Matthews Family History
The Second Generation:
Harmon P. Matthews and Mary Gates
(compiled from research by Robert Bowman)
© 2000 OurPage and Robert Bowman

Harmon P. Matthews, son of Allen and Sitty (Riley) Matthews, was born 22 May 1813 in Twiggs County, Georgia and died 23 October 1897 in Hopewell, Simpson County, Mississippi.  He married the first time Mary Gates, daughter of William and Elender Gates, 25 December 1834 in Lawrence County, Mississippi.  She was born about 1813 and died 8 August 1865.  They are both buried in the Old Palestine Cemetery, in Hopewell.   Harmon P. Matthews married the second time to Adeline Holcomb Miller who was a widow of Sam Miller and had at least five children:  James Miller, John G. Miller, Elijah Miller, Roxanna Miller and Samuel J. Miller.

Harmon P. and Mary (Gates) Matthews had 10 children and he and his second wife had two children.

The following information was copied out of the old family bible of Harmon P. Matthews....

H. P. Matthews born May 22, 1813,
Bible Bought year 1870 and cost $12.00....
Read Leviticus ChXX v 6 ....
Read Nehemiah the V Ch  .....
Born Twiggs County, Ga.
Came to Miss. Perry County in 1827
Came to Lawrence County in 1834 married Mary Gates
21 when married in Lawrence County to Mary Gates (Daughter of William Gates)

This Bible is owned by Ruel Matthews who is a grandson of Harmon P. Matthews and his second wife, Adeline Holcomb Miller, his father being Augustus S. Matthews.   (Note: at the time Robert Bowman wrote this research, he indicated that Ruel Matthews was still living on the "same land that was homesteaded by Harmon P. Matthews having the original copies of two land grants dated 10 December 1840 signed by President Van Buren.   He also had the old broad ax that his grandfather used to clear the land, build a log cabin and split rails, along with various old square nails, wooden locks, etc that were made by Harmon P. Matthews."   OurPage is currently verifying the possession of this bible along with the current disposition of this land grant.)

Children of Harmon P. Matthews and Mary (Gates) Matthews:

Frances E. Matthews, born 15 October 1835, married H.J. Sandifer 28 December 1857.  Had children:
        Mattie Rose Sandifer, married Elijah Sandifer
        Mary Jane Sandifer, married Morgan Miller

Sitty V. Matthews, born 26 August 1838, died 18 February 1858, married H. F. Sandifer 13 December 1855.

Mary Ann Matthews, born 18 March 1841, whose line will be continued under the Third Generation.

Allen M. Matthews, born 11 October 1842, in Simpson County, Mississippi, marred Frances A. Wilks 11 March 1867 in Copiah County, Mississippi.  In 1880 he and his family were listed in the Census of Copiah County, Hopewell Pct.: Allen M, age 38; Frances age 30; and children: William F. age 12; Mary E. age 10; Evritt, age 8; Ettie, age 6; and Florence age 2.  Nothing further is known about this family.   It is known that there was one Allen Matthews that was called "Long Allen" to separate him from his cousin, Allen.   Mrs. Olive Zelle Matthews Barnes said in 1962 that the Allen Matthews, known as "Long" had a son named Bill Matthews and Bill had a son named Caz, who married Reba Evans who lived in Ridgeland, Mississippi.  When Caz died, Reba remarried: Frank Fore.  Caz and Reba had one son named Bruce Matthews.

Arthur Franklin Matthews, born 9 May 1844, married Susan Guynes.

William Jasper Matthews, born 2 February 1845, whose line will be continued under the Third Generation.

Margaret E. Matthews, born 22 August 1848, who married J. M. Reed 12 February 1868.  Nothing more is known about this couple.

Emaline M. Matthews, born 29 April 1850, died 13 June 1885.  She never married.   An amusing story was told to me by Mrs. Eula Matthews Lewis which was told to her by her grandmother, Mattie Rose Sandifer who was a niece of Emaline Matthews.   During the Civil War, the soldiers would raid the homes in search of food; therefore, everyone would try to keep most of the food hidden.  One young soldier was under the bed at Emaline's parents' home looking for food with his "rear end" sticking out.  Emaline couldn't resist giving him a good lick with a leather strap that was hanging nearby--right smack on the part that was sticking out!   Guess she just couldn't let that go by....

Sebron J. Matthews, born 3 April 1852, died 29 November 1914, married Mary (Molly) Haines who was born about 1854.   She was the daughter of Elisha Flowers and Sarah (Cooper) Haines.  This line will be continued in the Third Generation.

Isarada Matthews, born 19 February 1854, married John I. Miller 16 November 1876.  Nothing further is known about them.

Harmon P. Matthews and his second wife, Adeline Holcomb Miller had two children:

Augustus S. Matthews, born 26 September 1867 in Hopewell, Mississippi.  He married Arra Leona Miller who was born 4 February 1871 and died 9 November 1942.   They were married 10 January 1892.   He died 18 July 1899.   They had three children:
        Lorine Matthews, born 21 July 1893, married Thomas H. Ball 12 April 1914

        Ruel Edison Matthews, born 15 August 1895, married Maude Barnette 5 December 1920.
        They had three children:        Virginia, Norris, and Glynn.

        Robert Wheeler Matthews, born 18 October 1897, died 29 January 1958
        Never married.

Harmon Luther Matthews, born 19 June 1870, in Hopewell, Mississippi.  Married Dollie Barron 8 November 1888, died 9 February 1912.  They had three children: Lilla, Winnie and Plummer.

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