Submitting a "First List"

Submitting a "First" List

The Orphans' Home Website will now be accepting what I am calling (as site owner for the Orphans'), "first" lists. These are abbreviated transcriptions of orphan listings, containing only names and ages (or birth date info) of those enumerated in any particular orphanage, AND its cite [i.e., it's location in the census: census year, state, county, ED, sheet number; the orphanage's name (if given)]. If you would like to include additional columns feel free to do so but please be aware that your list will be uploaded and that your list WILL NOT BE ITS FINAL FORM. At some point, a Transcriber will review the list adding the remaining information from the census, a "Transcriber's Remarks" section, and putting the list in the format typical of an orphan list at this website.

The name of the person initially submitting the transcription as a "first" list WILL remain on the final transcription. If you do not want your name to appear, PLEASE LET ME KNOW :)

For those of you who would like to see what a "first" list looks like, I will have an example up within a few days, so please check back (Examples of "First Lists" can be found for Louisiana, 1920 and Pennsylvania, 1910).

To submit a first list, just copy and paste the information you typed to a new message in your email program and send it to me at:

"First" lists are being introduced to help speed things along: we still have many orphanages yet to cover as well as orphanages/orphans from Canada and US listings for census years other than 1900.

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