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A Happy and encouraging note!
Hi Fred,
     My surname is kennedy, and like you I didn't know a thing about any of the past Kennedys. My father was a EDWARD JOHN KENNEDY from Philadelphia Pa. His father had the same name. That was basically all my dad knew about the Kennedy side. He said he remembered a Uncle Tom. And when I asked him when his dad died, he said he didn't know, except that when he was young, they went to this big cemetery.
  Well, I thought it was a lost cause. But, I decided to go to the FAMILY HISTORY CENTER. and since I knew that EDWARD, and THOMAS were in the family, i started looking in Ireland, county by countyAND finally hit pay dirt. In County Kerry, a Michael Kennedy and Elizabeth Barrett Kennedy had 6 children, among them Edward and Thomas. So you see, little information doesn't mean that you can't find anything. I have traced them back to 1795. now i am having dificulties. but i am thrilled. my dadn was right. when his father died, my dad was only 3 1/2 years old. he is burried in holly cross cememtery in pa. and that is a hugh cememtery. thought you would get a kick out of this story. so don't give up. if you know any names, chanches are they were named after someone in the family.
Lynn Kennedy [email protected]

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