Memories of Ireland  
HAROLD MORGAN STANLEY - extracts from letters to his father, 
George Wilson Stanley in Ireland from Canada

Feb. 3rd, 1907

Again I am writing to you, although the last one was so long ago you will forgive when you hear the reason. We are all snowed in and frozen up. There is no mistake about it. This is the worst winter Canada has had for 25 years. It has not been above zero for about 10 weeks and I think I am right in saying not above 35 for at least 5 weeks. Monday, 2 weeks ago I started from here to go to Dunc Avery's. I got quarter of a mile on the road and I had to get out and walk in spite of all the horse rugs and fur coat, etc. and when I got there (the sun was not up, the coldest time in the day) we went out to start the engine but could do nothing. It was so cold I could not come home, the horses could not stand it.  You will be sorry to hear that my colt died, also 2 calves. It is too bad, it is a loss of about $75. Cattle are dying everywhere. Some of the big ranchers are losing thousands.  I am thankful that I am in a bush country. Fancy, not far from here they are so short of wood and cannot get out to get it, one family moves to another man's house and burn his house to give wood for the two families. The CPR had to move all the cars to keep people from breaking them up to burn. There has not been a train in the Fort for a long time so we got no mail and I am sure I do not know when I will get this away. In fact everything is at a stand still. Everyone you meet is sore with frost bites. I can hardly touch my nose it is so sore and I have got a blister under one of my feet but I have got off well. One man in the Fort had his hand taken off it was so badly frozen, besides lots frozen to death.  Now I must end this terrible letter of woe, hoping it will be better next time.  


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