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Transcriptions of orphan, adoptee, and foster children listings in orphanages, homes, and poorhouses from U.S.-Canadian censuses and other records.
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This web site will always be under construction.  Your patience will be appreciated.  If you do not find what you are looking for your first time here, please stop back again at a later date.  Thank you!

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Websites From Which I have "Borrowed":

Pat Asher's "Ambrose Genealogy"

Norm Meinert's "Allegheny River Family Archives"

Larry Thompson's "Larry Thompson's Genealogy Page"

Special Thanks To:

Jack B., founder of the ORPHANAGES mailing list, for donating his British and Canadian Orphan links

Carol Holmbeck for sending me quite a few Orphan links for U.S. researchers

Betsy Mills, at ROOTSWEB, for giving the go ahead and extra "push" for this project that it would be nice to have all the orphans listed in one place

ROOTSWEB for generously providing the space and assistance necessary for this website, with a very special thanks to Elsi and to Pat Asher, in particular, for their assistance with the Message Boards at this site.

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