Graphics Credits for the Orphans' Home Website & Weekly Moti-Quote
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  Graphics Credits
All of the graphics at the Orphans' Home Website were obtained from the graphics sites listed below.  This page will be updated as changes are made and graphics are added.  Updates will also be posted in the "What's News Room", accessible from the Orphans' home page.

The American and Canadian Flags on the "Entrance to the Census Rooms" page came from this
graphics website.

A-1 All Free Web Clipart

All of the buttons used at this site and the dividers on the Message Board auxiliary pages were obtained from A-1's web clipart collection.

Anduril's Graphics

The background for the information page was obtained from Anduril's Graphics.

Animation Factory

The computer surfer that appears in the Orphans' Computer Room was obtained from this graphics website.

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Art for the Web

This site is responsible for the Typing Instructions background.
Art for the web

Background City
Background City is responsible for the Gen-Office background.
To Background City

Backgrounds By Marie

Backgrounds for the state, provincial, poem, and IE 4.0+ dedication pages (a triple page set) were borrowed from Marie's website. She has a location set aside for experimenting with her triple page sets and font/link colors. Font colors obtained at her site were used for font & table border and background colors at this site as well. Her backgrounds are also in use with the auxiliary pages to the Message Board Room, and the "Entrance to the Census Rooms" pages.

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The background for the current "Practice5" url page (where the Orphans' site was initially created) was obtained from Bells 'n' Whistles. Be advised that each page at BnW is packed with graphics and clipart.

Boogie Jack's Web Depot

Backgrounds from this site appear on the Welcome page, the door to the Dedication Room, and the nameplate on the door to the Dedication Room, the background for the Washington, DC, census years page (accessed via US Map), and the orphanage rosters index page. Click here to view Boogie Jack's weekly (Java-script) moti-quote.

Marge F. Campbell

  Marge does not have her own graphics website, but one would never know it to see the fine job she did in colorizing the United States Map in use here --- a very kind soul who made my basic map easier on the eyes! Thank you, Marge, very much!

Bob Craycroft

Another kind soul (he does not have a graphics site either but did a great job with organizing photos at his own site) who rescued map users at this site by reducing the size of my Canadian Map so that it fit nicely on one page.  Thanks, Bob,  very much!

Debby's Animation

Over 300 pages of animated gifs at this site arranged for easy viewing. My mail and e-mail signs, Pegasus,  the computers in the Computer Room,  the "New" sign in the Gen-Office,  and construction page Halloween animations came from Debby's site.  The snail actually moves at great speeds but has been slowed to a stop on the Orphans' home page so that everyone can get a good look at him.

Designer Graphics by Cheryl

The backgrounds for both message boards came from the "Free Backgrounds" section of this graphic website.

Digital Tapestries

The background for the subscription page was obtained from this graphics website.

To Digital Tapestries

El Merko

El Merko, who according to his website bio, grew up as an orphan and now has his own design company, has a wide range of interesting backgrounds at his on-line site, including the one for this page, the Home page, the Canadian and U.S. maps, State Links, and Guestbook-signing pages.

To El Merko's Graphics


And yet another kind soul  (as well as being one of the Freepages computer experts at Rootsweb), who came to the rescue when I (a "newbie" to all of this) wanted "pop up" cursor menus to appear at the Orphan door and each Orphan window. She did this by cutting the Orphans' home into neat little rectangles then piecing them back together again.  Now users can see a caption for each room before clicking. Thanks very much, Elsi!

EveryIcon Linkware

Dividers for the orphanage rosters, Computer Room and Library pages as well as the corresponding forms pages came from this graphics website.

Gen Graphics by Chris

The desk and pot of flowers in the Orphans' gen-office, and the background for the ancestral bio pages came from this site.

To Genealogy Graphics by Chris

Genealogy's Most Wanted

Trees on the poem page and the file cabinet in the Gen-Office were obtained from GMW.
(GMW is no longer on-line)

Genealogy's Most Wanted

Genie Art

The shade trees and bars on the Orphans' Home page and the bars on this page and the Dedication, Notepad cover, Message Board, Gen-Office and some forms pages, came from this graphics website. 
(no longer on-line)

Gifs Now

The Orphans' Gen-Office fan came from

Glee Graphics

Glee is responsible for the smaller trees which frame the "Welcome to the" sign on the Orphans' home page and on the Practice5 (where the Orphans' Website was initially created) page, and for the Orphans' Gen-Office wall plaque.
Glee Graphics

Glyph Graphics
The background for the Drawing Room entrance is from Glyph Graphics.
Glyph Web

Laurie's Backgrounds

The background for the weekly moti-quote (courtesy of Boogie Jack's, above), came from this website.

Mary Morand Candles

The dedication candle on the homepage was obtained from Mary's site.


The background for "Letters from Genealogists" was obtained from this graphics website.

To Pambytes Web Graphics

Touch of County

The dedication candle in the Orphanage Roster section came from this website.
To Touch of Country

Vikimouse, aka "The Mousepad"

Some of the graphics at this site came from the Mousepad: the Orphans' Home, the children in the yard, the tree with yellow ribbons, and each of the state/provincial emblems, and the children on the Practice5 url (where the Orphans' site was initially created) page.
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Gold Bar

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