has a list of estate agents which includes Amboya Ltd at Ormandy House, Crosthwaite, KENDAL, Cumbria, LA8 8BP

The events section of the Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire Wildlife Trust's web site http://www.wildlifetrust.org.uk/berksbucksoxon showed the following for 20th April 2002: Meet: The Ormandy Centre, Church Hill, White Waltham, Maidenhead.
In June 2003 I went to find The Ormandy Centre. It looks like a small community centre - quite attractive. There is a sign which says:

In Memory of Raymond H. Oppenheimer
Opened by
The Chairman of the Kennel Club
John A. McDougall M.Chi,F.R.C.S., F.R.C.S.E.
January 19th 1986

Searching for Mr. Oppenheimer on the web suggest that he bred Bull Terriers with the kennel name Ormandy, and a number of trophies carry the Ormandy name.

http://www.glass-uk.org:80/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=393&Itemid=164 is a web site for the Green Lane Association. I found this in May 2008:

"Volunteers needed.

There will be a working day on Saturday 21st April in Grizedale Forest . The day will have to be Saturday to avoid clashing with a large mountain bike event on Sunday.

We'll meet at Moor Top car park (grid ref. SD343965) and use it as the car parking space for the day so as not to crowd out the visitor centre car parks. We'll meet for 9:30 am, have a 10:00 am start and work until 4:00 pm at the latest. Dave Robinson will organise tools and a NPA Landrover from Ambleside Depot.

We'll drive down the forest road through Ormandy Intakes to access the green lane we'll be working on and park vehicles at spot height 189 metres (grid ref. SD341947) and spot height 203 metres (grid ref. SD345953). Forest Enterprise (FE) will provide us with a key for the gate and a permit for the day. They need registration numbers for the permit so please let me know. We won't take every vehicle down there but we'll need six or seven at least."

Castle Garden - America's First Immigration Centre

The web site http://www.castlegarden.org/ 'offers free access to an extraordinary database of information on 10 million immigrants from 1830 through 1892, the year Ellis Island opened. Over 73 million Americans can trace their ancestors to this early immigration period'. When I looked in February 2006 the site had '10 million records, and support is needed to complete the digitization of the remaining 2 million records, beginning in 1820, from the original ship manifests'. I searched for Orm* and hundreds of records were displayed. There were 2 Ormandys. I also copied some more records I though may be of interest.

  Occupation Age Sex Literacy Arrived Origin Port Destination Ship
Thomas Ormandy Laborer 20 M U 30 Mar 1852 England Liverpool USA Leviathan
Harrison Ormandy Mariner, Marine


M U 13 Feb 1856 England Liverpool USA Star Of The West
John Ormend Mechanic


M U 13 Apr 1863 England Liverpool USA John Bright
Elizabeth Ormend Wife


F U 13 Apr 1863 England Liverpool USA John Bright
Thomas Tailor Ormend Child, Youngster


M U 13 Apr 1863 England Liverpool USA John Bright
Eliza Ormanby Child, Youngster


F U 5 Oct 1869 England Liverpool USA City Of Brooklyn

Cemeteries and Cemetery Records (worldwide)

The web site http://www.interment.net had '2,977,899 cemetery records across 5,866 cemeteries from around the world' when I visited it in July 2002. I found just 1 Ormandy:
Rochdale Cemetery, Lancashire: Ormandy, Ron, d. 3 Feb 2001, Age 91 Yrs Old
In February 2003 there were '3,262,394 cemetery records across 6,758 cemeteries' and two more Ormandy entries:
At Clinton Oaks Cemetery, Tulsa County, Oklahoma: Ormandy, Ron, d. 3 Feb 2001, Age 91 Yrs Old (I've Emailed the site about this apparent error)
At Fairfield Cemetery, Burford Township, Brant County, Ontario: Ormandy, Edith, d. 18 Feb 1893, 31 yrs, 13 dys, w/o George Ormandy


I last visited this site at http://www.cemsearch.co.uk/ in July 2007. The site holds "databases of monumental or headstone inscriptions from cemeteries and graveyards in Lancashire, including Accrington, Colne, Bacup, Blackburn, Burnley, Little Hulton, Loveclough, Manchester, Nelson, Preston, Salford, Tyldesley, Weaste, Wheatley Lane and Whitworth. Free to search and view, a database of Rossendale WW1 Casualties, Wargrave Photos in Blackburn, Bingley, Birkdale, Utley Cemetries and New Mills and Cowling Parish Churches. Free to search and view Pauper's Graves in Weaste And Peel Green Eccles Cemeteries In Salford Manchester. Free to search and view in Providence United Methodist Free Church, Loveclough. Lancashire, St Bartholomew's Church, Whitworth near Rochdale, St John The Evangelist and Ebenezer Baptist Chapel in Bacup, Wharton Presbyterian Chapel, Little Hulton, Manchester." I found Ormandy entries for Burnley, Preston, Weaste, and have ordered a report for Ormandys in Preston (I'll add the information I get to the burials pages).

Cheshire parish records

The Cheshire Parish Register Project has a web site at http://www.csc.liv.ac.uk/~cprdb. The aim of the project is to make available, in a reasonable period of time, all the information in each of the parish registers of the ancient county of Cheshire. The last time I visited the site was in October 2006 and I found just the one Ormandy entry - for a marriage:

Field Name Field Value
KEYCODE WKIRM00900735.20073
PADVER wkirM0735.2
DATED 8000206

Thanks to Gordon Evans for this and for the following information for this marriage:
St Bridget's, West
6 February 1800
John ORMONDY of Liverpool and Kitty DAULBY.

(L = Licence?).

Cheshire wills

Cheshire Records Office has a web site at http://www.cheshire.gov.uk/Recordoffice/home.htm and at http://www.cheshire.gov.uk/Recordoffice/Wills/ has a wills database - 'the index covers the years 1492 - 1940 and contains 130,000 entries. It covers probate documents proved at Chester mainly for Cheshire residents.' I didn't find any Ormandys when I looked in December 2008 (I searched for surname = orm) but I di notice entries for William (1626) and Thomas (1674) NORMANDY of Appleton.


There are several passenger lists at:
These include the SS Circassico to New York July 16 1883 on which I found the following Ormandys (in November 2001):

Name, Age, Sex, Occupation, From, To
Thos Ormandy, 43, m, lab., Scotland, US America
Jane Ormandy, 38, f , wife, Scotland, US America
Jno Ormandy, 16, m, lab., Scotland, US America
Hannah J Ormandy, 14, f, Scotland, US America
Margt Ormandy, 8, f, Scotland, US America
Mary Ormandy, 6, f, Scotland, US America

(maybe this is part of the ORMANDY family at Parkgate, Arlecdon, Cumberland at the 1881 census)

James Ormandy has told me that Thomas and Jane are his Great Grandparents, and that his Grandparents (Miles Ormandy and Elizabeth Ann Burnhope) emigrated later, about May 1884, from Liverpool according to naturalisation papers filed by their oldest son William. Thomas also arrived at Ellis Island in October 1904 so must have visited England after the death of Jane - he said he had came over originally in 1882 he was 66 by this time and must have missed the year.


From 'Rita's Colorado Genealogy Clues' http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~coloradoclues/~coloradoclues (follow the surnames link), the following ORMANDY marriage:
ORMANDY, John, to SARA, Emily, (Arapahoe Cnty Marriages) 9/5/1895
(thanks to Elaine Marshall)

Commonwealth War Graves Commission

The commission has a web site at http://www.cwgc.org/. When I looked in May 2002 I found 9 ORMANDY entries. The ORMANDY information is as follows and includes details of my great uncle Ernest who died in 1917.

Name and details Additional information Date of death and age Cemetery and Grave or Reference Panel Number:
Private L/7776
4th Bn., Middlesex Regiment
  Thursday 15 October 1914 LE TOURET MEMORIAL
Pas de Calais, France
Panels 31 and 32
Widow of H. Ormandy at 63 Nora Street Sunday 22 December 1940
Age 48
Civilian War Dead
Private 28767
3rd Bn., Cheshire Regiment
Son of John and Jane Ormandy, of 80c, Beatrice St., Great Homer St., Kirkdale, Liverpool Saturday 6 October 1917
Age 27
Lancashire, United Kingdom
Screen Wall (South)
grave V. C. 59.
Flight Sergeant 1384422
Air Gnr.180 Sqdn., Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve
Son of Thomas and Florence Ada Ormandy, of Beckenham Friday 7 January 1944
Age 20
Kent, United Kingdom
Sec. V. 11. Grave 12065.
Rifleman 80173
3rd, N.Z. Rifle Brigade
Son of Mr. and Mrs. Ormandy, of 517, Tuam St., East Linwood, Christchurch, N.Z. Thursday 7 November 1918
Age 20
Staffordshire, United Kingdom
4. H. 10.
Private 241759
1st/6th Bn., Lancashire Fusiliers
Son of Mrs. Ellen Ormandy Monday 2 September 1918
Age 25
Lancashire, United Kingdom
M. 18.
Lance Corporal 18423
19th Bn., Army Cyclist Corps
Son of James and Elizabeth Ann Ormandy, of Red Hill, Arnold, Notts Monday 20 May 1918
Age 24
II. C. 13.
Private 203192
2nd/4th Bn., The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment
Son of William and Mary Jane Ormandy, of 10, Daisy St., Blackburn; husband of the late Margaret Ormandy Friday 31 August 1917
Age 31
Comines-Warneton, Hainaut, Belgium
Panel 7
Private 560
4th Coy., Australian Machine Gun Corps
Son of George Samuel and Grace Ormandy, of Wallacedale, Victoria Wednesday 26 September 1917
Age 34
Ieper, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium
Panel 31


There is information about Cowbridge in Glamorgan - about 12 miles from Cardiff- at http://www.genuki.org.uk/big/wal/GLA/Cowbridge including directories and cemetery information. In November 2002 I found the following ORMANDY entries:
From Slaters Commercial Directory, 1858-1859, under
Inns and Public Houses:
Green Dragon, Elizabeth Ormandy, Cowbridge
From Post Office Directory, 1871, under Commercial:
Ormandy Elizabeth (Miss), Bear inn & posting house, High street
From a transcription of Memorials at Holy Cross Churchyard, Cowbridge, Glamorgan
In memory of Mary Ormandy who died February 1st 1870 aged 51 years. Also Elizabeth Ormandy sister of the above died September 19th 1872 aged 45 years. Born at Hambrook, Gloucestershire. "The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away blessed be the name of God".
(note - there is an entry in the National Probate Index for Elizabeth in 1873)
(note 2 - I have added the above together with a photograph of the grave to my Ormandy Burials pages)
From a name index to the book Cowbridge Buildings and People
ORMANDY Elizabeth (Bear Hotel) - page 38
ORMANDY Mary (Bear Hotel) - page 38

From the book 'Cowbridge Buildings & People' published by the Cowbridge Record Society:
The Bear Hotel (page 37) - following information about former innkeepers while The Bear was a coaching inn: 'He was followed by Mary Ormandy from Gloucestershire, and then her daughter Elizabeth'.
62 High Street - Barclays Bank (page 59) - this explains that the building was once the Green Dragon. (It is on the other side of High Street to The Bear, almost directly opposite).


At http://members.netscapeonline.co.uk/rolygrigg there is information compiled by Roland Grigg about Cumberland and Westmorland, including some directory and parish register indexes. I found the following Ormandy entries:

Principal Inhabitants of Cumberland & Westmorland 1829
ORMANDY Edward C grocer New Barns Hawcoat
ORMANDY Geo farmer Baycliffe Upper Aldingham
ORMANDY Jas blacksmith Beckstones Above Millom
ORMANDY Jas farmer Pitt Farm Lower Alithwaite
ORMANDY Jas yeoman Newbiggin Osmotherly
ORMANDY John farmer Low Greave Pennington
ORMANDY John Holm Cottage Ulpha Millom
ORMANDY Jos farmer Burns Upper Holker
ORMANDY Jos farmer Holm Above-Town Dalton
ORMANDY Jos farmer New Park House Hawcoat
ORMANDY Jos shopkeeper Lindale
ORMANDY Rev John curate/schoolmaster of Dendron Upper Aldingham
ORMANDY Rev John perp curate of Thwaites's Bridge End Above Millom
ORMANDY Robt wheelwright High Greave Pennington
ORMANDY Thos blacksmith Pennington
ORMANDY Wm blacksmith Lindale
ORMANDY Wm butcher Lower Alithwaite
ORMANDY Wm farmer Castle Gleaston
ORMANDY Wm grocer &c Dalton
ORMANDY Wm yeoman Wreaks End Broughton

I also noticed:
OSMOTHERLY John brazier/tinplate worker John St Maryport
OSMOTHERLY John farmer Southerfield Holme Cultram
OSMOTHERLY John painter/plumber John St Maryport
OSMOTHERLY Wm shoemaker Blennerhasset

ORMANBY John blacksmith Beckstones Millom Above
ORMANBY Mary Ann Mrs Style Side Millom Above
ORMANSBY Jane Mrs Pow St Work'ton
OSMOTHERLAY Esther coffee house Kirkby St Maryport
OSMOTHERLAY Jno vict Tam o'Shanter Little Bampton

Bulmer's Directory Of Cumberland 1901
ORMANDY John bank manager Bay view Millom
ORMANDY Misses Ann and Catherine Newbiggin Waberthwaite
ORMANDY Moses Jackson blacksmith Beckstones The Green
ORMANDY Mrs organist Beckstones The Green

And in March 2002 I found:

Corney, Bootle, Whitbeck, Whicham, Chapel Sucken, Millom Below, Upper Millom, Thwaites and Ulpha
ORMANDY Ann : Ann : Eleanor : Eliz : Eliz : Fanny : Geo : Geo : Hannah : Henry : Betty : Jas : Eliz : Isabella : Margaret : Jas : Jas : John S : John : John : Juliana : Mary : Moses J : Saith : Betty : Ann : Agnes : Thos : Thos : Thos : Thos : Wm W : Wm : Wm :

Cumbria 2

http://www.stevebulman.f9.co.uk/cumbria is a very interesting site that 'has been developed following contact with people world-wide who share my interest in family history, and want to learn more about the place their ancestors called home. In these pages can be found descriptions of Cumberland parishes from a directory dated 1847, photographs from across the county, both modern and from bygone days, stories of Cumbrian life, maps, biographies of Cumbria's famous and infamous sons, and other material from various sources'.

Following the link to Jollie's Guide, under Jollie's Principal Inhabitants of Cumberland, 1811, I found in May 2002:

Amongst the Principal Inhabitants of Whitehaven in 1811:
Ormandy, Mary, spirit-dealer, Irish-street
Ormandy, Richard, joiner and cabinet-maker, New-street

Amongst the Principal Inhabitants of Workington in 1811:
Ormanday, John, joiner, cabinet-maker, and ironmonger, Portland-sq.

Following the link to Shipping, I found under Jollies Cumberland Guide and Directory, 1811:
Whitehaven Shipping:

Vessel, Rig., Tonnage, Master, Owners
British Queen sh (ship) 300 W. Ormandy W. Stitt and Co.
Mary-Ann sl (sloop) 57 W. Ormandy Captain and Co.

(thanks to Elaine Marshall for finding this site)

Dalton Ormondys found in address book

A posting to the Rootsweb Ulverston list described the finding of a deceased aunt's address book with entries for people living in Cumbria in 1985, including:
May and Jack Ormondy
45 Myrtle Terrace
Dalton, Cumbria LA15

Digital Library of Historical Directories - and a bit more

http://www.historicaldirectories.org is a site launched in December 2002. The University of Leicester is creating 'a digital library of eighteenth, nineteenth and early twentieth century local and trade directories from England and Wales'. '... reproductions of a large selection of these comparatively rare volumes, previously only found in libraries and record offices, will be freely available online'. Ormandy entries showed up in 29 directories (total of 93 hits) when I searched in December 2003, there was also 1 Ormondy entry (1 hit):

The Post Office London Directory, 1914 (Banking Directory, Part VII) - London (1 hit):
BANKING DIRECTORY: PLACE - Millom; BANKERS - Branch of Bank of Liverpool Limited; J. Ormandy, manager; DRAW ON IN LONDON - Robarts, Lubbock & Co

The Post Office London Directory, 1914 (Trades & Professional, Part IV) - London (1 hit):
TRADES DIRECTORY: Ormandy & Co. 77 George st. Euston sq NW

The Post Office London Directory, 1914 (Commercial & Professional, Part III) - London (1 hit):
COMMERCIAL DIRECTORY: Ormandy & Co. house & estate agents, 77 George st. Euston sq NW-T N 7461 City

Pigot and Co.'s Royal National and Commercial Directory and Topography of the Counties of York, Leicester & Rutland, Lincoln, Northampton and Nottingham, 1841 - Lancashire; Leicestershire; Lincolnshire; Northamptonshire; Nottinghamshire; Rutland; Yorkshire (1 hit):
WIGAN, &c.: Ormandy Thomas, boat builder, Chapel lane

Kelly's London Suburban Directory, 1896 (Northern, Court & Clerical, Part III) - London (1 hit):
Court: Ormandy George, 6 Queen's rd. Twickenham

Kelly's London Suburban Directory, 1896 (Northern, Part I) - London (1 hit):
Twickenham: Queen's road, East Side, number 6 Ormandy George

History, Directory, and Gazetteer, of the Counties of Cumberland and Westmorland, 1829 - Cumberland; Westmorland (16 hits):
(full title includes 'with that part of the Lake District in Lancashire, forming the lordships of Furness and Cartmel')
In the intrduction to Millom Parish - Thwaites township, referring to the Chapel (which was dedicated to St. Anne in 1725): 'The Rev. John Ormandy, of Millom-Bridge-End, is the incumbent curate ...'
In the introduction to Millom Parish - village of Ulpha, referring to Frith Hall: John Ormandy, Esq., of Holm Cottage, was owner of Frith Hall till August, 1828, when he sold it to James Pennington, Esq. of Bondrick-Head, Lancashire.
Millom Parish Directory, Millom above: Ormandy Rev. John, perpetual curate of Thwaite's, Bridge end
Millom Parish Directory, Millom above: Ormandy Jas., blacksmith, Beck stones
Millom Parish Directory, Ulpha: Ormandy John, gentleman, Holm cottage
Lonsdale North of the Sands - Aldingham Parish, Aldingham (Upper), Farmers: Ormandy George (marked as residing at Baycliff)
Lonsdale North of the Sands - Aldingham Parish, Gleaston: Ormandy Rev. Thomas, curate of Aldingham
Lonsdale North of the Sands - Cartmel Parish, Allithwaite (Lower), Farmers: Ormandy Jas. Pitt farm
Lonsdale North of the Sands - Cartmel Parish, Holker Upper: Ormandy, Joseph, Burns
Lonsdale North of the Sands - Dalton Parish, Above Town: Ormandy Joseph, shopkpr. (marked as residing at Lindale)
Lonsdale North of the Sands - Dalton Parish, Above Town, Farmers: Ormandy Joseph, Holm
Lonsdale North of the Sands - Dalton Parish, Hawcoat: Ormandy Edward C. grocer (marked as residing at New Barns)
Lonsdale North of the Sands - Dalton Parish, Hawcoat, Farmers: Ormandy Joseph, New park house
Lonsdale North of the Sands - Pennington Parish Directory: Ormandy Robert, wheelwright, High greave
Lonsdale North of the Sands - Pennington Parish Directory: Ormandy Thomas, blacksmith
Lonsdale North of the Sands - Pennington Parish Directory, Farmers: Ormandy John, Low greave
.. Not shown up in th search but I stumbled across this (I wonder how many more there are...) -

Lonsdale North of the Sands - Ulverston Parish Directory, Osmotherly, Farmers: Ormandy James, marked as residing at Newbiggin and as a Yeoman

Post Office London County Suburbs Directory, 1914 (Part IV) - London (1 hit):
Ormandy Miss, 35 Bishop's mansions, Bishop's Park road, Fulham SW

Kelly's Directory of Liverpool and Suburbs, 1894 - Lancashire (3 hits):
In the Street Directory: Selwyn street (Kirkdale), North Side, number 39, Ormandy George B. joiner
In the Commercial Directory: Ormandy George B. joiner, 39 Selwyn street, Kirkdale; res. 126 Stuart road, Walton

In the Trades Directory: Ormandy Geo. B. 39 Selwyn st. Kirkdale

Gore's Directory of Liverpool and Its Environs, 1853 - Lancashire (2 hits):
Ormandy, Arthur, book keeper, Moor lane, Great Crosby
In the numerical directory: Montpelier Terrace, number 8, Ormandy Fisher

Hagar & Co's Directory of the County of Durham, 1851 - Durham (1 hit):
Sunderland - Boot and Shoe Makers: Ormandy, John, 28, Panns, b, and 83, New market

History, Topography and Directory of Westmorland, 1851 - Westmorland (7 hits plus 1 Ormondy hit):
(full title includes 'and of the hundreds of Lonsdale and Amounderness in Lancashire').
Dalton Parish - Dalton Town and Township: Ormandy, Isaac, surgeon.
Dalton Parish - Dalton Town and Township: Ormandy, Thos. grocer and draper.
Dalton Parish - Above Town Township: Ormandy, Jph. Miner and beerhouse. (marked as resident at Marton)
Dalton Parish - Above Town Township: Ormandy, Jph. blacksmith and shopkeeper. (marked as resident at Lindale)
Dalton Parish - Yarleside Township: Ormondy, Jph. New park
Pennington Parish: Ormandy, Thos. beerhouse (& blacksmith) Church stile.
Urswick Parish - Adgarley-cum-Stainton Township: Ormandy, Jph. Skells lodge. (Marked as a farmer - an owner)
Amounderness Hundred - Preston Parish - Rope & Twine Mkrs.:Ormandy Hy. 70 Maudland road

Post Office Directory of Gloucestershire with Bath and Bristol, 1856 - Gloucestershire (2 hits):
There must be a fault with the indexing of this directory as neither of the 2 hits turned out to be Ormandy. However I did manage to find the following:
Court Directory: Ormandy Mr. W. 3 Mount pleasant, Durdham down

Kelly's Directory of Middlesex, 1914 - Middlesex (2 hits):
Pinner, Private Residents - Ormandy Thomas, Meadow view, Devonshire road, Woodridings
Private Residents - Ormandy Thos. Meadow view, Devonshire road, Woodridings, Hatch End

Kelly's Directory of Hertfordshire, 1914 - Hertfordshire (5 hits):
New Barnet, Private Residents: Ormandy Harry, Frenchay, Park road
Hemel Hempstead, Public Establishments, West Herts Hospital, Marlowes: .... Thomas Ormandy, hon. sec. ....
Hemel Hempstead, Commercial, West Herts Hospital: .... Thomas Ormandy, hon. sec. ....
Hemel Hempstead, Nash Mills: Ormandy Thomas, Bellswain
In the Trades Section: West Herts Hospital: .... Thomas Ormandy, hon. sec. ....

Bulmer's History, Topography & Directory of West Cumerland, 1883 - Cumberland (4 hits):
Millom Above: Ormandy Mr. John, Beckstones
Millom Above: Ormandy Mary, grocer, Beckstones
Millom Above: Farmers: Ormandy Moses Jackson (and blacksmith and parish clerk, Thwaites Church), Beckstones
Bootle: Ormandy Thomas, joiner, Flatts

History, Topography and directory of Mid Lancashire, 1854 - Lancashire (2 hits):
Preston: Butchers: Ormandy Thomas, 74 Church Street
Preston: Rope and Twine Makers: Ormandy Henry, 70, Maudland road

Harrison, Harrod, & Co.'s Bristol Post-Office Directory and Gazetteer, 1859 - Gloucestershire; Somerset (1 hit):
Bristol and Clifton: Ormandy, William, 4, Mount Pleasant, Durdham down

T. Bulmer's History, Topography and Directory of Lancaster and District, 1912 - Lancashire (10 hits):
Lancaster: Ormandy Jas. S., clerk, 56 Ullswater road
Carnforth: Ormandy Rebecca, 5 Hawshill
Hornby-with-Farleton: Ormandy Geo. Parker, stationer, newsagent and postmaster
(also 'Post, Money Order, Telegraph Office, and Savings Bank; Local Office for Unemployment and Insurance; Mr. Geo. P. Ormandy, postmaster. Letters, via Lancaster, arrive at 6-15 a.m. and 3-5 p.m., and are despatched at 10-30 a.m. and 7-15 p.m. Sunday arrival, 9 a.m.; despatch 6-30 p.m.'
Wray-with-Botton: Farmers: Ormandy John Parker (and rural postman)
Arnside: Ormandy Miss, Maes y Mor
Heversham: Jackson Thos. Ormandy, Springfield
Upper Allithwaite: Farmers: Brocklebank Joseph Ormandy (and butcher), Dunkirk house (marked as residing at Lindale)
Upper Holker: Farmers: Ormandy Joseph, Hill farm
Staveley: Farmers: Ormandy George, Barrowfold

Post Office Directory of Northumberland and Durham, 1858 - Durham; Northumberland (1 hit):
Sunderland: Ormandy John, shoemaker at 28 Bishopwearmouth panns

Kelly's Directory of Hertfordshire, 1902 - Hertfordshire (3 hits):
New Barnet, Private Residents: Ormandy Harry, Frenchay, Park Road
New Barnet, Commercial: Ormandy Wm. jobbing gardnr. Hambrook cot. Lancaster rd
Hemel Hempstead - Nash Mills: Ormandy Thomas, Bellswains

Kelly's Directory of Hertfordshire, 1908 - Hertfordshire (4 hits):
New Barnet: Ormandy Harry, Frenchay, Park Road
Hemel Hempstead - Nash Mills: Ormandy Thomas, Bellswain
in the Private Residents section: Ormandy H., Frenchay, Park Road, New Barnet and Ormandy Thomas, Bellswain, Nash Mills, Hemel Hempstead

Post Office Directory of Cumberland 1858 - Cumberland (9 hits):
Maryport: Ormandy John, master mariner, Wells lane
Millom: Ormandy John, blacksmith, the Green
Whitbeck: Ormandy Rev. Thomas [incumbent], Parsonage. Ormandy George, farmer, Bar field. The introductory notes about Whitbeck, describing the church, include "The living is a perpetual curacy, value £90 yearly, with residence and 7 acres of glebe land, in the gift of the Earl of Lonsdale, and incumbency of the Rev. Thomas Ormandy".
Court Directory: Ormandy Rev. T. the Parsonage, Whitbeck, Bootle
Trades Directory, Farmers: Ormandy G. Bar field, Whitbeck, Bootle
Trades Directory, Mariners: Ormandy J. Wells lane, Maryport
Trades Directory, Smiths &c: Ormandy J. the Green, Millom, Broughton

Kelly's Directory of the County of Gloucester, 1914 - Gloucestershire (2 hits):
Ormandy, Henry, farmer, Newington (postal address Tetbury) - who also appears in the Trades section (Farmers): Ormandy, Henry, Newington, Tertbury

Kelly's Directory of Durham, 1890 - Durham (2 hits):
In the Sunderland Street Directory: Croft avenue (B) East Side 6 Ormandy John Forest, master mariner
(note B = Bishopwearmouth)
Ormandy John Forest, master mariner who also appears in the Sunderland Commercial Directory at 6 Croft avenue B

Hunt & Co's Directory and Topography for the Cities of Gloucester and Bristol, 1849 - Gloucestershire 2 hits):
Bristol, Court Directory: Ormandy, William, 5, Exeter buildings, Redland
Bristol, Trades and Professions, Lodging-House Keepers: Ormandy Wm.Exeter place, Redland park

Gore's Directory of Liverpool 1829 - Lancashire (3 hits):
In the Street Directory: Ormandy court, 10, New Brick street
In the Directory: 1 Ormand, 8 Ormandy entries and a further Ormandy entry - see separate Ormandy Liverpool Directories file

Pigot & Co's National Commercial Directory for 1828-29 - Cheshire, Cumberland, Derbyshire, Durham, Lancashire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Northumberland, Nottinghamshire, Rutland, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Warwickshire, Westmorland, Worcestershire, Yorkshire (4 hits):
Lancashire, reference to Liverpool - see separate Ormandy Liverpool Directories file

Ward's Northumberland and Durham Directory 1850 - Durham; Northumberland (1 hit):
Trades' Directory of Sunderland, Boot and Shoe Makers: Ormandy J., Bishopw. Panns.
and (Ormandy) J., 83 New market

I also received the following from Carol Braithwaite on the Rootsweb Liverpool mailing list:
Lancashire 1858 Post Office Directory:
Gleaston Commercial directory
ORMANDY Joseph, farmer, Gleason Castle

ORMANDY, ELIZABETH, 28 Green Lane, Orrell

English Origins

http://www.englishorigins.com/ English Origins contains "indexes and abstracts ... not available anywhere else in digital form". This includes Boyd's Marriage Index 1538-1840 (data still being loaded). In December 2002, when the marriage index included the counties of Cambridgeshire, Cumberland, Devon, Durham, Essex, Lancashire, Norfolk, Northumberland, Somerset, Suffolk & Yorkshire, I extracted the entries on the site for Ormandy and similar names (e.g 131 entries for Ormandy, 23 for Ormondy). The marriage index entries are on separate pages - the PCC Wills and Marriage Licence entries are below:

PCC Wills Index (1750-1800)
Surname, Forename, Place Country Month Year
ORMANDY, William Portland, Middlesex, England, December 1781
ORMANDY, Ann, Middlesex, England, January 1789
ORMANDY, William, foreign parts,, July 1794

Vicar-General Marriage Licence Allegations (1694-1850)
Licence Date, Surname Groom, Surname Bride
13 Jun 1845, ORMONDE, SCOTT
18 Jan 1758, CHEEK, ARMANDY

Faculty Office Marriage Licence Allegations (1701-1850)
Licence Date, Surname Groom, First Name Groom, Surname Brid, First Name Bride
16 Sep 1843, ORMONDE, John, PAGET, Frances Jane
16 Sep 1843, ORMONDE, Marquis & Earl, PAGET, Frances Jane

Find a Grave

This web site at http://www.findagrave.com had 23 million grave records when I visited it in June 2008. I searched for Ormandy and found the following 22 entries - there is more detail available in some cases:

Ormandy, Private Alexander John b. unknown d. Oct. 15, 1914 Le Touret Memorial Richebourg-l'Avoue France

Ormandy, Barbara b. Oct. 4, 1926 d. Jul. 31, 1996 Walled Lake Cemetery Walled Lake Oakland County Michigan, USA

Ormandy, Bernice L. b. 1907 d. 2004 Stilesville Cemetery Stilesville Hendricks County Indiana, USA

Ormandy, Carmela b. Jul. 10, 1929 d. Apr. 27, 1985 Calverton National Cemete... Calverton Suffolk County New York, USA

Ormandy, Ellen b. 1873 d. 1965 Samaria Cemetery Linton Greene County Indiana, USA

Ormandy, Eugene b. Nov. 18, 1899 d. Mar. 12, 1985 Old Pine Street Presbyter... Philadelphia Philadelphia County Pennsylvania, USA

Ormandy, Eva b. unknown d. unknown Mountain View Cemetery an... Vancouver British Columbia Canada

Ormandy, G. Edward b. 1889 d. 1974 Brick Church Cemetery Whitehall Washington County New York, USA

Ormandy, Flight Sergeant ( Air Gnr. ) George Thomas b. unknown d. Jan. 7, 1944 Beckenham Cemetery London England

Ormandy, James b. unknown d. unknown Samaria Cemetery Linton Greene County Indiana, USA

Ormandy, Jane b. unknown d. unknown Samaria Cemetery Linton Greene County Indiana, USA

Ormandy, John b. 1867 d. 1930 Samaria Cemetery Linton Greene County Indiana, USA

Ormandy, John William b. 1909 d. 2002 Stilesville Cemetery Stilesville Hendricks County Indiana, USA

Ormandy, Margaret b. 1909 d. 1998 Old Pine Street Presbyter... Philadelphia Philadelphia County Pennsylvania, USA

Ormandy, R W b. unknown d. May 20, 1918 Crouy British (CWGC) Ceme... Crouy-sur-Somme France

Ormandy, Sarah M. (Unknown) b. 1896 d. 1979 Brick Church Cemetery Whitehall Washington County New York, USA

Ormandy, Thomas b. May 16, 1838 d. Nov. 7, 1909 Lebanon Cemetery Midland Greene County Indiana, USA

Ormandy, Private William b. unknown d. Aug. 31, 1917 Ploegsteert Memorial (CWG... Comines-Warneton Belgium

Ormandy, William F, Jr b. Jan. 29, 1931 d. Jan. 9, 2002 Indiantown Gap National C... Annville Lebanon County Pennsylvania, USA

Ormandy, William Francis b. Dec. 6, 1908 d. May 9, 1972 Long Island National Ceme... Farmingdale Suffolk County New York, USA

Ormandy, Pvt William Stanley b. unknown d. Sep. 26, 1917 Ypres (Menin Gate) Memori... Ypres Belgium

Ormandy, Private William Stanley b. unknown d. unknown Ypres (Menin Gate) Memori... Ypres Belgium

Gazettes On-line

http://www.gazettes-online.co.uk 'London, Edinburgh, and Belfast Gazettes are the official newspapers of record in the United Kingdom'. They are now on line, including modern versions and the ability to search World War 1 and World War 2 issues which include medal awards, army & navy commissions, promotions etc., also Land Registry Data, Legal notices re Probates etc. All searchable by name.

When I looked in November 2002 there were Ormandy entries in the modern, WW1 and WW2 sections for Ormandy in at least the London Gazette.

Global Hemp (Yes, honest!)

The Global Hemp website http://www.globalhemp.com/ 'portal to the hemp community' has an item entitled 'Henry Ford, Charles Kettering and The Fuel of the Future', dated 1988, at http://www.globalhemp.com/Archives/Essays/Biofuel/fuel.shtml. This includes: 'During and after the war, the British Fuel Research Board actively researched military and civilian fuels. W.R. Ormandy in 1918 said that alcohol and coal based fuels could replace oil in the post-war period, and Ormandy noted that only five percent of the American grain crop would meet requirements for a blended fuel.' and includes the references: 'W.R. Ormandy, Proc. Inst. Automobile Engineers, 1913-14, p. 49, cited in Monier-Williams' and 'W.R. Ormandy, "The Motor Fuel Problem," Journal of the Institute of Petroleum Technologists, Vol. 5, 1919, p. 33-66'.
(see Who's Who below)


Via Email from Dave Forde-Johnston, the following information from the Gloucestershire 1851 census CD:

There is just one ORMANDY family mentioned,
1955 1851 CENSUS HO107/1955 FF.0559 - 0573 ED.4B & 5B STAPLETON
Piece: 1955 Folio: 0571 Schedule: 075
Address: Hambrook

ORMANDY Mary HD W 59 Annuitant GLS Hambrook (c1792)
ORMANDY John SO U 28 Carpenter GLS Hambrook (c1823)
ORMANDY William SO U 26 Ag Lab GLS Hambrook (c1825)

(note - reference to Hambrook in the Cowbridge information above)

see separate pages for a list of all the UK 1851 census data I have

Great Western Railway Shareholders 1835-1910

From Findmypast, thanks to Margaret.

Shareholder: Bridget ORMANDY
First name(s): Bridget
Last name: ORMANDY
Role/Event: Death
Date: 9 Jul 1862
Place: Liverpool
County: Lancashire
Country: England
Reference: Volume 6 Folio 8 Entry 5366 Column 3
All the names under this entry:
Name Role/Event Date Place Column
Bridget ORMANDY Death 9 Jul 1862 Liverpool, Lancashire, England 3
Fisher ORMANDY Executor (Brother) 24 Jul 1862

Shareholder: Miss Jane BARROW
Title: Miss
First name(s): Mary Ann
Last name: ORMANDY
Role/Event: Executor
Date: 2 Feb 1897
Place: Settle
County: Yorkshire
Country: England
Reference: Volume 69 Folio 108 Entry 405 Column 7
All the names under this entry:
Name Role/Event Date Place Column
Miss Jane BARROW Death 30 Dec 1896 Ulverston, Lancashire, England 3
Miss Mary Ann ORMANDY Executor 2 Feb 1897 Settle, Yorkshire, England 7
Mrs Ann ROBINSON Executor 2 Feb 1897 Ulverston, Lancashire, England 7
John Barber ROBINSON 2 Feb 1897 Ulverston, Lancashire, England 7
Alfred BARROW Recipient 19 Feb 1897 Barrow in Furness, Lancashire, England 9

Huish Champflower "St Peters" Parish Registers

A trasnscript of these registers by David Cheek is at http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~pbtyc/H_m_w/Huish_Champ/Index.html and there was 1 Ormandy mentioned in February 2004: John Ormandy was a witness, together with Agnes Jane Farrer, to the marriage (by licence) of Henry James Baker (farmer) and Elizabeth Farrer on 19th September 1883.


There is an Ormandy connection with Hungary, even the thought that Hungary is where the name originated. (Try entering the name Ormándy into the On-line Directory Assistance service at http://www.matav.hu/english/index.html). I'll record here the Ormandy/Hungary information I have. A significant connection, of course, is that Eugene Ormandy came from Hungary (he was born Jeno Blau) - I've put information about him on separate pages.

I have a copy of a letter from the General director of the Hungarian National Archives in Budapest to my cousin Bill Ormandy in Canada, written in January 1969. This says:
'... I let you know that among the records kept at the Hungarian National Archives there is no document concerning the nobility of the Ormandy family. All we know from the genealogical literature is that in the middle of the XVIIIth century a few members of this family were listed as noblemen in conscriptions made for the comitats Heves and Vas. (The comitats were administrative units in Hungary in a similar way as the counties in England.)

http://www.pim.hu is the web site of the Petõfi Irodalmi Múzeum in Budapest. I found information about 4 Ormandys (you need to use the form Ormándy in enquiries). There are probably better ways to use the site but this is how I can get to the information: On the home page click on 'Adatbazisok', then the photograph that appears, then on 'Magyar Eletrajzi Index'. Enter 'Ormándy' in the box to the right of 'Nev' and click on 'Kereses'. 4 Ormandys are shown and clicking on each in turn produces further information. My interpretation of this, based on use of a translation web site and some guesswork is as follows - help with a better translation wouild be appreciated!:
János Ormándy (or Ormándi), born Tömörkény, Csongrád vm on 8th April 1872, died Budapest on 18th March 1962. He seems to have been associated with economics and/or education).
Jeno (or Eugene) Ormándy (or Jeno Blau-Ormándy) born Budapest on 18th November 1899, died Philadelphia USA on 12th March 1985. A conductor.
Miklós Ormándy, born Tölgyes, Hont vm on 28th September 1846, died Budapest on 30th November 1911.
Péter Ormándy, born 16. sz. második fele. Seems he was a constable?

I joined the Rootsweb Hungary mailing list to try to find more about the Ormandy name, also to try to learn more about Eugene Ormandy. Joe Jarfas told me that Iván Nagy's 'Families of Hungary' mentions that there were two places called Ormand and likely the few families took their names Ormandi (Ormandi, Ormándi, Ormandy, Ormándy) from them. The earliest mention of the name that Joe found was around the 1480's. Gábor Domonkos told me that he found references to a noble Ormándy family in Heves county in 1755, and several others in Vas county (west partof the country, close to Vienna) - he found further references to the Ormándy family dating back to the 14-1500s - all nobleman or high ranked soldiers. Gábor also said that there is a town in s/w Hungary which is called Ormánd and there is an Ormándy Castle.

The web site
http://www.library.upenn.edu/special/gallery/ormandy/young.html in its' 'Early European Career of Eugene Ormandy' says that he 'was reticent to discuss the origin of his adopted surname, although it is interesting to note the existence of a town in the western region of Hungary called "Ormánd," with which there may have been a family connection. Furthermore, in the Hungarian language, the appended "y" to the word "Ormánd" would translate in English to "from Ormánd."'.

At http://www.mapquest.com/maps/ I found a place called órmánd, Zala, Hungary (south west of the country) also Ormándlak, Zala, Hungary (I think lak means lodge).

Isle of Man

The 'Manx Lawsons & Related Families' web site at http://www.lawsons.ca includes an index of burials which, when I visited the site in July 2002 comprised the records of 7 parishes, and I found 2 Ormandy entries for the parish of Douglas St. George:
Jane ORMANDY 6 Dec 1812
Margaret ORMANDY 21 Jan 1813

'Kings' Liverpool Regiment

The book 'History of the 2/6th rifle battalion 'THE KINGS' Liverpool regiment' lists soldiers in the regiment. Thanks to Tamara Weller I have this entry:
'S. Ormandy
Reg. No. 16234
Joined: 27/05/1918
Prisoner of War: 12/09/1918
Tamara's additional comment: 'I don't know if these were the circumstances around this particular person becoming a prisoner of war but you might be interested in the entry in the book for this date: At 12.55 am on September 12th orders were received for our Battalion Headquarters to join Headquarters of the 8th KLR; and we were warned that as many as three companies might be required to form a defensive flank north east of Moeuvres. At 3.30 am 'A' company was ordered forward for this purpose, with instructions to form platoon posts in Cemetery Trench, just north of Moeuvres, and to gain touch with the 170th Brigade. At 6pm the enemy counter-attacked on the Inchy-Moeuvres line, and 'A' company, finding itself being outflanked, after hard fighting was obliged to withdraw. In the course of this movement Lieutenant Sage, the Company Commander and a very gallant officer, and seven men were killed, and twenty one men wounded.'

Lancashire Record Office Archives

I visited this site at http://archivecat.lancashire.gov.uk/dserve/ in December 2008. A search for Ormandy produced 91 records, Ormondy 2. Some of the information appears under PRO Archives below. I have added the Marriage Bonds information to my Miscellaneous BMD pages. Thanks to Peter Bowes for pointing out this site.

Lancaster County Lunatic Asylum

The subject of the web site http://www.angelfire.com/ct2/beharu/index1.html is GORVETT GENEALOGY. The site includes several Strays Project Pages with census entries for various institutions. The 1851 census entry for the County Lunatic Asylum, Lancaster (HO107/2272 LANCASHIRE/Lancaster Folios 566 - 588) includes:

John Ormandy PAT (patient) U 39 Basket maker LAN Staveley

see separate pages for a list of all the UK 1851 census data I have

Lancaster (UK) family tree

Note - 4 more Ormandy names have been added since I first added this item.

This site is at http://www.lancasterfamily.fslife.co.uk. There are lots of Ormandys included in the family tree - the surname index shows:
ORMANDY, Ada b.1879 - Millom
ORMANDY, Agnes b.1867 - Millom
ORMANDY, Ann a.1835 - Thwaites
ORMANDY, Ann a.1808 - Thwaites
ORMANDY, Ann Bridget b.1858 -
ORMANDY, Annie Bridge a.1857 - Waberthwaite, Cumberland
ORMANDY, Dorothy b.1901 - Millom
ORMANDY, Elizabeth b.1854 - Muncaster
ORMANDY, Elizabeth b.1850 - St. Bridgets
ORMANDY, Elizabeth a.1837 - Thwaites
ORMANDY, Elizabeth Ann a.1868 - Millom
ORMANDY, Fanny a.1844 - Thwaites
ORMANDY, Henry a.1816 - Thwaites
ORMANDY, Henry Jackson a.1874 - Millom
ORMANDY, James b.1880 - Millom
ORMANDY, James -
ORMANDY, James a.1839 - Thwaites
ORMANDY, James a.1859 - Thwaites
ORMANDY, James a.1843 - Millom
ORMANDY, James a.1812 - Thwaites
ORMANDY, James b.1781 -
ORMANDY, John a.1869 - Millom
ORMANDY, John a.1806 - Thwaites
ORMANDY, Joseph a.1842 - Thwaites
ORMANDY, Joseph a.1814 - Thwaites
ORMANDY, Kate Ethel b.1871 - Millom
ORMANDY, Malcolm b.1899 - Millom
ORMANDY, Margaret a.1834 - Thwaites
ORMANDY, Mary b.1851 - Millom
ORMANDY, Mary a.1830 - Thwaites
ORMANDY, Mary a.1822 - Thwaites
ORMANDY, Mary Jane a.1870 - Millom
ORMANDY, Michael a.1819 - Thwaites
ORMANDY, Moses Jackson -
ORMANDY, Moses Jackson a.1846 - Thwaites
ORMANDY, Robert a.1824 - Thwaites
ORMANDY, Thomas a.1840 - Millom
ORMANDY, Thomas a.1832 - Thwaites
ORMANDY, Thomas b.1866 - Broughton-in-Furness, Lancashire
ORMANDY, William a.1810 - Thwaites
ORMANDY, William Jackson b.1853 - Waberthwaite, Cumberland
ORMANDY, William James b.1896 - Millom

The site also includes a scanned copy of the marriage certificate for James Butterfield (b.1817) and Mary Ormandy (b.1822).
(Thanks to Dave Ormandy of Wigan for pointing me to this site)

Liverpool Area RC Marriage Index Home Page

The web site http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~hibernia/mar/mar.htm contains an index of RC marriages in Liverpool between 1800 and 1900, most after 1850. (It is part of a site called Hibernia which is about 'Researching Irish Family History in the Liverpool Area'.)
I found just one ORMANDY entry in April 2002:
(Where PAT refers to St. Patrick's church, Park Place, Liverpool 8)
There are several entries for similar names.
Mary Ann is my great great aunt who later married again - to James William Cawthra

Liverpool Directories

There are Ormandy entries in several Liverpool directories of different types. As I now have quite a lot of this information I have put in on its own file which is at http://mysite.freeserve.com/Ormandy/ormandyliverpooldirectories.htm.


From Fred Sedgwick:

Departed from New York on 1 May 1915
Arrived in Liverpool, ENG on sunk - never arrived
Accomodations: Crew: fireman
Voyage Notes: sunk by a German submarine torpedo on May 7, 1915 (WWI)
(this can be found on http://userdb.rootsweb.com/passenger - query Ormandy and search then click on view/add notes)

Ormandy, J is also in a list of those on the Lusitania at http://istg.rootsweb.com/v4/1900v4/lusitania19150507.html and on http://homepages.rootsweb.com/~lusilist/LusitaniaPassengerList.html, which is particularly interesting as it is an amalgam of data from several sources and identifies those who died and those who survived - in some cases, including J Ormandy, there is no such indication. The site http://www.lusitania.net/passengerlist.htm indicates that there is book in preparation which lists the passengers and crew. However, I received the following response from the Maritime Museum at Liverpool "I am afraid that I still cannot find your ancestor listed in the passenger list and crew list of the Lusitania. I believe the copy we hold is the one published by Cunard very soon after the actual disaster occurred. It details those on the Lusitania, those who survived and who recorded as missing. It also records the more gruesome details of remains - unidentified and identified. However I cannot find record in any of these details of a Mr Ormandy". So there is conflicting evidence - maybe he was due to be a crew member but changed ships? My great grandfather John Ormandy and one of his sons, also a John, were seamen, I wonder if J Ormandy is one of them?

Manks Family Tree

(thanks to Elaine Marshall)
http://users.highway1.com.au/~gavynne includes a family tree compiled by Gavan Manks of Perth, Western Australia. This includes the following ORMANDYs (in June 2002):
William Ormandy (about 1797 - 12 Feb. 1862 (at College Farm, Orrell - cause: apoplexy, 3 days certified)) who married Ellen Johnson (1797 - 9 Oct. 1830)
their children were:

I asked Gavan about the source of the Ormandy information and his reply was 'the info on Ormandy was obtained from a distant relative in Victoria about ten years ago, & was just in a list of names with no further details'. There are some problems with the current web pages which should be resolved when Gavan moves his site to a new Internet provider.

Note: there is a National Probate Index entry for William Ormandy above

Mangapai, New Zealand

from Elaine Marshall:
(Auckland) Weekly News, 29th April 1915.
On the 16th April 1915 at Mangapai, Boulton Ormandy, aged 76 years, late of Dalton in Furness, England (from http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~funeralnotices/N-O*.html)
Also, from http://sites.archivenet.gov.au/Genies/bdms/bd_1914_15.html:
(the death of) ORMANDY 16 April 1915 at Mangapai, Boulton Ormandy, aged 76, late of Dalton in Furness, England. [AWN 29.04.1915]
Boulton is also mentioned at http://homepages.paradise.net.nz/~dchamber/o.htm:
ORMANDY, Bolton 1874 Mar 20 Appointed Public Vaccinator at Mangapai
And there are several references on web sites to premises in Ormandy Road in Mangapai including Christ Church.

Maritime Memorials

This site is at http://www.nmm.ac.uk/memorials/Index.cfm and commemorates seafarers and victims of maritime disasters by recording details from memorials. It includes a surname search and, in May 2003, I found 1 Ormandy entry:
Memorial: M694
Memorial location: St James's Cemetery, Liverpool, England
Transcript: 'Richard Ormandys, shipbuilder. Died 15 April 1832 age 55'
Notes: From a MS in Liverpool Record Office compiled by James Gibson d. 1886, vol. 6, p. 263.

Moscrop and Mossop Families of West Cumbria

This document at http://www.jillcoulthard.com/mossop_summary_word_july2002.doc includes the statement:

'MARY Baptised 24 April 1841. Married 1 June 1870 to William Whinnery Ormandy. Their daughter, Marjorie (Madge) married her first cousin, Isaac, son of John.' Mary was the daughter of Henry (of Rottington) and Mary (nee Dickinson of Loughrigg Farm near St. Bees) Mossop, and the John referred to is their son John.

National Burial Index

Thanks to Elaine Marshall - this information was extracted in May 2002
Burial Date Forename Surname Age County Place/Details
23 Sep 1872 Elizabeth ORMANDY 45 Glams Cowbridge, Holy Cross
2 Jul 1885 Ella ORMANDY 3 Gloucs Newington Bagpath, St Bartholomew
1832 Martha ORMANDY 23 Oxon Over Worton, Holy Trinity
5 Feb 1870 Mary ORMANDY 51 Glams Cowbridge, Holy Cross
24 Jun 1912 Mary ORMANDY 71 Gloucs Newington Bagpath, St Bartholomew
6 Apr 1949 Mary Isabela ORMANDY 78 Gloucs Newington Bagpath, St Bartholomew
12 May 1910 William Whinnerath? ORMANDY 75 Gloucs Newington Bagpath, St Bartholomew
note all the above are Anglican

(above transferred to burials pages)

Necropolis (Low Hill) Cemetery, Everton, Liverpool

From a CD-ROM of burials 1825-1827:

Ormandy, John 16 August 1826 Age 22
(no father or mother listed)
Last residence: Paradise Street
Disorder: Decline
Running number: 435
Officiating Minister: John Bruce

Thanks to Liz Early

Newspapers on line

A pilot scheme for on line newspapers 1851-1901 British Library at http://www.uk.olivesoftware.com

I searched for Ormandy (November 2001) and, apart from getting Normandy entries also, there were 3 Ormandy items returned:

From the Manchester Guardian 15/2/1851, a list for THE MANCHESTER AND LIVERPOOL DISTRICT BANKING COMPANY of Persons of whom the Company or Partnership consists including William Ormandy, Haigh, near Wigan, farmer.

From the News of the World 12/10/1851, an account of an attack by a boar on Mr. Stephen Seward at the Ulverston Cattle Show - the boar belonged to Mr. James Ormandy of Gleaston Castle.

From the Manchester Guardian 8/5/1886, an advertisement for a cottage to be sold in the Isle of Man 'owing to the demise of the late owner' W. H. Benbow, applications to Mr. Ormandy of 180 Regent Road, Bootle, Liverpool.

Old Bailey

The Proceedings of the Old Bailey, London 1674 to 1834 at http://www.oldbaileyonline.org/ contains 'A fully searchable online edition of the largest body of texts detailing the lives of non-elite people ever published, containing accounts of over 100,000 criminal trials held at London's central criminal court'. When I looked in March 2003 it had '22,000 trials, from December 1714 to December 1759' including the trial on 5th June 1728 of 6 people, one of whom was John Ormondy, of St. Andrew's Holborn who were indicted for burglary (and stealing 40 pairs of stockings, value 10/-) on 15th March 1728. Verdict - not guilty.

Openshaw Genealogy Archive - The Openshaw Pedigree

This is at http://www5.pair.com/vtandrew/openshaw/openshaw/ and information about Agnes Ormandy can be found by following the link to 'Every name Index'. It says that she was the first wife of Richard Walker Openshaw who was born in Newport, Isle of Wight on 25th February 1799 (and died 13th April 1854) - they married in 1818. Agnes, of Hallthwaites, co. Cumberland, was born 1st August 1795, the daughter of Joseph Ormandy, and died in 1825 aged 29. Richard and Agnes's children were Sarah (1819 - 1820), Margaret (1821 - 1835), Agnes (1822 - 1841), Elizabeth Ann (1824 - ?) and Sarah (1825 - 1826).

Ontario - 1871 Census of Canada

(Thanks to Fred Sedgwick).
A 'Searchable Database of Heads & Strays' is at
http://xcat.stauffer.queensu.ca/census/ and a search for Ormandy in February 2003 produced 2 records:
ORMANDY, THOMAS Age [50] Birthplace [ENGLAND] Religion [CE] Ethnic Origin [ENGLISH] Occupation [F] District [15] Sub District [C] Division Page [2] Page [20] County [BRA] Description [Brantford West Twp.]. (Elsewhere on the site the meaning of occupation F is given as farmer).
ORMANDY, WILLIAM Age [57] Birthplace [ENLGAND] Religion [CE] Ethnic Origin [ENGLISH] Occupation [FARMER & WEAVER] District [37] Sub District [E] Page [80] County [Gry] Description [Derby Twp.].

Ormandy name

From A Dictionary of English Surnames by P. H. Reaney & R. M. Wilson:
'Ormandy: Ellen Ormandie 1296 LaWills; Agnes Ormundie 1552 Bardsley; John Ormondy 1675 LaWills. From Osmotherly in Ulverston (La).'
(LaWills is 'A list of the Lancashire Wills proved within the Archdeanery of Richmond (Lancs and Ches Rec. Soc. 10, 1884)'. Bardsley is Bardsley's Dictionary of English and Welsh Surnames (1901) - basic source was the late 13th century Hundred Rolls.)

From The Penguin Book of Surnames by Basil Cottle:
'Osmotherly L 'Osmund's mound/clearing' ON + OE; places in Lancs/North Yorks'.
L refers to surnames recording and originating in locations, ON = Old Norse, OE = Old English.

Ormandy name variations

Some Ormandy name variations are pretty obvious (like ORMONDY, ORMANDEY), but some more obscure variations/mis-transcriptions have been found in various records. Here's a few I'm aware of - any others gratfully accepted.
ORNABY - Fred Sedgwick told me that this and ORMANDY were interchangeable due to pronunciation.
NORMANDY - a birth certificate for Henry ORMANDY and a short certificate issued at the same time by the same registrar showing the name as NORMANDY
ORMANBY - some ORMANBY entries occur on FreeBMD
ORMANDBY - ORMANDY name written as this in 1871 census. Thanks to Celia Bloor for this.
ORMENDY, ORMADAY, ORMADY, ORMUNDIE from transcriptions of parish register information thanks to Diana Pitchford.

Ormandy, Donald

Don Ormandy of Tooradin, Victoria has his family tree recorded at http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/o/r/m/Donald-D-Ormandy/index.html - this 'Links the Ormandy family in Australia to the Ormandys in Cumbria district England'. There are 10 generations shown, starting with Richard Ormandy who was born in 1632, died in 1706 and married Elizabeth Atkinson in 1670, all in Broughton-in-Furness.


(thanks to Elaine Marshall)
The LDS Family Search site http://www.familysearch.com has a library section (click on the 'Library' tab) - click on 'Family History Library Catalog' then enter Ormandy in 'Surname Search'. This leads to a reference to 2 titles by Rhys Watkins:

The biography of John Henry Watkins, saddler, of Uralla, New South Wales, Australia, 1846-1888 (John Henry Watkins was born ca. 1846 in northern Wales. He came to Australia with his sister Elizabeth, arriving in March of 1870. He married twice, first to Sarah Whiteside in 1874, and after her sudden death, to Isabella McCullough in 1879. He died of the effects of polio in 1888. Elizabeth Watkins married James Ormandy in 1874 and their descendants are also traced in this volume)

James Ormandy and Elizabeth Watkins : their biography and family tree (Includes Outteridge and related families. Elizabeth Watkins (ca. 1852-1928) was born in North Wales and came to Australia where she married James Ormandy in 1874. He was born in Bootle, England in 1842. Descendants lived in Australia.)

Owners of Land

I found a book in two large volumes in the Hereford records office called 'Return of Owners of Land 1873'. This is arranged by county and I looked at just Lancaster, Cumberland and Westmoreland and found some Ormandy entries:

Name of Owner Address of Owner Extent of Land
Gross Estimated Rental
Ormandy, James Broughton 31 2 1 £50 0s.
Ormandy, Jos. Kirkby 1 2 28 £4 4s.
Ormandy, Jos., Trs. of Lindale 50 - - £37 0s.
Ormandy, Rev. Thos. Whitbeck 68 2 38 £95 0s.
Ormandy, William Pennington 1 3 35 £3 0s.
Ormandy, Wm., Trs. of Ulverstone (sic) 9 3 11 £23 0s.
Ormandy, Harrison W. (Greystoke) 47 - - £100 0s.
Ormandy, Rev. Thos. Whitbeck Parsonage 6 3 - £17 10s.
Ormandy, Mrs. Wm. Pennington 8 1 4 £7 10s.
No Ormandy entries      

Parish the Thought

At http://www.parish-thethought.us there is a 'goldmine' of UK parish information. In September I used the search facility which returned 10 Ormandy and 4 Ormondy results which I haven't yet studied.

Parker Families of Bentham

At http://www.prattens.co.uk/FAMILIES/PARKER/TEXT.TXT there are several records about the Parker family including one which mentions an Ormandy:
1749 John P(arker) of Soutergate Kirkby Ireleth admin mentions widow Ann P, admin Richard Ormandy carpenter and creditor of Broughton.

Poetry for Mr. Ormandy

(thanks to Elaine Marshall)
The University of California at Davis has a web site which includes a digital collection of the works of British Women Romantic Poets 1789 - 1832. Included at
http://www.lib.ucdavis.edu/English/BWRP/Works/DayeEPoems.htm is 'POEMS, ON VARIOUS SUBJECTS' BY ELIZA DAYE, printed by J. M'Creery, Liverpool, 1798 and 'Published for the Author, at the SUBSCRIPTION LIBRARY, Lancaster; also for Mr. WALMSLEY and Mr. HOLT; for Mr. JONES, Mr. GORE, and Messrs. WRIGHT and ORMANDY, Liverpool; and for Mr. JOHNSON, St. Paul's Church Yard, London. Price Seven Shillings in Boards; Hot-pressed, Seven and Six-pence'. There is a long list of names of subscribers in various locations and Mr. Ormandy of Liverpool is also included here.

Porter Research Site

http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~porters/database/index.htm, the Porter Family Research, site mentions 1 Ormandy (in January 2003) - Margaret Ormandy who was born in Ulverston. She was married toWilliam Porter (son of John Porter and Sarah Wilkinson) who was born 22nd February 1803 at Ulpha, was a shoemaker (probably at Market Street, Ulverston in 1829), settled as Eskdale Green after 1833 and died suddenly 10th March 1852 in the King of Prussia Inn at Eskdale, Cumberland. Their children were William, Joseph, Sarah, Samuel, Peter, George, Mary, William, Margaret and Lancelot - birth dates given on the site range from 1825 to 1845.

PRO archives (A2A)

'A2A allows you to search and browse for information about archives in England, dating from the 900s to the present day. These archives are cared for in local record offices and libraries, universities, museums and national and specialist institutions across England, where they are made available to the public'. This site is still being updated - I last looked in June 2002 and there were several ORMANDY entries and I also picked up some entries for name variations. I've just given a brief summary of the information here - there is more information on the web site, but the archived documents are not reproduced on the site.
(nothing further in February 2003 after a site update - searches I tried: Ormandy* Ormandi* Ormendy* Ormendi* Ormondy* Ormondi* Ormundy* Ormundi*)

1626 'ULVERSTON - William Ormondy of Smithy Greene, husbandman, to keep the peace to Robert Kendall' (Lancashire Record Office: Lancashire County Quarter Sessions - ref. QSB/1/8/7 - date: 1626)

1628 'WHITTINGTON - William Ormandy, milner, to prosecute by William Harrison'. (Lancashire Record Office: Lancashire County Quarter Sessions - ref. QSB/1/44/18 - date: 1628)

1647 'MANSRIGGS - William Ormandye, husbandman, to appear at Sessions at instance of John Benson' and 'MANSRIGGS - Richard Ormandie, waller, likewise'. (Lancashire Record Office: Lancashire County Quarter Sessions - ref. QSB/1/290/8 and ref. QSB/1/290/9 - date: 1647)

1651 'Lancaster - relief for Ellin Warde and Issabell Ormandye'. (Lancashire Record Office: Lancashire County Quarter Sessions Petitions - ref. QSP/49/13 - date: c1651)

1726 (Lease of Watlington Park to Sir Edward Simeon and associated papers, Lease for 3 Years) 'ENDORSEMENTS: (a) Witness to Sealing: Rob.Ayre, John Ormandy' (Oxfordshire Record Office: Simeon and Weld Estates, Ruck Keene Estates - ref. Vor/I/vi/1 - date: 10 March 13 George I 1726 (1726/27))

1760 'Recognizance, John Addison, Thomas Ormandy and William Seatle, all of Urswick for appearance of John alleged father of bastard child of Eleanor Birkett singlewoman'. (Cumbria Record Office, Kendal: Westmorland Quarter Sessions - ref. WQ/SR/282/4 - date: 6 February 1760)

1814 (Insolvent Debtors Papers) 'Joseph Ormandy of Upholland, grocer'. (Lancashire Record Office: Lancashire County Quarter Sessions - ref. QJB/59/88 - date: 1814)

1829 (Kirkdale) 'Ormskirk. Order of filiation and maintenance of bastard son of Thomas Nixon, cabinet maker, and Margaret Ormandy, singlewoman'. (Lancashire Record Office: Lancashire County Quarter Sessions Petitions - ref. QSP/2909/42 - date: 1828 7 Nov)

1858 (Lancaster) 'Bill of costs of prosecution of James Ormandy for larceny' (Lancashire Record Office: Lancashire County Quarter Sessions Petitions - ref. QSP/3547/20 - date: c1858)

1861 (Lancaster) 'Bill of costs of prosecution of Joseph Ormandy for misdemeanour' (Lancashire Record Office: Lancashire County Quarter Sessions Petitions - ref. QSP/3631/12 - date: c1861)

1869 (Lancaster) 'Bill of costs of prosecution of James Ormandy for larceny' (Lancashire Record Office: Lancashire County Quarter Sessions Petitions - ref. QSP/3829/20 - date: c1869)

1871 'Foundation stone (of Lindal-in-Furness Wesleyan Chapel) laid by J. Ormandy of Ulverston. Chapel closed in 1980's'. (Cumbria Record Office, Barrow: Ulverston Wesleyan Methodist Circuit)

1875 (Lancaster) 'Bill of costs of prosecution of John Ormandy for larceny' (Lancashire Record Office: Lancashire County Quarter Sessions Petitions - ref. QSP/3966/46 - date: c1875)

1884 (Liverpool) 'Bill of costs of prosecution of William Ormandy for larceny' (Lancashire Record Office: Lancashire County Quarter Sessions Petitions - ref. QSP/4168/104 - date: c1884)

1894 'J Ormandy Crosse; requests information on ecclesiastical appointments'. (British Library, India Office Records: Public and Judicial Department Records - ref. IOR/L/PJ/6/378, File 1353 - date: 2 Aug 1894)

PRO-online (now DocumentsOnline)

'DocumentsOnline (formerly PRO-Online) allows you online access to the Public Record Office's collection of digitised public records' and includes the ability to download digital images of PCC wills from 1384 - 1858.
In December 2008 I searched for Orm* and found the following of interest:

Description: Will of John Ormandy, Stationer of Liverpool , Lancashire
Date: 20 October 1842
Catalogue reference: PROB 11/1969
Dept: Records of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury
Series: Prerogative Court of Canterbury and related Probate Jurisdictions: Will Registers
Piece: Volume number: 14 Quire numbers: 651-700
(I have downloaded this image)

Description: Will of William Ormondy otherwise Ormandy, Seaman late belonging to His Majesty's Ship the Princess Royal No 221
Date: 28 July 1794
Catalogue reference: PROB 11/1248
Dept: Records of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury
Series: Prerogative Court of Canterbury and related Probate Jurisdictions: Will Registers
Piece Name of Register: Holman Quire Numbers: 378 - 425
(I have downloaded this image)

Description: Will of Ann Ormandy, Spinster of Westminster , Middlesex
Date: 02 January 1789
Catalogue reference: PROB 11/1174
Dept: Records of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury
Series: Prerogative Court of Canterbury and related Probate Jurisdictions: Will Registers
Piece: Name of Register: Macham Quire Numbers: 1 - 47

Description: Will of William Portland Ormandy otherwise William Portland, Mariner of Liverpool, Lancashire
Date: 20 December 1781
Catalogue reference: PROB 11/1085
Dept: Records of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury
Series: Prerogative Court of Canterbury and related Probate Jurisdictions: Will Registers
Piece: Name of Register: Webster Quire Numbers: 577 - 625

Description: Will of John Ormandey of Maryland, North America
Date: 31 August 1700
Catalogue reference: PROB 11/456
Dept: Records of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury
Series: Prerogative Court of Canterbury and related Probate Jurisdictions: Will Registers
Piece: Name of Register: Noel Quire Numbers: 84 - 123

Description: Will of Grace Ormady, Spinster of Saint Clement Danes, Middlesex
Date: 02 August 1669
Catalogue reference: PROB 11/330
Dept: Records of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury
Series: Prerogative Court of Canterbury and related Probate Jurisdictions: Will Registers
Piece: Name of Register: Coke Quire Numbers: 57 - 107

Description: Will of William Ormondy, Blacksmith of London
Date: 28 February 1657
Catalogue reference: PROB 11/262
Dept: Records of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury
Series: Prerogative Court of Canterbury and related Probate Jurisdictions: Will Registers
Piece: Name of Register: Ruthen Quire Numbers: 51 - 103

Russ family

http://www.russfamily.net is the 'WEBSITE FOR THE DESCENDANTS OF CHRISTIAN KARL GOTTFRIED RUSS, FURRIER OF BRANDIS GERMANY'. The following Ormandys are included:
William Ormandy (died 1868), the father of:
Thomas Ormandy (died 1924) who married Mary Ann Cullen in 1878. They were the parents of:
Thomas William Ormandy, also known as Thomas K. Ormandy (born 1880) who married Edith Braund. They were the parents of Margaret Joyce Ormandy and Stanley Ormandy.

There are interesting details on the web site, including a statement that Mary Ann Cullen was dressmaker to the Queen.

St. Catherine's Marriage Index

The web site http://www.cs.ncl.ac.uk/genuki/StCathsTranscriptions contains transcriptions of some GRO marriage indexes, including all those for the first quarter of 1849. A particular benefit is that it can help with identification of spouses. The site was last updated in 1999. All its data will, presumably, eventually be included in FreeBMD. (Since I copied this I have checked FreeBMD and all that follows is there - maybe all the data has been copied to FreeBMD - but having got this far I'm leaving what I've transcribed). Here is the data I found that includes Ormandys and their potential spouses:
Bristol volume 11 page 153:

Blackmore John
Davis Ann
Francombe Deborah
Gifford Robert
Hooper Perlina
Morgan Thomas
Ormandy Margaret Richards
Young Benjamin
Ormskirk volume 21 page 400:

Abram Ellen
Armstrong John
Barton James
Culshaw Ann
Freeman Sarah
Ormandy John
Rimmer James
Slater Mary
Wigan volume 21 page 549:

Ormandy James Johnson
Tebay Mary

St Helens

Via Email from Pauline Hurst, the following information:
The 1891 Slaters has a George Ormondy Estate Agent , 27 Market Place resident at Stafford Rd. St Ann's
nothing on the 1871 directory or the 1851 census surname index.

From http://www.dowd.co.uk/GenData/, Local Trade Directories Lists for St Helens & Newton in Makerfield, the following entries from Slaters St. Helens directory of 1895:
name, occupation, address, area
George Ormandy, Accountant, Prescot Road, St Helens
George Ormandy, Accountant, 8 East Street, St Helens
George Ormandy,, Prescot Road, St Helens

St. James Cemetery, Liverpool

The cemetery is beside the Anglican Cathedral. The following web site is dedicated to the cemetery
The site includes a database of people buried there. When I
looked in August 2001 I found the following Ormandy entries (showing name, dates of birth and death, age, area of cemetery):

Mike Faulkner, whose site this is, kindly visited and photographed the grave and sent me the inscription on the stone which is as follows. The .... are because the top left hand corner of the gravestone is missing.

………Sarah Anne Ormandy
……5th 1833 aged 8 years
also John Ormandy who died November 26th 1839 aged 45 years
also Sarah Anne Ormandy who died March 8th 1850 aged 50 years
also Bridget daughter of John and Sarah Anne Ormandy
who died at Waterloo July 9th 1862 aged 42 years
Also Amy Fisher daughter of Fisher and Ellen Ormandy
Who died at Great Crosby September 25th 1870 aged 4 years.

(note - see 'Maritime Memorials' above for another Ormandy buried in this cemetery).

St. Mary's Church, Kirkdale, Liverpool

Shows marriages in this church from 4th October 1874 to 11th December 1883. When I looked in December 2001 there were no Ormandy marriages shown


(also see Digital Library of Historical Directories above)
http://userdb.rootsweb.com/uki/, the Rootsweb United Kingdom and Ireland records data base, I entered Ormandy in the search (in January 2003) and got 1 result, a record for John Ormandy in Sunderland, Durham in Slater's 1854 directory (p92).

Tieman/Marshall Genealogy

The Tieman/Marshall genealogy site at http://home.attbi.com/~m-tieman includes 3037 individuals from 1053 families, including about 50 Ormandys. These are the descendants of Rev. John ORMANDY (1792 - 1846) who was Priest at Greystoke 1815-1822 and Vicar of Thwaites Chapel, Millom 1822-1846, and the son or nephew of Sir John ORMANDY, Vicar of Old Church of the Holy Trinity at Millom. I have extracted and structured the Ormandy information here. When I rechecked the Tieman/Marshall web site in August 2002 I was unable to access it. Miliss Ormandy has told me that this is her line and the information is not complete or correct - she is planning to let me have the information to correct this.

Toronto Star

The Toronto Star's 'Pages of the Past' at http://thestar.pagesofthepast.ca/ offers free searches of the year 1945 for a limited time. In January 2003 I searched for Ormandy and got '26 hits for ormandy on 24 pages'.
This is what I found:
February 3rd an article about a concert by a NY orchestra under Erno Rapee ... "As conductor in dumb drama days he once had a concert master called Ormandy".
Also February 3rd, under the headline 23 DEAD, EIGHT MISSING IN 1,107 R.C.A.F. LIST: Seriously Ill: ORMANDY, Palge (maybe Paige) Edwin, Flt.-Lieut: N. E. Ormandy (father), 375 Brock St., Kingston
March 27, April 7th, May 9th (p 23): reference to Normandy and April 14th: Normandy Blvd.
And the rest: references to Eugene Ormandy - recordings, concert advertisements and reviews etc.

Ulverston marriage

From Soulby's Ulverston Advertiser May 1 1890, pg. 5


FARRER-ORMANDY. - On the 26th ult., at the Parish Church, Ulverston, by the Rev. F. G. McNally, J. Farrer, eldest son of J. Farrer, Old Hall, to Miss Eleanor Hannah, eldest daughter of J. Ormandy, Colt House, Ulverston.
(note - there is an entry in the National Probate Index for a Joseph Ormandy of Colthouse Ulverston in 1913)

Victoria (Australia) Public Records Office

is the web site of the Public Record Office, Victoria which hold records from the beginnings of the colonial administration of Victoria in the mid-1830s to today. 3 immigration database indexes are included. When I re-visited the site in August 2006 I found the following Ormandy and Ormondy entries. I didn't search for all the Ormandy information on the site.

Unassisted Inward Passenger Lists to Victoria 1852-1923

Family Name, First Name, Age, Month, Year, Ship, Port, Fiche, Page
ORMANDY, WM, 18, AUG, 1852, GARLAND, B, 004, 005
ORMANDY, THOS D, 28, APR, 1860, RED JACKET, B, 176, 007
ORMANDY, BOUTTON, 21, APR, 1860, RED JACKET, B, 176, 008
ORMANDY, GEO, 6, JUL, 1862, CITY OF MELBOURNE, B, 205, 007
ORMANDY, GEO, 25, JUL, 1862, CITY OF MELBOURNE, B, 205, 007
ORMANDY, JAMES, 28, FEB, 1872, GREAT BRITAIN, B, 308, 001
ORMANDY, L W MR, 30, AUG, 1906, OROYA, B, 743, 001
ORMANDY, ---- MR, 29, JUN, 1910, MOERAKI, N, 344, 001
ORMONDY, JAMES MR, 36, AUG, 1905, SEYDLITZ, F, 381, 002
ORMONDY, G S, 30, MAY, 1865, GOTHENBURG, N, 060, 002
(The Port code (B(British), F(Foreign) or N(New Zealand)) indicates which series of microfiche to look at and does not necessarily indicate the passengers' nationality)

Assisted British Immigration 1839-1871

Family Name, Given Name, Age, Month, Year, Ship, Book, Page
ORMANDY, WILLIAM, 18, JUL, 1852, GARLAND, 8, 138

Outward Passengers to Interstate, U.K. and Foreign Ports, 1852-1861

Family name, Given name/title, Age, Ship name, Departure month, Departure year, Destination, Film Ref month, Film Ref year, Page


Victoria - Cemeteries of S.W. Victoria

Ian Marr of Warrnambool, Victoria has a site at http://members.datafast.net.au/marrtronics . Following the link to Cemeteries of S. W. Victoria and then searching for Ormandy produced the following information in June 2002:
Condah/Myamyn Cemetery:

307, ORMANDY, David A. A. E., Abt. 1869, 28 Jan 1924, 55, Hus of Elizabeth (308)
308, ORMANDY, Elizabeth, Abt. 1870, 10 Sep 1952, 82, Wife of David (307)

Macarthur Cemetery
677, ORMANDY, George Samuel, Abt. 1838, 9 Feb 1919, 81, Hus of Grace (678); fthr of W.S ORMANDY (679)
678, ORMANDY, Grace, Abt. 1842, 16 Feb 1929, 87, Wife of George (677); mthr of W.S ORMANDY (679) 680, ORMANDY, Isabella Margaret, Abt. 1869, 23 Oct 1951, 82
679, ORMANDY, W. S., Son of George (677) & Grace (678) ORMANDY. Private. Killed in action, France
Note - see WILLIAM STANLEY ORMANDY under Commonwealth War Graves Commission above

Victoria Deaths

I stumbled across the site http://www.fortunecity.com/victorian/manet/132/mainpage.html in July 2002. It contains 'Deaths recorded in Victoria for the period 1836 - 1850 - a time when Victoria was part of the colony of New South Wales' and I found 1 Ormandy entry:
I couldn't find much more about the site.


Norman Weston's family history site at http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~normanweston was introduced to Ormandy researchers in August 2006. The main family lines are WESTONs, THORLBYs, ORMANDY, DOHERTYs, DOWNS and BETTLES including the descendants of John and Ann ORMANDY of Lancashire.

Who's Who

Who Was Who 1941 - 1950 (volume 4) includes an entry for William Reginald Ormandy, D.Sc, Consulting and Research Chemist. 'S. of W. Ormandy, Chorley: b 25 Oct 1870; m 1899 Maud Houghton, Newton le Willows, no c'. His education history includes Wigan Grammar School. Several memberships and publications are listed. He died 11 Sept 1941.
(see Global Hemp above)


Via Email from Gwynne Chadwick, the following information:
(from the) 1851 census surname index of Lancashire Vol. 15 Wigan. Compiled by members of The Manchester & Lancashire Family History Society. It lists all the streets mentioned in the Wigan 1851 census (Henhams Bridge is not mentioned) and the folio number on which each surname is listed.
ORMANDY 492, 507, 629, 811
(The details are now on the 1851 census pages thanks to Celia Bloor)

From Wigan Heritage thanks to Dave Ormandy of Wigan:
Our directories show there were Ormandy's living in Wigan in 1869 as follows:-
James boatbuilder Wallgate and house at 10 Hodson Street
Francis agent to Leeds and Liverpool Canal Co. Carpenters Yard Wallgate
Mrs Frances 32 Poolstock Lane
1848 Directory
Thomas O at Henhurst Dock Chapel Lane Boatbuilder.


(Thank you to Elaine Marshall for finding this site)
http://www.richardbyers.co.uk/genealogy/searchdata.html contains 'Cumbria Yellow History Pages - Draft for evaluation', a website is run by Richard and Jo Byers 'to provide FREE, internet searchable, genealogy databases for the districts, towns and villages of old Cumberland and Westmorland, now Cumbria'
. It currently comprises the 'WORKINGTON GENEALOGY INDEX 1700-1901 ... compiled from a variety of sources including Trade Directories, Census Returns, Headstone (MIs), Council Minutes, Local Histories etc'. In December 2002 there were 4 listing(s) for Ormandys and 1 for Smith nee Ormandy:

Source (ref #)
Surname, Forename(s)
Age (if known)

FamilyLink: 29

Ormandy, (see also Smith)
(shared gravespace at)
Burial Ground, Vulcans Lane

Headstone: 29

Ormandy, Jane
Age: 68
d.17 Jan (husb. John)
Burial Ground, Vulcans Lane

Trade Directory: -

Ormandy, Jane (Mrs.)
(no other details)
Pow Street, Workington

Headstone: 29

Ormandy, John
Age: 62
d.18 Feb (wife. Jane)
Burial Ground, Vulcans Lane

Headstone: 29

Smith, Sarah Jane (nee Ormandy) d.15 Aug (fath. John)
Burial Ground, Vulcans Lane


Web site references

A number of web sites are mentioned above. Here are some additional sites that may be of use

Liverpool sites

http://freespace.virgin.net/genealogical.collections/EngLiverpool.htm is the 'home site' for the Rootsweb Liverpool mailing list and links to various sites containing Liverpool family history information.

http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~hibernia/ supports researching Irish family history in the Liverpool Area - but is not restricted to Irish family history - at http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~hibernia/bur/lvcem.htm it has a useful list of cemetery web sites

www.liverpoolcemetary.co.uk is a site dedicated to memorial inscriptions from Anfield cemetery

http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~toxtethparkcemetery is a site about the Toxteth Park Cemetery in Liverpool including MIs.

http://www.tpcliverpool.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/ contains transcriptions of burial records for the consecrated section of Toxteth Park Cemetery in Liverpool.

http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~wooltonchurchyard contains transcriptions from the headstones in the churchyard of St. Peter's Church in Woolton, Liverpool.

http://mysite.freeserve.com/stchadskirkby includes memorial inscriptions and burial records for St. Chad's in Kirkby. It also links to the St. Chad's pages which include other family history items

http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~westderbycemetery/master_page_index.html has memorial inscriptions from West Derby cemetery in Liverpool

http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~liverpoolcem - a site about Liverpool cemeteries including individual information taken from headstones for Anfield Cemetery and St. Mary's Walton on the Hill

Http://crem.oltps.sthelens.gov.uk:8080/crem/servlet/Telesearch#results is part of the St. Helens web site and provides a search faclity for people buried or cremated there. When I looked in October 2006 there was information about three Ormandys who had been cremated.

http://icliverpool.icnetwork.co.uk - the Liverpool Echo web site. I don't know how far back the archived information goes

http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~liverpool/main.html - various items of Liverpool posted by Caryl Williams including Marriages and Obituaries, Liverpool Snippets, Liverpool Ships, Liverpool Churches, Liverpool Links

http://www.old-merseytimes.co.uk contains various items of Liverpool interest from Jane of the Rootsweb Liverpool mailing list - frequently updated

UK sites

http://www.ukbdm.co.uk/ - the UK BMD Exchange whose purpose is "to provide a means for researchers to share the details of various records they might hold with others to assist in their research". There are details of Birth, Death and Marriage Certificates and Church records of Baptisms, Burials and Church Marriages.

http://web.ukonline.co.uk/sheila.jones/index.html - 'Pedigrees and People of the UK', a FREE ACCESS Website designed for those interested in finding out more about their British Ancestors with lots of useful family history research information.