OGRE Village Listings Flint: Historic Notices of

Historic Notices of Flint: 1883


This is the entire book scanned into jpg format. There are over 250 pages in total, organised into the following sections:





List of Illustrations

Chapter I: The Roman, Saxon and Norman Periods

Chapter II: Flint Castle built and the town founded

Chapter III: The visit of Edward II to Flint

List of Sheriffs of the County

List of Constables of the Castle

Chapter IV: King Richard III deposed in Flint Castle

Chapter V: Flint and the neighbourhood during the Rebellion of Owen Glyndwr

Chapter VI: From the Death of Owen Glyndwr to the Ascension of the House of Tudor

Chapter VII: Establishment of English Judicature in the Principality

Knights of the Shire

Burgesses returned to Parliament

Chapter VII continues

Chapter VIII: The Civil War

Chapter IX: Flint during the Revolution

List of Rectors, Churchwardens, Overseers and Guardians, Extracts from Registers

Chapter X: Flint under the Georges

Chapter XII: The Victorian Period

List of Mayors, Magistrates, Aldermen, and other Municipal Officers

Chapter XIII: The Rise of Nonconformity in the Borough

Lists of Magistrates of the County of Flint

Lists of Members of the Corporation of Flint

Lists of Subscribers


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