Table of Contents, California, 1900

Table of Contents


California, A.D. 1900

  1. Alameda Sanitorium,  Alameda County
  2. Bird's Nest Orphanage,  Alameda County
  3. Boys & Girls Aid Society of Los Angeles County,  Los Angeles County
  4. Fresno County Orphanage,  Fresno County
  5. Golden Gate Orphanage,  Alameda County
  6. Good Templar Home for Orphans,  Solano County
  7. Grass Valley Orphan Asylum,  Nevada County
  8. Home of the Guardian Angel Orphanage,  Los Angeles County
  9. I.O.O.F. Orphans' Home,  Santa Clara County
  10. Josephonium Orphan Asylum,  Alameda County
  11. Ladies' Relief Society's Home for Aged Women, and, Ladies' Relief Society's Orphanage, (identical links),  Alameda County
  12. Los Angeles Orphan Asylum,  Los Angeles County
  13. Los Angeles Orphans Home,  Los Angeles County
  14. Masonic Widow's & Orphan's Home,  Alameda County
  15. Notre Dame Institute,  Santa Clara County
  16. Orphans' Home,  San Bernardino County
  17. Pacific Hebrew Orphan Asylum & Home Society,  San Francisco County
  18. Protestant Orphan Asylum,  Sacramento County
  19. Protestant Orphan Asylum,  San Francisco County
  20. Sacramento Foundlings Home,  Sacramento County
  21. San Francisco Boys Home,  San Francisco County
  22. San Francisco Children's Orphanage,  San Francisco County
  23. San Francisco Lying In Hospital & Foundling Asylum,  San Francisco County
  24. St. Catherine's Orphan Asylum,  San Bernardino County
  25. St. Vincent's Orphan Asylum,  Marin County
  26. Sunshine Home Orphanage,  Alameda County
  27. West Oakland Foundling Home,  Alameda County
  28. Women and Child's Home,  San Diego County
  29. Youth's Directory,  San Francisco County


Households by County

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