Skene Castle of Aberdeenshire, Scotland



The following information and photographs (taken in 1994 and1998) have been taken from the website:


"Skene were a prominent family in Aberdeenshire since medieval times, with a number of branches, and their own tartan. The seat of the head of the family was Skene Castle (later called Skene House), near the village of Lyne of Skene, W of Aberdeen (see map below). Following the numbering adopted in [Memorials of the Skene of Skene, 1887], the first Laird is:

Robert Skene, 1st Laird of Skene,
granted the Barony of Skene by Robert the Bruce in 1317".


now called, the Skene House








Castle Trivia:  "central tower built 1217 (now built around), major extension by 16th Laird 1680,
inherited by Skene female-line descendants Duff, Earl Fife 1827, sold to the Hamiltons 1905,
Lady Hamilton died 1985, the Trustees of her estate sold Skene House 1995 (they still own much of the land around Skene)."

The castle of Skene is believed to have been the first stone and lime building in that district of the country called Mar. It consisted of a square keep of three stories, and entrance was gained by a ladder placed against the second floor.

Church Trivia:  "The church at the Kirkton of Skene (sometimes just called "Skene") has only a simple outside memorial "In memory of Skene of Skene". The church has been rebuilt a few times (most recently 1801). "









Showing the Skene arms above the door.




Close-up, Skene Coat of Arms





The gate to the side at the front.

The gate to the side at the front.



Skene House from the garden side.

The smaller height left house side extension is a post-1847 addition.





Close-up on the right house side of the facade above.

Left house side of the facade above. 





the garden


  Let's go inside...











Close-up of the white sculpture on the wall in the room above.

White sculpture on the wall inside.




Unidentified coat of arms inside.

Unidentified coat of arms on ceiling.



  The joint arms of Alexander Skene, 16th Laird of Skene (A.S.) and Giles Ędie (J.Ę.), date 1692, inside Skene House.

Skene arms (3 daggers with wolves' heads) on left,
Ędie arms (3 cross/swords) on right
  Arms of Irvine, Laird of Drum, at Skene House.
3 garbs, each of 3 holly leaves bound. 2 holly trees.
Motto: "Color et Fides et Perennis".
Margaret Skene, dau of the 13th Laird of Skene below, married Robert Irvine, son of the 8th Laird of Drum.


The arms of Duff, Earl Fife, inside Skene House.
Motto: "Virtute et opera" ("By virtue and by industry").

Alexander Duff, 3rd Earl Fife,
generally so styled rather than "Earl of Fife",
of Duff House, nr Banff,
born 1731,
mar 1775 toMary Skene,
succ 1809, died 1811, age 80 yrs, having had issue:

  1. James Duff, 4th Earl Fife, born 6th Oct 1776,
    succ 1811, inherited Skene and Cariston from the extinct Skene family 1827,  added front gate to Skene House and laid out courtyard, 1847, died 9th Mar 1857, age 80 yrs.

I don't know about anyone else, but after having seen these photos on the Internet, it has sparked my interest so much more.

Not because of the Skene surname, of which we truly have no claim to, but because of my love for historic buildings!

I hope everyone has enjoyed viewing them as much as I have!

Final note:  As of 1999, the current owners of the Skene House were Nicolas "Nicky" Michael Rennie and his wife. 

Mr. Rennie, is a plastic surgeon who practices in Aberdeen.

Information taken from:   My Scotland Trip Diary, by Florence Mozelle (Skeen) Lewis, summer 1999.