Memories of Ireland  
HAROLD MORGAN STANLEY - extracts from letters to his father, 
George Wilson Stanley in Ireland from Canada

Fort Saskatchewan - June 22, 1907

We are having splendid weather now. Friday it was terribly hot. I could make a living out of my farm if I could stay at home but I cannot. It would be splendid to have you all out here but as you say I am afraid you would not like the winter except you were in town. Tomorrow is Church Sunday so I will go. We have a new man now. He is a son of a Jewish Rabbi. They say he is alright but we will see tomorrow if he comes.  There is a German called John Smith who lives about 5 miles from the Fort. His son, who was threshing with us last winter, lost his life. He went to the river to get a barrel of water. His father told him not to go down the grade, the bank is high there. Baker also warned him not to go down the grade, but he being too lazy to carry  it up in pails, backed the horses down, put a stone behind the wheel and tied the lines up, started to fill the barrel. The horses got restless with the floating timber, etc. and shifted the wagon from off the stone and I suppose the sudden weight of the wagon and barrel of water pulled them back into the water. Young Smith tried to unhitch them from the wagon and in doing so he went into the water too. Then he tried to hold on to the horses, but horses, man and wagon were swept away. Baker tried to save him in a boat but he was never seen till the other day when his body was found 15 miles down the river. They claim there was $2,000 worth of stuff lost.


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