Volunteers and Contributors Needed

Volunteers and Contributors

Volunteers and Contributors are Needed

Volunteers and Contributors -- especially transcribers -- are needed to assist in the project of listing all U.S. and Canadian orphans together in one place.  I would like to have enough transcribers so that no one is doing too much at one time and can take a long rest between lists if desired by the individual.  Listing all U.S. and Canadian orphans from the censuses is a very big task, but also very worthwhile, and your help will be greatly appreciated.  All contributions will be acknowledged on site.

The typing is easy to pick up and all that is required is a Text program (found in all computers) and that you have the "genealogist's eye."  A "genealogist's eye" is what we all use when examining the old records.  If you feel like this is something you would like to do, or give a try, please
send me a note


A Volunteer is someone who offers to be on hand on a longer term or more continuing basis.  Volunteers may do any of the following:

  • Transcribe census listings of orphans

  • Be a Reviewer/Transcriber for First Lists. For more information on what a "First List" is, click here.

  • If you have a subscription to Ancestry.com's On-line Census Images, you can volunteer to be on hand to e-mail images of lists to transcribers.  This would make you the donator of the list and a mention in the credit when the list is transcribed.

  • Transcribe orphanage citations found on census films for institutions

  • Page by page searches in censuses looking for orphanage and poorhouse listings  (with or without use of corresponding city directories)

  • Offer to comb the poorhouse listings for those poorhouses containing children

  • Come up with ways on their own to make a contribution on a longer term basis.

In any case,  once a person signs up, that signature is not a committment for life!  As a Volunteer,  one can expect to work at their own pace,  keep their own hours,  etc.  If anyone reading this feels he/she would like to be a Volunteer,  I would appreciate hearing from you. 


A Contributor is one who contributes an orphan listing or citation on a one-time basis or occasionally.  The list can be either a xerox copy or its transcription either as a more formal transcription in accordance with the typing instructions used by Transcribers for this website, OR, as a "First" List. To find out more about First Lists, click here.

Submitting a Photocopy or an On-line Census Image for Transcription

The number of transcribers has been increasing at this website, and with it the need for donated copies of orphan lists from the censuses.

The Orphans' Website is now able to accept lists from two main sources: xeroxes from the microfilms (NARA, HQ, UMI, etc., as we have been doing to date) and now, from Ancestry.com's on-line images. Ancestry.com has recently and most graciously given the Orphans' Website permission to make use of their on-line images for our transcriptions.  Orphan lists found in the on-line censuses can either be emailed to me or, printed out and mailed via snail mail.

If you e-mail me the census image of an orphan listing, please include the citation in the e-mail.  My e-mail address is: OrphansWebsite@aol.com

Donation of a list is easy, takes minimal time and, has the potential of helping many people.  Your donation of a list will be noted in the transcription credit (with your name) as that list is transcribed.  Your efforts will be greatly appreciated!

If you choose to donate a xerox or printout of an orphan listing, please print your e-mail address and the citation (maker, e.g., Ancestry.com, NARA or Heritage Quest, roll#, Vol., E.D., Sheet#) on the back, and send it to me at the following address:

Cindy Kanny
P.O. Box 8118
Pittsburgh, PA 15217
IF you can manage it, please enclose an additional postage stamp in your envelope.  The stamp will be used to mail your list to a volunteer for transcription.  IF you cannot manage the extra stamp,  please send your list in anyway --- you will still get a credit for its donation!

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