Arkansas Obits

Arkansas Obit Abstracts


Obits can be an important tool for someone working on their family tree. An informative obit can have as many as four generations in it. These abstracts are meant as a tool, to help people find the obit they want. Only a part of the information available is given.

Updated 1/1/2004

A All to Az Ba to Balk Ball to Bar Bas to Be Be to Bh Bi to Bq Bo to Bq Brac to Brans Brans to Bri
Bro to Bru Bru to Bz Ca to Car car to cd Ce to Cn Ci to Cn Co to Coo Coo to Cow Cox to Cz Croo to Cz
D to Dav Dav to Day De to Dep Dep to Dix Do to Dre Dre to Dz E To Ek El to En Eo to Ez F
Fi-Fl Fo to Fr Fr to Fz G to Gar Gas to Gh Gi to Gl Gl to Gr Gr to Gri Gri to Gri Ha to Hars
Ham to Hars Har to Harp Harr-Hars Hart to He He to Hen Hen to Hev Hi to Hoa Hoa-Hon Hoo to Hov Hov to Huf
Huf to Hz I to Joha Jacobs - John John to Johnson K Johnson L - Johnston Jol to Jn Jon to Jz K Ki to Kl Kl to Kz
L to Lh Li to Lz Loo to Lz M To Ma Ma to Mas Mat to Maz Mc to Mcd Mcd to McG McH to Me Me to Mh
Mi to Moo Moor to Mor Mor to Mr Mr to Mz Na to Nh Ni to Nz O P to Pd Parn to Pe Pe to Pf
Ph - Pk Pl to Q Ra to Rn Rh to Rn Ro to Rob Rob to Rok Rol to Rz Sa to Se Se to Sh Shel to Si
Si to Smith Smith to J. Smith K. Smith to Smythe Sn to Ste Sti to Str Stu to Sz Ta to Te Te to Th Thomas-Thw Ti to Tr
Tu to Tz U To V Wa To Was War to Wd We to Wg Wh to Wi Wi To Wil M Williams to Wilson Win to Wom Woo to Wz
X to Z