Memories of Ireland  
HAROLD MORGAN STANLEY - extracts from letters to his father, 
George Wilson Stanley in Ireland from Canada

Feb 4, 1912

I had a postcard from Wheldale, Olive got one too. Mine was Whey sitting on a camel ready for his journey to Damascus. I recognized him at once. I have just invested in a cow. She has a heifer calf only a few weeks old so I will have milk. When you come out I will have good milk for you. I have a couple of little pigs also. I am going to try to get a few more hens so as to have lots of eggs this summer so you can see I am preparing for summer. Other years when I have been batching I could do without what I could not get handy, but now that I intend marrying, I will have to do things properly. It is a pleasant prospect to look forward to, even if it were for no other reason than for the change from batching. For if there is anything I dislike more than anything it is batching alone. But (D.V.) I will cease on the 20th March 1912.  I am Sec. Tres. and Trustee for the school this year @ $20 per year. Every little bit helps.  


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