Memories of Ireland  
HAROLD MORGAN STANLEY - extracts from letters to his father, 
George Wilson Stanley in Ireland from Canada

June 1, 1913

I have been kept busy. I have not been able to get the mail this week. I expect there will be a letter from you. I went to Church this morning. I got a chance, home last week on Sunday but had no time to write as I was on the road nearly all the time.Olive and Theodore are doing well. It is marvellous how Olive has gained in strength. She is getting quite strong again. Also baby is beginning to get a little strength and flesh. I have been able to do fairly well this month. I have had fairly steady work. I have made about $100 this month clear. I hope to be able to have steady work all summer. If so I will have made as much this summer as I did last year, and I will be able to spend part or most of the winter at home. I have a lot to do there to get things in shape. I was very interested in hearing all about Ed and Way and their work. I wish I could write more, I would write to them more. But it seems to be a hard job to get writing to you, let alone anybody else.  I wonder how you all are today. I never lived in Kalafat, (house in Dalkey) and thus cannot just picture you all as I could if I had been there.  


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