Memories of Ireland  
HAROLD MORGAN STANLEY - extracts from letters to his father, 
George Wilson Stanley in Ireland from Canada

22nd June, 1904

We are busy fencing now. The people that owned this farm must have been awfully careless because all the fences are broken  and we have to patch them. The cows get wild with the blackflies and mosquitoes and break through the fence. But I get them back with the help of Bell and Gip, the two dogs.

While we were sitting at breakfast this morning we saw not 100 yards off a coyote. That is an animal like a wolf, runing along. On Monday we went on the river in the boat and caught some logs that were floating down the river. The river runs fast here. It is about 2 or 300 yards across. I am getting on splendidly here. Mrs. Bowsfield says she will teach me to cook and all that if I take land near them. I got a winter coat made of bearskin for $15-50. It cost $27 new.  Mr. B says it is a bargain. He was pleased with the amount I did yesterday. I like Canada very much from what I see. 


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