Memories of Ireland  
HAROLD MORGAN STANLEY - extracts from letters to his father, 
George Wilson Stanley in Ireland from Canada

April 4, 1913

Thanks for your last. I have moved up home now. Olive is quite over the fever now and able to be up and around a little although very weak.  I have not had an answer from you telling you that she has been sick yet and it is nearly two months since she was taken sick.  I hope to go out to work very soon, maybe on Monday. I think I can get work at the Fort for a while at $6 per day. I hope to make good wages all summer if possible. I have not been able to get a good cow as yet for baby.  Cattle are very dear now but I think I can get one later on. We have got 3 cows, 1 2 year old heifer, and I hope to have 6 head of horses and hope to have a colt this spring. I have two pigs, both to have young in July. So I expect to have quite  a few head of stock next year if all is well.  Baby is doing not too bad. I got him a nice carriage on Olive's birthday, March 20, our wedding day.  


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