Children's Home, Kalamazoo County, Michigan, 1900

Children's Home

3rd Ward, City of Kalamazoo
Kalamazoo County, Michigan, A.D. 1900*

 1 Alberton ??????*    Head        W F Mar  1865 35       Wis  N York N York Matron      0    Y Y Y H
 2 Olmstead Wealty     Housekeeper W F May  1850 50 W 1 1 Penn Penn   Penn   Housekeeper 0    Y Y Y
 3 Kurl Alice                      W F Sept 1886 13       Un   Un     Un                   11 Y Y Y
 4 Hill Rowena                     W F Feb  1887 13       Mich Holl   Holl                 11 Y Y Y
 5 Allion* Nellie                  W F Aug  1888 11       Un   Un     Un                      Y Y Y
 6 Allion* Emma                    W F Aug  1891  8       Un   Un     Un                      Y Y Y
 7 Rogers Algina                   W F ???* 1887 12       Mich Un     Un                      Y Y Y
 8 Vermst Luella                   W F Feb  1887 13       Mich Holl   Holl                    Y Y Y
 9 Van Derlike* Barbara            W F Sept 1887 12       Mich Holl   Holl                    Y Y Y
10 Sutherland Ruby                 W F Aug  1888 11       Mich Un     Un                      Y Y Y
11 Sutherland Florence             W F July 1887 12       Mich Un     Un                      Y Y Y
12 Babcock Blanche                 W F Un   Un   Un       Mich Un     Un                      Y Y Y
13 Trip Ida                        W F Un   Un   Un       Mich Holl   Holl                    Y Y Y
14 ? Flossie                       W F Un   Un   Un       Un   Un     Un                      Y Y Y
15 Nash ?????*                     W F May  1889 11       Mich Un     Un                      Y Y Y
16 Finn Rheta                      W F Feb  189?  6       Mich Un     Un
17 Finn Norma                      W F Jan  1896  4       Mich Un     Un
18 Burgelte* Daisy                 W F Aug  1889 10       Mich Un     Un                      Y Y Y
19 Sebring Sarah                   W F May  1896  4       Mich Un     Un 
20 Sebring Edna                    W F Apr  1893  7       Mich Un     Un                      Y Y Y
21 Philip Cornelia                 W F Un   Un   Un       Mich Holl   Holl                    Y Y Y
22 Philip Marie                    W F Un   Un   Un       Mich Holl   Holl

** Transcriber's Notes **

Columns above represent name, relation, color, gender, birth month, birth 
year, age, marital status (all children are single), number of children, 
number of living children, birth place, father's birth place, mother's birth
place, occupation, months unemployed, months at school, can read, can write, 
can speak English, home or farm.  

Columns omitted are years married, year of immigration, years in United 
States, naturalization, home owned or rented, home owned free or mortgaged, 
number of farm schedule.  All were left blank in the original census.

Transcriber used the abbreviations Wis for Wisconsin, N York for New York, 
Mich for Michigan, Penn for Pennsylvania, Un for Unknown, Holl for Holland,
and Y for yes.

Address of Orphanage: West Street (house number not given)
This census was taken June 16, 1900 by Lynn B. Mason, Enumerator. 

 1  Given name looks like Phersis, Phersia; might be Thersia (Theresa?)
 5-6  Surname might be Albion
 7  Birth month might be June but can't say for sure; seems to be some 
 9  Might be Vamberlike, Vamberlake, VanDerlake, Vanderlake, or something 
14  Unable to read surname due to overwriting in original census; one 
    version seems to end with a "t", possibly an "et" or "bet" - this seems 
    to be the lighter of the writings but can't tell if it was intended to 
    be included with the final entry.
15  Unable to read given name; looks like "Jhfsh" or "Jhlsh"; first letter 
    might be "I" or "H", or "J".
16  Birth year looks like 1892; might be 1894.
18  Might be Burgette

CITATION, On-line Census Images.
1900 U.S. Federal Census, Michigan
Kalamazoo County, 3rd Ward, City of Kalamazoo 
SD 3, ED 116, Sheet 24B; Image 48 of 49
Img Ref#: 440/Roll: T623 720. 

This list was Transcribed by
Lynn Beatty
17 April 2002
for The Orphans' Home Website

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