Matthews Family History
The Third Generation:
Part I
William Jasper Matthews
(compiled from research by Robert Bowman)
© 2000 OurPage and Robert Bowman

William Jasper Matthews, the sixth child of Harmon P. and Mary (Gates) Matthews, was born 2 February 1845 and died 9 March 1921.   He married Nancy Ann Haines, born 1844, daughter of William Haines (who was a Penn Dutch) and Mary Middleton.  William Jasper Matthews was born in Hopewell, Simpson County, Mississippi, but married and reared his family in Rankin County, Mississippi, near Steen's Creek (now known as Florence).   They are both buried in the Steen's Creek Cemetery in a family plot with their daughter Margrite, and his brother Sebron Matthews and family.

Children of William Jasper Matthews and Nancy Haines:

1.  Lemuel Jasper Matthews, born 1870, married Nora Price, born 4 April 1883, died 16 November 1962.   She was a daughter of Aaron and Maggie (Teasley) Price.  They moved to Visalia, California from Mississippi in 1947 where they are both buried.  Their children are:

        1) Lottie Mae Matthews, born 30 March 1900, in Florence, Mississippi, and died 14 February 1971, in Booker, Florida.  She is a descendant of Captain Robert Cooper of South Carolina, the son of Hugh Cooper born in Ireland.  She married Robert Jessie Jones, born 17 February 1888 in Oklahoma City, and died 21 May 1960 in Booker, Floriday.  They were the parents of 22 children:
            a) Ethel Mae Jones, born 17 February 1916
            b) Robert Andrew Jones, born 23 May 1917
            c) Ralph Victor Jones, born 12 November 1918
            d) Thurman Paul Jones, born 30 April 1920
            e) James Gordon Jones, born 11 August 1922
            f) Malcom Ray Jones, born 26 September 1923
            g) Harold Lloyd Jones, born 24 December 1924
            h) William Baryon Jones, born 11 August 1925 (26)
            i) Phillip Benard Jones, born 6 February 1927
            j) Lemuel Thomas Jones, born 21 March 1929
           k) Viola Jone, born 10 November 1930
            l) Leola Jones, born 10 November 1930
          m) Mary Magaline Jones, born 6 August 1932
            n) Ruth Jones, born 6 January 1934
            o) Ruby Jones, born 6 January 1934
            p) Enoch Travis Jones, born 4 March 1935
            q) Gerald Lee Jones, born 13 June 1936
            r) Lowry Matthews Jones, born 27 July 1937
            s) Betty Jean Jones, born 1 July 1940
            t) Hazel Elnora Jones, born 25 November 1944
            u) Ronald Lee Jones, born 28 March 1948
            v) Sandra Jones

     2) Ruby Matthews, born 23 February 1902, married Eugene Wilson.
          a) Fred Wilson
          b) Charlene Wilson, married Cotton Hendricks
          c) Gloria Dell Wilson married Stanley B. Brown
          d) Glen Wilson, died at birth

     3) Dora Matthews, born 6 November 1903, married Elton Smith. Visalia, Ca.
          a) Elton Smith Jr.
          b) Juanita Smith

     4) Viola Matthews married Harold Merryfield. Visalia, California
          No Children.

2. Mary Matthews, born 9 January 1871, died 20 September 1951, married Will Hydrick, born 22 November 1869, died 1 November 1901 in Lamar County, Alabama.

    1) Maybell Hydrick, born 3 September 1890, died 31 October 1917, married Rich Parker.
         a. Willie Lee Parker married M.A. Bourn. No Children

    2) Willie Hydrick, born about 1892, married John Holt, Natchez, Mississippi.
         a. Charles Holt married ???
              i. Linda Holt
          b. Mary Nell Holt married 1st James Wade
               i. Ann Wade; ii. Carolyn "Tippy" Wade
           Married 2nd: Mac Altom
          c. Johnnie Mae Holt married Thelbert Wade
               i. Barbara Jean Wade; ii. a son ???
          d. Clyde Holt
          e. Joe Holt
          f. Elizabeth "Boots" Holt, married James Johnson, Jackson, Mississippi

     3) Charlie Hydrick married Ruth Skipworth
          a. Doris Hydrick
          b. Margarette Hydrick
          c. Willie Belle Hydrick
          d. Neellie May Hydrick
          e. Charlie Hydrick Jr.

     4) Annie Hydrick, born about 1896, died 31 December 1918 married Luther Pell
          a. Hazle Pell (California)

    5) J. D. Hydrick, born 1 December 1898, died 9 November 1958, Hinds County, Mississippi. Married Rushelle Hutson,     Jackson, Mississippi.
          a. T. W. Hydrick
          b. Harold Hydrick
          c. J. D. Hydrick, Jr.
          d. George Hydrick
          e. Elizabeth Hydrick
          f. Percy Hydrick
          g. Vernon Hydrick
          h. Patricia Hydrick
          i. Von Hydrick

    6) Vernon Hydrick, born in 1900, died 31 August 1956 in Copiah County, Mississippi.  He married Cora Belle Carter.  No Children.

3. Russell J. Matthews, born 11 September 1872, died 11 December 1912.  He married Ellen Louise Falvey, born 11 July 1877.  She moved to Kerman, California.  She died October 1966 in the home of her daughter, Louella (Matthews) Price in Kerman, California.
    1) Nan Matthews, born 1894. Died young.

    2) Willie T. Matthews, born 31 March 1897, died 5 April 1960, married Blanche Watts.
         a. William Matthews Jr.

    3) Walter "Henry" Matthews, born 1898.  Died young.

    4) Frank E. Matthews, born 18 April 1900, died February 1986, married Annie May Stanley who died in 1988.
         a. Clyde Matthews
         b. Floyd Matthews
         c. Ida Pearl "Penny" Matthews
         d. Roy Matthews
         e. Hazel Matthews

    5) Louella Bell Matthews, born 1903, died 1987.  She married Ralph Price.
         a. Paul Price
         b. Lois Price
         c. James Robert Price
         d. Jack R L Price

    6) Clinton Jasper Matthews, born 1 September 1906, died 29 October 1959.  He married Alyne Buffkin who was born in 1910 and died in 1998.
         a. Annette Matthews
         b. Joyce Matthews

    7) Colton DeWitt Matthews, born 20 October 1908, married Fanny Bell Blankenship.  She was born in 1906 and died in 1962.   Fresno, California.
         a. Annie Louise Matthews
         b. Frances May Matthews
         c. Dottie Virginia Matthews

    8) Dora Florene Matthews, born 2 February 1911, died 13 April 1993.  She married Edward Lee Stanley born December 1905, died 3 July 1982.  He was the brother of Annie May Stanley who married the brother Dora Matthews.   They lived in Kerman, California.
         a. Charles Edward Stanley
         b. Russell Eugene Stanley
         c. Harold Dewain Stanley
         d. Guy Darrell Stanley

4. Anna Matthews, born 1873, married Will Odom.  She is buried in Lakewood Memorial Gardens, Jackson, Mississippi.  After her husband's death, she made her home with her son, Elmer Odom, of Tchula, Mississippi.

     1) Gertrude Odom, born 20 November 1899, married Ben McAlpine. Dallas, Tx.
          a. Ben Dale McAlpine
          b. Lawrence McApine
          c. Christine McAlpine
          d. Leonard McAlpine

    2) Annie Mae Odom, born 22 December 1902, died 13 April 1934.  Married the first time to Reese Clark:
         a. Reese Clark Jr.
         b. Jean Clark
     Second time to O.W. Williams:
         a. O.W. Williams, Jr.
         b. Willie Williams
         c. Betty Jo Williams

    3) J. W. Odom, born 30 March 1905, died 1906.

    4) Elmer H. Odom, born 28 July 1908, married Mittie Bradshaw. Tchula, Mississippi.
         a. Herman Odom
         b. Lavonia Odom
         c. Paul Odom
         d. Wallace Odom

5. Margret Matthews, born 1876, died as young lady about 22 years old.

6. Julia (Dolly) Matthews, born 11 September 1879, died 22 July 1932.   She was born in Rankin County, Mississippi and died in Bakin, Louisiana.   She is buried in Union Cemetery, Baskin, Louisiana.  She married Daniel Odom, born 20 March 1880, died 22 may 1971 in Winnsboror, Louisiana.  He was the son of Rubin Odom and Mary Hudson.

    1) Sidney Burford Odom, born 22 June 1900, Mississippi, died 18 April 1932.  Married Zelma Bradshaw.
         a. Bill Odom
         b. Cecil Odom
         c. Alfred Odom
         d. Eloise Odom

    2) Linnie Bell Odom, born 10 January 1905, Mississippi died 30 November 1955 in Louisiana.  Married Jim Tims.
         a. Linnis Tims
         b. Edward Tims
         c. Herman Tims
         d. Gwenette Tims (Ammons)

    3) J. D. Odom (initials only), born 17 August 1906, married Mable Smith. Louisiana.
         a. Calvin Odom
         b. Frances Odom (Williams)

    4) Zora Rae Odom, born 9 July 1911 (twin) died 17 April 1962, married Homer Bradshaw.
         a. Reese Bradshaw
         b. Julia Bradshaw
         c. Early Bay Bradshaw
         d. Mack Bradshaw
         e. Fred Bradshaw

    5) Ora Mae Odom, born 9 July 1911 (twin) married William John Lewis.
         a. Johnnie Lokeil Lewis
         b. Orville L. Lewis

    6) Linnis Dudley, born 17 August 1913, Mississippi, married Doris Broadway.
         a. Annette Odom (Shipman)
         b. Elwin Keith Odom
         c. Sylvia Odom (Shovan)

    7) R. L. Odom (initials only) named for his uncles Russell and Lemuel Matthews.  Born 23 December 1915 near Polkville, Mississippi, married Ruby Lillian Lewis.
         a. Jerry Patricia Odom (Eppinette)
         b. Max Kennon Odom
         c. Roger Lewis Odom

7. Martha Elizabeth (Mattie) Matthews, born 24 November 1881, died 8 September 1956, a daughter of William Jasper and Nancy (Haines) Matthews.   Married Robert Augustus Bowman, born in 1881, died in 1927.  He was a son of James T. and Fannie (Johns) Bowman.  Martha Elizabeth Matthews and her husband are both buried in the Mount Bluff Cemetery, Flora, Mississippi.   They lived in Flora until his death and then later she moved to Bentonia, Mississippi, living there with her son until her death.  They had one child:

    1) Robert Curtis Bowman, born 28 April 1909, Pelahatchie, Mississippi.  Married Ruby Eunice Robertson, daughter of Benjamin Franklin and Minnie (Cumberland) Robertson.  She was born 10 June 1913 in Philadelphia,
        a.  Robert Franklin Bowman, born 20 August 1935, Yazoo County, Mississippi.  Married 1st: Wilma Johnson
             i. Robert Val Bowman
        Married 2nd: Olivia Kirk Allen
             i. Melissa Kirk Bowman
             ii. Holland Kathleen Bowman
        b. Rubye  Jewell Bowman, born 24 March 1937, married George Thomas Alexander.
             i. Theresa Renee Alexander
             ii. Michael Alexander
             iii. Louis Scott Alexander
        c. Shirley Jean Bowman, born 14 May 1939, married Robert Franklin Churchwell
             i. Angela Kay Churchwell
             ii. Jason Churchwell
        d. Katherine Annice Bowman, born 11 July 1941
        e. Curtis Dale Bowman, born 31 May 1945, married Della Jo McAllister
             i. Curtis Duane Bowman
             ii. Stephen Glen Bowman
        f. Eunice Faye Bowman, born 18 January 1944, married Harry Garverick
             i. Candyce Annice Garverick
             ii. Elizabeth Garverick
             iii. Gregory Todd Garverick
        g. Riley Glen Bowman, born 7 August 1951, married Judy (Logan) Nelson
             i. Howard Nelson, Jr. (Stepson)

8. Willie Dudley Matthews, born 15 July 1885, Rankin County Mississippi.  Died 6 May 1966, Fresno, California.   A son of William Jasper and Nancy (Haines) Matthews.   He married Tommie Avora Stevenson 3 March 1912 who was born 11 January 1891 in Arkansas and died 20 April 1960 in Fresno, California.

    1)  Prentiss Klimmer (P.K.) Matthews, born 6 January 1913, Jackson, Mississippi, married Flora Beatrice Wiginton who was born February 1917 in Tishomingo County, Mississippi.   No children.

    2) Moina Margrite Matthews, born 23 April 1915, Jackson, Mississippi, died 15 September 1916 in Pelhatchie, Mississippi.

    3) Nolan Russell Matthews, born 15 May 1918, Flora , Mississippi, married Dorothy Louise (Clark) Martin 22 June 1942.  She was born 28 September 1921 in Mora, Minnesota.   Lived in Kerman, California.
         a. Moina Ruth Matthews
         b. Derrell Nolan Matthews

    4) Vernon Willie Matthews, born 26 March 1920, Flora, Mississippi, married Signa Jacobsen 9 February 1945 who was born 16 October 1923 in Hudson, South Dakota.
         a. Wayne Vernon Matthews
         b. Glenda Anne Matthews
         c. Nola Kay Matthews

    5) Hazel Ruth Matthews, born 28 December 1922, Flora, Mississippi, married Joseph Ellis 8 January 1945 who was born 3 February 1919 in Washington, D. C.  They lived in Livermore, California.
         a. Jo Ann Ellis - stillborn 18 July 1946
         b. William Prentiss Ellis
         c. Thomas Joseph Ellis
         d. Cynthia Marie Ellis
         e. Steve Ellis

    6) Glenn Stevenson Matthews, born 12 August 1926, in Louise, Mississippi.  Married Darlene May Campbell 16 April 1949, who was born 9 November 1928 in Beresford, South Dakota.
         a. Dewayne Cameron Matthews
         b. Delmar Lewis Matthews.

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