Louisa Ellen Falvey

Louisa Ellen Falvey

Born in 1877, Louisa Ellen was the sixth child of Daniel and Sarah Falvey.   She married Russell Matthews in the early 1890's giving birth to eight children, three girls and five boys.   A girl, Nan, her first born died young.   She would later loose her second son and third child, Walter who also died in his youth.

After the death of her husband in December of 1912, Ellen, as many knew her, was left to care for a young family.   Her eldest son was only 16 and her youngest, a daughter was nearly two.   Ellen never remarried.   She persevered through difficult times, raising her children to experience the love life and the reverence of God.

Ellen was a very proud woman with a pioneer spirit.   Nothing really seemed to bother her tremendously.  She was a fearful woman in some terms, but had a mighty spirit of love and determination.   One of her most admirable traits was her strong will.   Her complaints were limited.   She would do what she must to get things accomplished…with assistance or without assistance.

During her last twenty years, she lived in the households of her two daughters, Dora Matthews Stanley (the youngest) and Louella Matthews Price, both who lived in Kerman, California.   Most of these years were spent with the family of her youngest, Dora.  It was during this time (late 1950's), that she began to loose her eyesight as a consequence of cataracts.   In 1962, she moved in with her daughter Louella upon Dora's family move to Napa, California.   It was the hope of Dora that her mother would move with them later after they were settled.  This was not to occur however, and the family returned to Kerman a year later.   However, Ellen was now settled in with Louella and her aged condition did not seem to allow the return of Ellen to live with Dora and her family.

These were the final years of Ellen.  In those years, there was never a moment of complaint.  Never a show of anger.   Never a word of sorrow.   Never a fear of her of blindness.  She knew her God well.

For those who knew her personally, Ellen will always be remembered as a loyal friend, a carrying mother, a loving grandmother.

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