Brookhaven, Mississippi
Brookhaven, Mississippi:
A Family Hometown


Brookhaven was the hometown to many of our parents, some who have long sinced passed.   Fond memories walk her streets.  The echoes of our ancestry fills her surrounding hillsides, giving life to our future.

Unlike many cities, Brookhaven has been one of preservation.  "Old City Hall, built around 1910 on South Whitworth Avenue facing the railroad tracks, now serves as the home of Brookhaven's Chamber of Commerce and Visitor's Center.  That's part of Brookhaven's obvious charm.  Downtown  never  left downtown. The main businesses still face  the  train  depot.  Historic churches immediately border the business district."

A few family still resides near this quaint Mississippi town.   But mostly our parents and their offspring have now migrated to all parts of the country and the world.   Most important, what our parents have learned here have molded each and every one of us into what we are today.

As a tribute, the following are a few photos provided by Paul Smith, son of Mamie Stanley Smith, to illustrate Brookhaven as it is today...a city of our fathers and grandfathers.

"Old City Hall"
Train Station
Old Inez Hotel
 Colonial Home on Jackston Street
Victorian Home on Whitworth Avenue
Downtown on Cherokee Street
Downtown on Railroad Street
New Bank Building at the Entrance to the City
An Old Railroad Cabin near the City