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Lars Olsen Toftehagen was born about 1753 and is the first officially known ancestor of all branches of our family tree in "THE NORWEGIAN CONNECTION." He is official because he is the first ancestor found in the church records and/or the 1801 census for Norway. There were census in Norway prior to 1801 but it is the first one that included persons living in the rural areas and where the names of the individuals were listed. The church records in which Ole and his family would be found were destroyed by fire in the late 1700's.The first church records for the new church started in 1799.

In 1801 Lars Olsen Toftehagen b. c1753 is living on the farm Tofte with his wife, Marit Torgersdatter b. c1761 and family. The family consists of four children, Anne Larsdatter b. c1788, Torger Larsen b. c1791, Ole Larsen Toftehagen b. c1794 and Ronnoug Larsdatter b. c1797. There has been no research data found on the first two children.

There are four branches of descendants that descend from Lars Olsen Toftehagen and Marit Torgersdatter. One of them, THE OLSON BRANCH, descends through their daughter, Ronnoug Larsdatter b. c1797. The other three branches descend through their son, Ole Larsen Toftehagen b. c1794 and Goro Pedersdatter b. 1 Dec 1799. Ole and Goro had seven children. Two of these were daughters that died in infancy. One was a son named Peder -- no official data has been found on him after age fifteen. Two daughters, Mari Olsdatter b. 16 Dec 1833 and Anne Olsdatter b. 8 Oct 1837, are the progenitors of THE NORWAY BRANCH. This is called the Norway Branch because most of the descendants of Mari and Anne remained in Norway.

The eldest son born to Ole and Goro is Lars Olsen Toftehagen b. 15 Jan 1827. From Lars and his wife Embjor Iversdatter b. 20 Dec 1822, THE LARSON BRANCH is formed.

THE HAGEN BRANCH was produced by Ole and Goro's youngest son, Ole Olsen Toftehagen b. 9 Jun 1841. He was the first member of THE NORWEGIAN CONNECTION to immigrate to America. He did this in 1869 and made it possible for others to follow.

This is the full program called THE NORWEGIAN CONNECTION. It consists of all of the descendants of Lars Olsen Toftehagen b. c1753 and Marit Torgersdatter b. c1761. It contains data on each individual and also there is a descendant box chart of these descendants. Those persons born in Norway will have an icon, flag of Norway, in front of their name. Also in front of each individual name will be an icon of a tree to note which branch of the family that person is in. A red tree denotes a member of THE NORWAY BRANCH; a blue tree denotes a member of THE HAGEN BRANCH; a green tree denotes a member of THE OLSON BRANCH; a purple tree denotes a member of THE LARSON BRANCH. The program also shows the relationship of each individual to our common ancestor, Lars Olsen Toftehagen b. c1753 and the relationship of each individual to the progenitors of the four different branches, if there is a relationship.

This program also contains the four branches of the family tree and the individual descendant chart for each of the branches. When you click on the branch you are interested in, you will not find a surname index for that specific branch. You will need to scroll through the list of names and select the one you wish to examine.

As the researcher I realize that there will be errors and omission of data that I do not presently have or have not been able to research. Please send corrections and/or additions that you wish to have made to me by telephone, U.S. Post or e-mail.

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