San Francisco Boys Home, San Francisco County, California, 1900

San Francisco Boys Home

San Francisco County, California, A.D. 1900*

 1.  Kelley, Samuel          Head     W  M  Nov 1830   69   M  34         Ohio        Ireland    Penn                    --------                          yes  yes  yes  R  --  H  -- 
 2.  Kelley, Lucetta         Wife     W  F  Dec 1853   46   M  34  11  5  Wisconsin   New York   Kentucky                Matron, Boys Home         0       yes  yes  yes
 3.  Kelley, Thomas B.       Son      W  M  Feb 1882   18   S             Washington  Ohio       Wisconsin               day laborer               3       yes  yes  yes
 4.  Kelley, Dixon           Son      W  M  Nov 1886   13   S             Washington  Ohio       Wisconsin               at school                    10   yes  yes  yes 
 5.  Kelley, Clay            Son      W  M  Nov 1892    8   S             Washington  Ohio       Wisconsin               at school                    10  
 6.  Hutchinson, Albert H.   Manager  W  M  Dec 1865   34   M  12         New Jer     New Jer    New Jer                 Manager, Boy's Home       0       yes  yes  yes
 7.  Bunch,  Walter          Inmate   W  M  Sept 1882  17   S             Calif       Ore        Virginia                Bookeeper (printer)       0       yes  yes  yes  
 8.  Bunch, Grover           Inmate   W  M  Jul 1885   14   S             Calif       Ore        Virginia                at school                    10   yes  yes  yes
 9.  Case, Charles ??        Inmate   W  M  Unk 1885   15   S             Utah        Unk        England                 apprentice printer        0       yes  yes  yes
10.  Case, Andrew            Inmate   W  M  Dec 1886   13   S             Utah        Unk        England                 at school                    10   yes  yes  yes
11.  Jonson, John            Inmate   W  M  Oct 1882   17   S             Norway      Norway     Norway     1872  8  --  student(law office)       0       yes  yes  yes
12.  Taylor, Henry           Inmate   W  M  May 1885   15   S             Ind Terr    Wisconsin  Unk                     apprentice electrician    0       yes  yes  yes
13.  Wickand*, Stephen       Inmate   W  M  Sept 1885  14   S             Calif       Unk        Calif                   at school                     7   yes  yes  yes
14.  Peterson, George        Inmate   W  M  Unk 1888   12   S             New York    Unk        Sweden                  at school                    10   yes  yes  yes

** Transcriber's Remarks **

The columns above represent name, relation, race, sex  date of birth, age, marital status, 
place of birth, place of birth of father, place of birth of mother, year of immigration
to the United States, years in the United States, naturalization, occupation, months not
employed, attended school, can read, can write, can speak English, ownership of home (own or
rent; owned free or mortgaged, farm or house, number of farm schedule).

No columns were omitted for this transcription.

Transcriber made the following abbreviations for this transcription: New Jer for New Jersey, 
Calif for California, Ind Terr for Indian Territory, Ore for Oregon, Unk for Unknown. 

Address of Orphanage: 1914 Howard Street
This census was taken on the "12 day of June, 1900" by Herbert J. Holland, 

 9  Middle name given for this person is illegible in original document
13  Surname for this person might be Wickard

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1900 U.S. Federal Census, California, San Francisco County
Assembly Dist #34
SD 1-Cal, ED 94, Sheet 18A
Image 35 of 41

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29 July 2001
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