Memories of Ireland  
HAROLD MORGAN STANLEY - extracts from letters to his father, 
George Wilson Stanley in Ireland from Canada

Nov 13, 1904

We have not got any threshing done yet but perhaps we will soon. We had quite a time with one gang. They promised to come but got stuck in a hole about six or seven miles from here. I passed them that night about seven in the evening. I had been to the Fort with some French men to vote and was on my way back. I had some smoked pork in the back and as I was passing the thresher it was dark and the light of the lantern was shining in my eyes so that I could not see and it took me all my time to mind the horses as they were frightened at the engine. I had to stop for a minute while they got the road clear. There was one man, a Frenchman by his talk. He was beside me leaning against the wagon. Afterwards I thought to myself why did that man want to stand so close behind me so I stopped and felt around and lo and behold the pork  was gone. 

Yes the cold weather is coming now but "let it come". I am well prepared for it. It freezes every night now but the snow has not come yet. But the Indians prophesy a dry warm long fall. Life is tough here but I can handle that too. Hope to receive a letter soon.



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