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Cemetery and web site information
Names and memorial inscriptions
War dead at Allerton Cemetery
Burial grounds in Liverpool and the surrounding area
Panorama photo taken from the southern side of section 35 of Allerton Cemetery in February 2007 by William Leece.
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Allerton Cemetery opened in 1909 and new graves are still available. Its main entrance (above) is in Woolton Road. For a map of the cemetery click here. I have been told that it is the third largest cemetery in Europe. Information from Liverpool Records Office shows that purchase of the land was completed in October 1906, the Church of England section was consecrated by the Bishop of Liverpool on 24th September 1909 and the first burial in the cemetery took place on 29th December 1909. The Cemeteries and Crematoria office kindly told me that the total number of burial plots allocated as at August 2003 was 74,109 which included: Church of England 35,596, General 18,024, Roman Catholic 15,072, Jewish 5,397.

The following is from the Liverpool Mercury of Saturday 31st May 1913 (thanks to Jane):
On Wednesday the Burials Committee of the Liverpool Corporation inspected the Smithdown Rd cemetery and the Allerton Estate, the latter of which was recently acquired by the municipality for the purpose of a burial ground. Some interesting facts were gleaned during the tour.
Toxteth Cemetery - in which 144,464 persons have been interred since it was opened 57yrs. ago - will within a few months be
closed so far as public interments are concerned, and the new enclosure will then be used by Garston, Wavertree and the South-end.
The Allerton Estate comprises of 233 acres, of which as yet only 40 acres have been laid out for the purpose for which it is intended. When developed it is stated that it will be one of the finest in Europe.

These pages contain information about people buried or commemorated at Allerton Cemetery and memorial inscriptions - information that has been supplied by people who want to help others with their family history research together with gravestone inscriptions I have collected during occasional visits to the cemetery. If you'd like to contribute information please Email it to me (Jeff Jones in Herefordshire, originally from Liverpool) - I'd also be happy to receive any comments and suggestions. Please note that burial records and memorial inscriptions can be difficult to read and are, therefore, subject to possible misinterpretation, also that transcription errors can (and do!) occur. If you want to rely on information on this web site you are advised to check the original records/memorials. This web site started in May 2003.

I'd like to thank everyone who has contributed information. In particular I want to thank Margaret Hayes who has looked up several entries in the burial records for Allerton Cemetery and Fiona Sendall, Clare Rimmer, Amanda Taylor and Richard Daglish who have collected MIs and photographed memorials to help people trying to find their families' graves and to contribute information for this site.

Names and memorial inscriptions
The site includes tables of names containing information from burial records and/or memorial inscriptions. These are in name sequence - scroll down or use your search engine's search facility. The grave number column identifies the grave in the format denomination (CE/NC or RC)/section number/grave number. If I have a memorial inscription (or have determined that the grave has no headstone), clicking on the grave number will take you to a table of MIs for that section in grave number sequence - scroll down this to find the specific grave and its MI. Note that in some cases I have made assumptions about surnames for the name table where they have not been explicitly stated on headstones.

Names A to F Names G to L Names M to R Names S to Z

If you wish to go straight to the MI table for a particular section you can do this by clicking on one of the following section numbers:

CE (Church of England)
1 1A 1B 1C            
2 2D 2E 2F 2G 2H 2M      
3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
13 14 15 16   18 19     22
23     26 27 28 29   31 32
33   35 36 37 38 39      
NC (Non Conformist or General)
1 1A     D          
2   4 5 6 7 8 9   11
12 13 14   16          
RC (Roman Catholic)
1 2 3 4           10
  12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
    23 24            
Section unknown

Note that sections RC5, RC6 and RC7 do not appear on the latest cemetery map. The area in which they appear in the older map referenced earlier in this page is, at least in part, now NC(GEN)15. There is no section RC8.

War Dead at Allerton Cemetery
The Commonwealth War Graves Commission web site at has a total figure of 415 casualties buried/commemorated at Allerton Cemetery. One enquiry gives a generated figure of 416 records because of a casualty who served under an alias. There are only 399 actual records detailed on the web site as the 415 total includes graves of 'non world war dead' and 'foreign nationals' - maintained by CWGC but not detailed. (Thanks to Peter Francis of CWGC for the explanation of these different figures).

Thanks to William Graham I have images of pages in the book 'Names of British soldiers buried in city of Liverpool cemeteries ...' by Eric Dermott-Powell (1994) for Allerton Cemetery. These include details of 101 casualties, all except one (who died in 1943) died between 1915 and 1921. I've not checked all the entries against the CWGC site, but I have noticed that several do have additional information showing the cause of death. To see the full set of 8 pages in pdf format click here. To view individual pages in jpg format click on the relevant link below:


In November 2010, Richard Daglish sent me a copy of the results of his ambitious project to photograph the war graves at Allerton Cemetery, also other memorials at the cemetery that commemorate war dead. I have not added the photographs to this site but have retained them. The following three files (click on the links) describe the project and contain information about those buried and/or commemorated at Allerton from the CWGC site supplemented by information from other sources - please read the first file for further details.

Their Last Parade
CWGC Extracts

Burial grounds in Liverpool and the surrounding area
This is a partial list of cemeteries and links to web sites that provide memorial inscriptions, burial records etc.

The Liverpool History Projects site at includes burial records and information about Liverpool burial grounds together with links to web sites containing burial records and memorial inscriptions.
Note - as at 22/7/19 this site is not fully functional, although inscriptions for Ford Cemetery are still there (and see below)

Anfield Cemetery, Liverpool (Liverpool Cemetery)

Opened 1863
Memorial inscriptions at

Bootle Cemetery, Sefton (to the north of Liverpool)

Memorial inscriptions at

Deane Road Cemetery, Kensington, Liverpool

A web site at is dedicated to this Jewish cemetery - burial register information may be added at a future date. Burials took place between 1837 and 1929

Everton Cemetery, Liverpool
Memorial inscriptions at

Ford Cemetery (RC), Liverpool
There are photographs of headstones and transcriptions of MIs at, also a site search facility.

Kirkdale Cemetery, Liverpool
Memorial inscriptions here

Necropolis, Grant Gardens, Low Hill, Liverpool
Burial records here

Rake Lane Cemetery, Wallasey
Memorial inscriptions here

St. James's Cemetery, Liverpool
Opened 1829. This is the cemetery adjacent to the Anglican Cathedral.
Burial records at . Names from headstones (photos available) at

St. Mary's, Kirkdale
Burial records here

St. Peter's Church, Woolton
St Peter's Church was opened in 1826
Memorial inscriptions at

Toxteth Park Cemetery, Smithdown Road, Liverpool

Opened 1856.
Memorial inscriptions at and index of burials at

Walton Cemetery, Rice Lane, Liverpool
First burial in 1856
Memorial inscriptions at Burial records at

Weslyean Chapel, Upper Stanhope Street, Liverpool
Burial records here

West Derby Cemetery, Liverpool
Opened 1884
Memorial inscriptions at

Gravestone Photographic Resource
An international grave monument directory at which includes information about and photographs of hundreds of graves at Allerton Cemetery