Memories of Ireland  
HAROLD MORGAN STANLEY - extracts from letters to his father, 
George Wilson Stanley in Ireland from Canada

March 24, 1912

Description of the wedding to Olive Kennedy

On Tuesday all the people from Edmonton came down and stayed over till Thursday. Mrs. Duncan Campbell, Olive's aunt, Mr. Campbell, her uncle, Mrs Bluit (Mrs. Campbell's daughter) and Mrs B's little daughter, Mrs Bob Campbell, Mrs Campbell's daughter-in-law and her little girl Elias Kennedy, Ben Avery and a friend Mr. Wilson whom Olive knew down east. 

On Wednesday at half past ten I went down to Mrs Kennedy's house. They are rather short of room so they had the table set to save time. When I went there, there were Percy Hull, Mr & Mrs. Williams, Mr. J.E. Campbell, school teacher, all the crowd mentioned, besides her other two brothers, Mr. Bowsfield & Eva Bowswfield, Ernest Williams, Mr & Mrs. Bolton and whole family. We had Mr. Webster, the Methodist Minister to officiate at about eleven o'clock.  (I stood up in K's house (Aunt Joe will know) and Carl Kennedy stood beside me as best man on right side. I had got a new black suit which they say looks well. Olive came out of the other room leaning on Elias Kennedy's arm. She had a nice white dress and wreath in her hair and long veil. She came and stood on my left. Eva Bowsfield stood on her left. Then the Minister stood in front of us and the guests all stood behind him so that we were facing the crowd. It was the usual Methodist service with a ring. Then we stood while we shook hands with all the people and had the certificate signed, etc.

Then we all had dinner, sitting in order, Minister at head of table, Olive and I on his right. Mrs. Kennedy and her uncle Dunc on opposite side and so on. Then the Minister took some photos with a small camera.  A group and Olive and myself alone. I do not expect them to be much but it will show you her dress. Then the afternoon slipped by fast and in the evening after supper we went home to my house. We had intended to go to Edmonton right after dinner on Wednesday, but it would have been too big a rush to get all ready as the train left the Fort at 4 p.m. and the others did not want to go up till Thursday. So we waited and went up Thursday morning and stayed till Saturday. We got our photos taken at a supposed good place. I will send some. 


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