Memorial Inscriptions from Rake Lane Cemetery,
Rob and Rose Anderson
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About the cemetery

The cemetery is divided into a number of different sections which you can see on the cemetery plan:
Sections 1C to 23C. This is Consecrated ground (the Church of England sections).
Sections 1G to 17G. This is General or unconsecrated ground.
Sections 1R to 11R. This is Roman Catholic ground.
Yellow Section. This is public ground and is only a single small section.
1C.R. This is a small new area for cremated remains.

Please note that this site includes only what is shown on headstones and does not comprise a register of all the burials in the cemetery. The original burial registers are available for inspection on micro film at Birkenhead and Wallasey Reference Libraries.
The inscriptions on this site are as found on the stones back in 2005 and include some updating to the records with any new headstones that were obvious and any additional inscriptions up to July 2018. All the obvious headstones have been recorded - quite a few were below the turf and every effort has been made to record all these. The cemetery was in a pretty sorry state in 2005 but great strides have been made since to tidy it up and some of what were then fallen stones have been righted. The tidying up of the cemetery has been mainly due to a group The Friends of Rake Lane who are local volunteers.

A few notes:

The first interment in the Consecrated Sections took place on 13th September 1883. This was of a Charles James HUGHES, who was only three years old. It was in Section 1C. grave number 2. A head-stone is on this plot, see entry number 45.
The first interment in the General Sections took place on 21st July 1883. This was of a Harvey Bell EVANS, who was 20 years old. It was in Section 3G grave number 24. A head-stone is on this plot, see entry number 7000.
The first interment in the Roman Catholic Sections took place on 27th February 1884. This was of an Ada Elizabeth KEATING who was 11 months old. This grave does not have a head-stone.     
You will find a few head-stones pre-dating 1883 in section 14G. These appear to have been moved to the cemetery at some stage.
A note of caution. Do not rely on what has been recorded here. Check the inscription yourself. It is just too easy to make a mistake between recording the transcription and then typing it up. Some of the stones are easier to read that others, shiny marble especially can be particularly difficult. It is also sometimes hard to distinguish between some things. A ‘3’ can easily be a ‘5’ and ‘8’, ‘9’ and ‘0’ can be hard to tell apart especially on worn stones. Errors do and have occurred. If you find any glaring errors or omissions then do please let us know.
A request. The information on this site has been collected over a considerable period of time and with much effort. It is offered here free of use to help with family history research. You are welcome to copy the information you need. Please do not copy information in bulk - e.g. for other sites - we want to keep what we have collected freely available to those whose research it will help. If you have any special requests please contact us.