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Kate Press of Australia…her English, Irish, Scottish heritage.
Includes references to Stanley and Warner families.
Other valuable genealogical links to our Irish and English research


Irish Ancestal Pages is dedicated to the promotion and encouragement of  Irish genealogy those
researching their Irish Ancestral Past.
Bookmark this page, for it is an on-going project and many more items
will be added as time and finances allow.

Genealogy Ireland
This web page maintained by Caryl Williams has a wealth of excellent Irish genealogical sources.
Take a look....

The Society was founded in 1990 to promote an interest in genealogy in Ireland by organising Open
     Meetings, lectures, workshops and publishing genealogical material.
Our members are on hand to offer advice and, sometimes, reciprocal research for overseas
     members and others seeking information on their Irish roots. Overseas members receive a monthly
     bulletin "The Genie Gazette."

Part of our Somerset Family History
UK/Ireland Family History Research Centre
Here you can order birth, marriage and death certificates
directly online. If you need local research -- parish records,
wills, trade directories or even a complete pedigree, our
database gives you easy access to a comprehensive network of
experienced researchers in all areas.

Irish Ancestors is a comprehensive genealogical guide for those
interested in exploring their Irish heritage.    You can trace the roots of
your surname, pinpoint your place of origin and get a personalized
guide to the records relevant to your ancestors.
Take a look....

Ireland & Northern Ireland
Cyndi's List contains the most links to genealogy sites of any site on the Internet and is now at a new address.
The "Ireland and Northern Ireland" page is a lengthy catalog of Irish genealogy
and related Internet sites, some with brief descriptions.

GENUKI is an excellent source for intimate information on the Irish Ancestry.   Much of the information
is developed by volunteers.

This IrelandGenWeb Project homepage is part of the World Gen
     Web Project and is the local resource index page for Irish Research.

Worth a visit....

Old Irish Naming Patterns

Irish children were often named for the grand parents and
parents.   Click here to view the pattern....


Here may be a start in finding those "Irish" links.    Family traditions have it
that some of our ancestors originated from County Cork..
Take a tour of Ireland....
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Sketches In Ireland is a description of Tipperary and its surroundings in the September 1848 edition of the Illustrated London News.    In this article, etchings are presented of the area along with a description of the area during that time.

The Irish Ancestral Research Association

This site is quite interesting and will be one which we will be returning to frequently.
There are numerous research topics and areas of interest that appears endless....
To access their web page, you may select there name above.

Other Irish and Scottish Genealogical Sites may be found in
the following "top" genealogy locations.


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