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     Once Rootsweb opens up the ability we will provide an update to our family GEDCOM link.  
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     Note:  Rootsweb has a made a change in their database presentation.   If anyone is 
     "living" after 1930, that person's data will not be shown.

    If any family member is interested in the complete database, feel free to contact me and I will 
     email  you a copy of the GEDCOM. 

   (Last Update June 2016) 

The Family in Descendant's List Format

 If you would like to see a family association in "list" format  from the earliest to the latest,  click on this selection.  Each major family is now represented on the "Descendant's" page.

Included in this section is a detailed genealogical report of Adam de Stanleigh from the 12th Century to the present.

Another feature to this section is the ability to download Adobe Acrobat format of the major families' genealogical reports and descandant outlines.   These reports will be updated

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Our Web Links and Other Family Relationships....

Located in this section you will find web links to Other Family Web Pages including the excerpts from the Family Journal of Mamie Stanley Smith...

See also another "Other Family Web Page" feature: Memories from Ireland...Letters from Harold Morgan Stanley to his father compiled by Marilyn Stanley of British Columbia.

View the Confederate Veteran Memorial Ceremony of William Jasper Matthews, held on May 31, 2003.  

James Liptrap gives an excellent view of the Matthews and Riley families from a different perspective.   James Liptrap is a descendant of Arthur Tillman Matthews, son of Harmon P. Matthews.

A special web link section is available regarding our Irish Heritage.   To access...Click here.

There is also a separate page for our Other Genealogical Web Sites...check them out.

Why do we study genealogy?   Here is one person's thought, and it might explain your interest too!   Are we the "CHOSEN?"

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