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One Hundred and Sixty Acres of Paradise
and A Mansion on the Hill

Mamie Stanley Smith, was the youngest daughter of Francis Edward Stanley.    Prior to her death in 1995, she left a very important legacy to the open diary and her remembrances of the family.   OurPage will be posting excerpts from her book periodically over the next several months.   You are invited to reminisce with Mamie as she journeys back through time to those moments with the family....     To open these pages, "click" on her photo or the title above....

Brookhaven, Mississippi:
A Family Hometown
Brookhaven was the hometown to many of our parents, some who have long sinced passed.   Fond memories walk her streets.  The echoes of our ancestry fills her surrounding hillsides, giving life to our future.

Included in this selection are photos of Brookhaven today contributed by John Paul Smith.

Memories of Ireland:
Letters from Harold Morgan Stanley

A great grandson of  Sir Edward Stanley of Dublin, Ireland,  Harold Morgan Stanley's
letters are compiled by his granddaughter, Marilyn Stanley of
British Columbia.   These letters as written to his father in Ireland,
George Wilson Stanley, describe his new Canadian life in 
 in the early 1900s.


The Stanley Family has a noble historical importance with its roots in England.  Over the centuries, it has served princes, kings and prime ministers.

Ian Stanley of Cheshire, England, has an excellent web site.   His site introduces the visitor to the Stanley name and links you to other family web pages
(including OurPage).

The Stanley Family Historical Review
In this selection, OurPage presents excerpts from Peter Stanley's book relating to the Stanley family origins.   Interesting reading....

Peter Stanley illustrates further the "origin" of the Stanley family crest in this excerpt.


Stanley roots: The origins of Stanleys in England
with special reference to the Weald of Sussex and Kent, 1250-1650

The House of Stanley
John Seacombe

from its first edition in c.1737 until at least 1840 -
generally brought up to date with the title amended to reflect this plus various interpolated sections -
the copy scanned here is that of 1793 printed by E Sergent, Preston

The Stanley Family Genealogy
James K. Stanley, has prepared an excellent review of the Stanley Family.   We invite you to visit his web site for further interest.    You will find an abundance of information that will surely give you greater insight into this noble family.

"Respect My Rights"

Our Page has received many inquires into the Middleton Family.  In order to bring this family line
into perspective we will begin to post exerpts from the research by Robert Bowman, the great great grandson
of Mary Middleton Hanes, the daughter of Robert Middleton and Priscilla Finley.
Click on "Middleton Family" below:

The Middleton Family

The Matthews Family History

William Allen Matthews, Jr. hosts the Matthews web page featuring the Matthews line through Loderick Matthews, a great, great grandson of Hugh Matthews.

Our Page invites you to view the Matthews Family History as illustrated by this excellent presentation.

Hosted by James Matthews Liptrap of Spring, Texas,
this cousin’s home page My Genealogy provides another insight into the early family of Hugh Matthews.

More directly, you can access his Matthews page at this link.   Also visit his page relating to the Riley connection.


The Matthews Family
Our Page continues with the Matthews Family from the research by Robert Bowman

View the Musket of Harmon P. Matthews

Harmon P. Matthews




Tresa Taytrek has assembled a huge database relating to the Riley's and Shows including their connection to the Matthews.
You are invited to visit her "Magnolia Manor...."

To review her Rootsweb database, you may go direct with the following link:  The Schauss, Shows, Shouse Family Tree

Our Page has made a down load of a few interesting land patent documents. 
They include those from Harmon P. Matthews, Joseph Reed, Edward Miles Riley, Peter Warner, Henry Stanley.    To see these documents, go to our new "Document" page.   Just click the flag on the right.....

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Our Irish Heritage is an important part of our Family.
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