Transcribers: Typing Instructions for Transcribers

About the Typing Instructions

The instructions below have been borrowed, in part, from the Immigrant Ships Transcriber's Guild (ISTG) website with their permission.  Their expertly written and well-tested instructions have been condensed and altered somewhat to suit the purposes of this site.  Quite a bit of condensing was done here (roughly 8 pages worth of condensing),  so,  if you have any additional questions or need further clarification, please feel free to  contact  meThere is no such thing as a dumb question!  (Please,  do not contact ISTG with any questions you may have regarding a transcription for the Orphans' Home Website.  Thank you!)

The instructions below are in detail and, in parts, are geared to those new to genealogy and new to examining the old handwritten records.  There are two sections for the instructions.  The first section is "Preliminaries: Requirements and Tips".  The second section is "Step by Step Typing Instructions".  Whether you are an experienced typist or a beginner,  please read through both sections, since there are a few requirements that both new and experienced genealogists will need to know with regard to orphan transcriptions at this website.  Feel free to make a printout to keep at hand.  All the information you will need for transcribing and submitting a list is on this web page.

Preliminaries: Requirements and Tips

Step by Step Typing Instructions

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