Middleton Family History
The Third Generation:
Holland Middleton
(compiled from research by Robert Bowman)
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Holland Middleton, son of William and Elizabeth Teares Middleton was born in Charles County, Maryland in 1713-16.   He died in Hancock County, Georgia, his will being recorded in Hancock County, Georgia 23 July 1793.   He married the first time to Sarah Middleton, the daughter of his uncle, Thomas Middleton.  (Ref. Thomas Middleton's will wherein he names Holland Middleton as next of kin in 1744 and in 1738 he gives Holland a piece of land.)  Holland Middleton's second wife was named Mary_____.  (Note: She was probably a Parks because she named a son Parks and one Benjamin.) (Ref. "The Maryland Semmes and Kindred Families," page 279, by Harry Wright Newman).

In 1755-56, Holland Middleton was living in Fairfax County, Virginia with a son, Holland, Jr., and probably other children.   In 1767, Holland signed a deed in South Carolina, recorded in Maryland, in which he said he was of "Colony of South Carolina."  His brother, Hugh, was in South Carolina in 1762 and maybe earlier.   As late as 1765, though, Holland Middleton was still in Fairfax County, as shown by old tax records, with Holland, Jr.   In 1795-96, Captain Holland Middleton died in Hancock County, Georgia, and his family moved to Tuscaloosa County, Alabama in 1818.   In 1835, nearly all of the Middletons moved to Mississippi, settling in Panola, Choctaw, and other counties.   His son Robert Middleton, must have moved to Mississippi Territory a little earlier than his brothers because he is found on the 1820 Census in Mississippi in Amite County; also a marriage record is on file in Marion County of the marriage to his second wife, Elizabeth Mores in 1813.   Then in 1823, I find the first mention of him as Justice of Peace in the newly formed Copiah County, Mississippi.

Children of Holland Middleton:

Holland Middleton, Jr., born about 1739-40.  He was evidently dead or very old in 1795 since he was not named in his father's will.

Sarah Middleton married Jesse Dickinson and lived in Hancock County, Georgia.

Susannah Middleton married a Berry.   In 1795, in her father's will: "the heirs to my daughter Susannah Berry" is mentioned.

Zacharias Middleton, born 5 March 1774, died 28 September 1849 in Panola County, Mississippi.  He married Mary Livingstone in 1802 in Clark County, Georgia.  He is buried in the "Middleton Graveyard" in Panola County, Mississippi, located about 12 miles east of Batesville, Mississippi.  He lived in Tuscaloosa, Alabama in 1820; fought in the War of 1812.

 Zacharias Middleton's family:

         Elizabeth Middleton, born 21 March 1810, died 14 April 1873, married Anthony F. Bell who was born 29 September 1808.   (Married 9 December 1829 by Thos. Fox, J.P., Tuscaloosa, Alabama).  Their children are:
 Marion Francis Bell, Helen Bell, Montgomery Hard Bell, John Fortad Bell, Holland Middleton Bell, James Edmond Bell, Elizabeth Amelia Bell, Charlott Elenor Bell, Serena Monica Bell, Margana Zachariah Bell

         Elenor Middleton, married John Foster Beall 26 June 1837 by Rev. Holland W. Middleton.

         Biddie Middleton, married Nathan Thompson 25 December 1837 by Rev. Holland W. Middleton.

         Sarah Middleton

         Mary Middleton

         Holland Wright Middleton, born 1799 in Georgia, a Baptist minister and author of "The Truth Unmasked," and "Error Exposed in Theology and Metaphysics in Moral Government."   His children are:
 John Young Middleton, Alma Wood Middleton, Elizabeth Middleton, married James Jones

         Benjamin Middleton, married Margaret E. Davis

         John Middleton, a Baptist minister and author of "Polemic Theology & Metaphysics," or "The Science of Mind Applied to the Elucidation of Theological Questions."

         William Middleton, married Elizabeth Fortson

         James Middleton, born 6 August 1812, died 19 June 1883 in Vernon, Alabama.  He married Sally Ann Steward.  He was legislator of Sanford County (now Lamar County) during the Civil War.  First marriage was to Parilee Moore.  They had 12 children.

Parks Middleton (son of Holland) was born 1770 and died 28 September 1858 in Choctaw County, Mississippi.  He married Nancy Finley 12 September 1811 in Morgan County, Georgia.   His children were:

        William Middleton, married Jerusia Evans. No issue.

        James Middleton, married Mary Jane Collins.  Their children were: Parks, Holland, Thomas, who married Dolly McCain, Florence who married John McCain, Lee Lou who married Henry McCain.  (Dr. William D. McCain of Mississippi Southern University is a descendant of these McCains), and Sallie Middleton.

         Nash Middleton, died in Confederate Army.

         Betsy Middleton, married John Parker, moved to Texas.

         Priscilla Middleton, married Toll Roberts, moved to Texas.

         Zachariah Middleton, born 8 October 1828, married Mary Ann Savage.   Their children were: Mary who married Randy Shewmake; John who married Georgia Shewmake; Albert Byron who married Nora Wood; Elizabeth Ann who married Thaddeus Gordon; Georgia; William Joel, who married Mary Neal; Daniel Spencer who married Dolly Chadwick the first time and Molly Hald the second wife; Robert Luther, married Ella Fair Masters; Minnie married Joe Parker; Lucy married three times: Frank Latham, Bert Latham and Royal Dunn; Georgia married twice: John Finch and Joe Parker.

John Middleton, son of Holland Middleton, was born 18 December 1779 in Georgia.  He died 1 February 1854 in Choctaw County, Mississippi.   He married Sarah Childress 31 July 1809.  She was born 4 November 1792 and died 19 July 1859.   Their children were:

         Mary G. Middleton, born 7 January 1811

         Matilda Middleton, born 1 December 1812, married William Rogers 13 January 1829, "on evening 15th" by Rev. Holland Wright Middleton, Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

         Mahala Middleton, born 12 September 1814, died January 1815.

         Susannah Middleton, born 27 January 1816, died 13 June 1815, married William Thompson July 1838.

         Malinda Middleton, born 13 April 1818, died July 1823.

         Zachariah Middleton, born 12 September 1819, married Lucretia Caldwell December 1844.

         William H. Middleton, born 8 March 1821, died July 1823.

         James Middleton, born 11 October 1822, married 11 October 1847 to Mary Hays.

         Lucretia Middleton, born 21 March 1824.

         Holland Middleton, born 29 September 1825, died 28 March 1847.

         Moses C. Middleton, born 18 February 1827, died 25 February 1847.

         Parks Alexander Middleton, born 11 August 1828

         Benjamin Thomas Middleton, born 10 January 1830.

         John Dickenson Middleton, born 25 April 1831.

         Sarah Frances Middleton, born 10 July 1833, died 24 July 1833.

         Abraham Berry Middleton, born 23 August 1834, died 2 January 1859.

         Andrew Woods Middleton, born 9 June 1837, died 11 January 1874.

Robert Middleton, son of Holland Middleton, was born 1780-90.   Will be continued in the "The Fourth Generation."

Benjamin Middleton, son of Holland Middleton, was born 30 March 1792 and died May 1878.  He is buried in the Clarkson Cemetary in Webster County, Mississippi.  He was married 13 March 1816 to Mary Satterwhite who was born 2 November 1799.  They were married in Clark County, Georgia.   Their children were:

         Nancy Middleton, born 17 October 1817, married Josiah Parker 28 February 1836.

         Robert Middleton, born 25 January 1820, died April 1870.

         Parks Middleton, born 22 December 1822.

         Martha Ingram Middleton, born 10 October 1824.

         Hosea Holcomb Middleton, born 28 May 1826, died 15 August 1862.  He married Sarah Hazelwood, 11 May 1852.

         Wiley Emory Middleton, born 15 March 1828.

         William Strong Middleton, born 11 February 1830, married 9 September 1862 to Nancy Conner.

         Meady White Middleton, born 28 November 1832, died 6 September 1849.

         Troy Griffin Middleton, born 8 December 1834, died 14 February 1854.

         Susan Matilda Middleton, born 2 September 1837, married 22 September 1855 to M.P.C. White.

         Thomas Holland Middleton, born 6 December 1839, died 25 December 1919; married 15 May 1860 to Martha Ann Wills.  They were community leaders in the Clarkson Community.   He was an ordained Baptist Minister, a Master Mason, and served in the Civil War.   The children were:  Benjamin Latimer Middleton, Hosea Horatio Middleton (Sheriff of Webster County 1912-1916), Susan Eurena Middleton, Mary Middleton, Sarah "Sally" Middleton, Estel Middleton, Virgil Middleton, Eula Middleton, William Thomas Middleton, Etta Agnes Middleton, Ava Mae Middleton, Martha Ann Middleton.

Elizabeth Middleton, daughter of Holland Middleton

Mary Middleton, daughter of Holland Middleton

Last Will and Testament of Holland Middleton

 In the name of God Amen!   I Holland Middleton of the State of Georgia, Hancock County, being in reasonable health sound memory, and disposing judgement do make ordain and establish this my last will and testament, in form and manner following that is to say--

 First, I give and bequeath to my son Zachariah Middleton all that tract or parcel of land lying and being in the county between the beaver dam and the Greensborough road be the same more or less to him and his heirs forever; also one bay mare, and twenty pounds cash out of my estate and no more.

 Also, I give and bequeath to my wife Mary Middleton one third of all my estate real and personal, or her Dowery at her option and no more--

 Also, I give and bequeath to my daughter Sarah Dicinson five shillings sterling Exclusive and all that I have already given her heretofore and no more.

 Also, I give and bequeath to the heirs of my daughter Susannah Berry, five shillings sterling exclusive of all the property heretofore given him and them and no more.

 Also, I give and bequeath all the remaining parts of my estate real and personal to be equally divided between my son John Middleton, Robert Middleton, Elizabeth Middleton, and Mary Middleton, Parks Middleton, and Benjamin Middleton, share and share alike.

 I hereby appoint make constitute and ordain my wife Mary Middleton and my son Zachariah Middleton the Executors of this my last will and testament and no other to execute it according to the truce intent and meaning thereof:  Confirming this my Last will and Testament and no other whatever.

Holland Middleton          < SEAL >

Signed Sealed, acknowledged
Declared and published and
Pronounced as the Last Will
and Testament of Holland Middleton
in presence of us -----

Rigdon Moore
Jonathan Black
Roberts Crosley

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