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The Family in Descendant's List Format

The Stanley Family from Adam de Stanleigh of 1125 
with references to William de Stanleigh 1170,John de Stanleigh 1285, Michael Stanley 1640, Robert Stanley 1660, Henry F. Stanley 1805, Edward Stanley 1814, Anna Delilah Warner 1834, Henry Frederick Stanley 1853, Francis Edward Stanley 1854, Sophrona Ann Reed 1866, Henry Joseph Reed 1901, Annie May Stanley 1903, Edward Lee Stanley 1905, Florance Arcola Stanley 1908, Mamie Ola Stanley 1912, Guy Stanley 1918

Genealogical Report of Adam de Stanleigh

The Benefield Familyfrom the daughter of Henry Frederick Stanley with family references including William Bedingfield 1774, and Anna Birdette Stanley 1899

The Warner Family of Anna Delilah Warner the daughter of Peter Warner 1797

The Matthews Family of Ralph Matthews of the 17th Century 

The Middleton Family with 17th Century roots 

The Falvey Family from Irish descent.   Includes references to Daniel DeWitt Falvey 1825, Sarah White 1845, Thomas Emmett Falvey 1866, Louis Ellen Falvey 1877, Francis Edward Stanley 1954, Florance Arcola Stanley 1908

The Reed Family of Sophorna Ann Reed 

The Riley Familyand connection to the American Revolution.  Family references include Edward Miles Riley 1747

Our Family Web Pages

The Middleton Family by Robert Bowman 
The Matthews Family History by William Allen Matthews Jr. 
The Matthews Web Page hosted by William Allen Matthews Jr. 
The Matthews Family by Robert Bowman
Memories of  Ireland: Letters from Harold Morgan Stanley
Stanley Family Historical Review by Peter Stanley 
Origin of the Stanley Family Crest by Peter Stanley 
The Stanley Family by Ian Stanley of Cheshire, England 
The Stanley Family Genealogy hosted by James K. Stanley
Family Land Documents
Irish Heritage Links – Irish web sites

Irish Ancestral Pages
Genealogy Ireland
Genealogical Society of Ireland
UK/Ireland Family History Research Centre
Irish Ancestors
Cyndi's List: Ireland and Northern Ireland
Ireland Gen Web
Irish Naming Patterns
The Cork Guide
The Irish Ancestral Research Association
Sketches in Ireland
Other Genealogical Web Sites

I Found It
Worldwide Top 100 Genealogical Sites
Southeastern Genealogy
The Family Chronicle
Surname Springboard
Surname Springboard Index
Family Tree Maker
OurPage Family Album -- Family Photo Album

Matthews Family
Falvey Family
Warner Family
One Hundred and Sixty Acres of Paradise 
and a Mansion on the Hill – Family journal of Mamie Stanley Smith

The Warners and Anna Delilah's Family
The Family of Francis Edward Stanley
The Foote Family Affiliation
Memories of Anna Delilah Warner Stanley
Henry Frederick Stanley

The Middleton Family – Research by Robert Bowman

The Second Generation:  William Middleton
The Third Generation: Holland Middleton
The Fourth Generation: Robert Middleton
The Sixth Generation: Nancy Hanes the daughter of William Middleton and Mary Middleton Hanes
The Matthews Family– Research by Robert Bowman

The Gates Family Relationship
Family Land Documents– From the BLM

Edward M. Riley: Land Patent 1837
Edward M. Riley: Land Patent 1837
Edward M. Riley: Land Patent 1841
Henry Stanley: Land Patent 1893
Peter Warner: Land Patent 1859

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