Anna Delilah Warner

May also be known as "Englisa."

Anna Delilah Warner, married Henry Stanley in the early 1850's.   She may have been several years younger than Henry.  One account has it that she stated while she was a young girl, she saw this tall man (in his middle age) come to her home and she told herself she would marry this man.   Within ten years she had married him.

Upon the death of Henry Stanley in Ireland she immigrated to the United States (possibly by way of New York) with two of her three sons, Francis and Frederick Stanley to be with her father, Peter Warner, in Mississippi.   Her elder son, Henry Frederick remained in Ireland to finish his education.   He later immigrated with his new bride, Isabella Haines, in 1876.

Anna  remarried in 1868 to Sebastian Lasswitz, an Austrian immigrant.   They had four children, Rosa, Charles, Anton and Florateen.

A fond recollection of Anna Delilah may be found in Mamie Smith Stanley's family journal, "One Hundred and Sixty Acres of Paradise"   under "Memories of Anna Delilah Warner Stanley."

Peter Warner, Father of Anna Delilah

In 1828, Peter Warner became "Master" of the Loyal Orange Association in Cork, Ireland.   This was a secret organization that worked toward the independence of Ireland from Great Britain.

Peter Warner was an architect and designed St. Mary's Cathedral in Natchez, Mississippi in the 1850's.

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