Bird's Nest Orphanage, Alameda County, California, 1900

Bird's Nest Orphanage

Fruitvale, Brooklyn Township
Alameda County, California, A.D. 1900*

 1 Dennisson ?       Head    W F June 1863 36 M 7 1 1 Ohio  Ohio  Ohio  Matron         0    Y Y Y R H
 2 Elleworth Lena A* Boarder W F Oct  1874 25 M 6 0 0 Ill   Ill   Ind   1st Ass Matron 0    Y Y Y
 3 Wolard Phoebe     Boarder W F Feb  1883 17 S       Calif Ind   Miss  2nd Ass Matron 0    Y Y Y
 4 Wilson Marie      Inmate  W F Jan  1885 15 S       Calif             At School        10 Y Y Y
 5 Mendoza* Camillia Inmate  W F May  1893  7 S       Calif             At School        10
 6 Mendoza* Dottie   Inmate  W F Mar  1895  5 S       Calif
 7 Miller Ruth       Inmate  W F May  1892  8 S       Calif             At School        10 Y Y Y
 8 Miller Hazel      Inmate  W F Jan  1894  6 S       Calif 
 9 Haizel* Nora      Inmate  W F Apr  1893  7 S       Calif             At School        10
10 Dennisson Norma   Inmate  W F Apr  1894  6 S       Calif Ohio  Maine
11 Loranyams* Effie  Inmate  W F Jan  1894  6 S       Calif
12 Ellsworth Grace   Inmate  W F Aug  1896  3 S       Calif Calif Ill
13 Ellsworth Kittie  Inmate  W F Sept 1897  2 S       Calif
14 Chill Jean        Inmate  W F May  1896  4 S       Calif
15 Lyon Harriett     Inmate  W F Mar  1896  4 S       Calif
16 Blay Ida          Inmate  W F May  1896  4 S       Calif
17 Krums Gladdis*    Inmate  W F July 1898  1 S       Calif
18 Hunslin Lon       Inmate  W F May  1894  6 S       Calif
19 Wood Clara        Inmate  W F May  1894  6 S       Calif
20 Porter* Clara     Inmate  W F Mar  1894  6 S       Calif

** Transcriber's Notes **

Columns above represent name, relation, color, gender, birth month, birth 
year, age, marital status, years married, number of children, number of 
living children, birth place, father's birth place, mother's birth place, 
occupation, months unemployed, months at school, home owned or rented, home 
or farm.  

Columns omitted are year of immigration, years in United States, 
naturalization, home owned free or mortgaged, number of farm schedule.  

Transcriber used the abbreviations Ill for Illinois, Ind for Indiana, Calif 
for California, Miss for Missouri.  If no nativity is stated, Enumerator 
wrote "Unknown" in column. All remaining abbreviations appear above as in
the original document.

Address of Orphanage: not given in census
This census was taken June 19, 1900 by Thomas Turnbull, Enumerator.

 1  Unable to read first name; might possibly be Anna but it is really hard
    to say with any certainty - the name is overwritten fairly thoroughly.
 2  Given name looks like "Lenard" but might be "Lena A", or something 
 5-6  Surname looks like "Heudoza", as written; might be Hendoza, Mendoza, 
      possibly Heudoza/Meudoza
 9  Might be Haizul, Haiziel
11  Spelling given above as in original census; might be Lorauyams, 
    Loeanyams (?)
17  Given name is spelled above as in original census; might be Gladys.
20  Might be Porters

CITATION, On-line Census Images.
1900 U.S. Federal Census, California
Alameda County, Fruitvale
Brooklyn Township
SD 1, ED 326, Sheet 25A; Image 49 of 54
Img Ref#: 508/Roll: T623 81.

This list was Transcribed by
Lynn Beatty
11 April 2002
for The Orphans' Home Website

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