Mt. Carmel Orphanage & Faith Home, Whiteside County, Illinois, 1900

Mt. Carmel Orphanage & Faith HomeA

Clyde Township, Whiteside County, Illinois, A.D. 1900*

 1  ?ook       Abram B     Super     M  Sep  1853  46    M  19         Penn  Penn     Penn     Super         Y  Y  Y  
 2  ?ook       Rosa A      Wife      F  Apr  1882  47    M  19   7  4  Ill   Penn     Penn                   Y  Y  Y 
 3  ?ook       Anna M      Daughter  F  Apr  1892  18    S             Ill   Penn     Penn                   Y  Y  Y
 4  ?ook       Samuel A    Son       M  Sep  18??  11    S             Ill   Penn     Penn     At School  4  Y  Y  Y
 5  ?ook       ???neda*    Daughter  F  Jul  18??   7    S             Ill   Penn     Penn     At School 
 6  ???*       ???*        Daughter  F  ???  ????  ??    S             Ill   Penn     Penn     
 7  ???*       ???*                  F                                 Ill   Engl     Irel   
 8  ???*       ???*                  ?
 9  Beeson     Jonathan H* Inmate    M  Aug  1856  43    M   7         Wis   N. Car   Ind                    Y  Y  Y
10  Beeson     Susie E     Inmate    F  May  1867  33    M   7   1  1  Penn  Penn     Mass                   Y  Y  Y
11  Beeson     Joseph E    Inmate    M  Nov  1893   6    S             Kan   Wis      Penn     
12  Boubaker   Benjamin    Inmate    M  Sep  1849  50    M  27         Penn  Penn     Penn                   Y  Y  Y
13  Boubaker   Elizabeth   Inmate    F  Dec  1850  49    M  27   1  1  Penn  Germ     Penn                   Y  Y  Y
14  Boubaker   Lora*       Inmate    F  Jan  1892   8    S             Ill   Penn     Penn   
15  Price*     Edward G    Inmate    M  Jan  1892   8    S             Ill   Unknown  Unknown   
16  Price*     Laura A     Inmate    F  Jan  1894   6    S             Ill   Unknown  Unknown   
17  Price*     William A   Inmate    M  Sep  1895   4    S             Ill   Unknown  Unknown   
18  Price*     Edna        Inmate    F  Nov  1897   2    S             Ill   Unknown  Unknown   
19  Price*     ?o?ne E     Inmate    F  Nov  1899   6mo  S             Ill   Unknown  Unknown   
20  Holmes*    William H   Visitor   M  Jan  1850  50    M  19         Ohio  Ohio     Ohio                   Y  Y  Y
21  McCulloh*  William E   Inmate    M  Oct  1866  33    M   5         Penn  Penn     Penn                   Y  Y  Y
22  McCulloh*  Marian      Inmate    F  Nov  1877  22    M   5   4  3  Ill   Ohio     Penn                   Y  Y  Y
23  McCulloh*  Anna M      Inmate    F  Dec  1896   3    S             Ill   Penn     Ill   
24  McCulloh*  William P   Inmate    M  Jul  1898   1    S             Ill   Penn     Ill   
25  McCulloh*  Rhoda M     Inmate    F  May  1900   1mo  S             Ill   Penn     Ill   
26  McCulloh*  Archie  S   Inmate    M  Dec  1892   7    S             Ill   Penn     Penn     At School  9
27  Wise       Samuel      Inmate    M  Jan  1817  82    M  12         Penn  Penn     Penn                   Y  Y  Y
28  Wise       Hannah C    Inmate    F  Apr  1834  66    M  12  12  9  Penn  Penn     Penn                   Y  Y  Y
29  George     Jacob H     Inmate    M  Oct  1867  32    M  5          Ill   Penn     Penn                   Y  Y  Y
30  George     Anna*       ??????*   F  Jun  1869  30    M  5    2  0  Penn  Penn     Penn     N.Y *         Y  Y  Y
31  Donaldson  May L       Teacher   F  May  1874  26    S             Iowa  Ill      Ill      Teacher       Y  Y  Y
32  Goldring   Edmund F    Inmate    M  Mar  1898   2    S             Ill   Unknown  Unknown   
33  Collar*    Walter C    Inmate    M  Mar  1900   2mo  S             Ill   Unknown  Unknown   

** Transcriber's Remarks **

A The two institutions appear to be connected/affiliated with each other in 
  some way but can't say for certain.

Columns above represent name, relationship, gender, month & year born, age, 
marital status, years married, number of children born, number of children 
still living, where born, birthplace of father, birthplace of mother, 
occupation, number of months in school, and whether can read, write and 
speak English.

Columns omitted were race as all were white, citizenship as no information 
was given, and home ownership as information was given for #1 only (see note
below for person #1).

Transcriber abbreviated Superintendent as Super, Pennsylvania as Penn, 
Illinois as Ill, England as Engl, Ireland as Irel, Wisconsin as Wis, North 
Carolina as N. Car, Indiana as Ind, Massachusetts as Mass, Kansas as Kan, 
Germany as Germ, and yes as Y. Ages of infants were given as a fraction 
(i.e., 6/12, 2/12, etc.) in original document but transcribed as "x mo",
where "mo" is abbreviation for "months", above.

Address: not given in the original census.
This census was taken on the 11th & 12th days of June, 1900, by Frank H. 
Milnes, Enumerator.

 1-5  Surname looks like Gook; might be Zook, possibly Goak, Gork, Gosk or 
      something similar. Person #1 owns home, mortgaged, and entry
      for column "number of farm schedule" is 54. Entry for column "farm or
      house" looks like "H" but might be "F" ("Fl"?). First name for #5 is 
      hard to read due to quality of original document; sort of looks like 
      Shneda, Akneda, Abneda, Skneda ....  Unable to read birth year for
      persons 4 and 5.
 6-8  Unable to read information provided for persons 7 and 8 except for 
      that provided above.
 9  Middle initial might be "F"
12-14  Surname might be Bonbaker, Borebaker, or something similar.
14  Might be Lona, Loria, or something similar
15  Might be Posie
16  Might be Posie
17  Might be Posie
18  Might be Posie
19  Might be Posie.  First name is hard to read; might be Joene, Iona/Ioene, 
    or something similar.
20  Might be another letter in this surname; looks like "Houlmes" as 
21-26  Spelling of surname as given in original document; might be McCullah.
30  First name is hard to read; might be Anna.  Unable to read "relation"
    column for this person.  In the occupation column it has what looks like
    "N.Y.", possibly "N.G.", and then "opo".
33  Might be Collan

CITATION, On-line Census Images.
1900 U.S. Federal Census, Illinois, Lake County, 
Whiteside County, Clyde Township
SD 4, ED 139, Sheets 4A-4B; Images 7-8 of 19
Img Ref#: 77-78/Roll: T623 352.

This list was Transcribed by
Carol Holmbeck
3 March 2002
for The Orphans' Home Website

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