Ship: 1250 tons
Captain: Massey
Sailed from London, Gravesend 18th March 1870 - arrived Otago 3rd July 1870
(Although there were 43 passengers on board, our list only mentions 20)

Arrival of the Achilles

Name Address
Allen Robert Kintlesham, Ipswich
Blair James Marylebone, London
Corke Panelcir Longdown, Isle of Wight
Driscole (Driswell?) Henry Commercial Road, London Died on board 30/03/1870 - Consumption (aged 32)
Mrs Fanny Commercial Road, London
Featherston John Darlington
Featherston Joseph Darlington
Luke William F. G Copperhouse, Cornwall
Mrs Fanny
Martin Edwin Preston, Kent
McKay Catherine Leyton, London
Richings Edward Warmley, Heath
Mrs Ellen
Steer James Longdown, Isle of Wight
Mrs Sarah
Smith Stephen Uley, Gloucestershire
Walker Mrs Jane Poplar
William A Poplar
Ann Poplar
Worsop Arthur Yorkshire Teacher. Became Head of Waitotara School in 1888

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Otago Gazette 1870