Otago Witness October 30th 1858

The "Agra," from London direct, arrived here on the 24th instant, after a passage of some 113 days. She has brought about 90 passengers, of whom 36 are cabin, and the remainder second cabin and steerage, besides a considerable cargo of merchandise - all for this place. Very great dissatisfaction has been expressed at the treatment received by the passengers during the voyage, as also the want of courtesy on the part of the Captain, and the deficiency in the arrangements connected with the vessel. At the date of the sailing of the "Agra," the following vessels were advertised in the Times for this port and Canterbury :- The "Gloucester," 1000 tons, to sail on 5th July, for Otago and Canterbury; the "Equator," 1000 tons, to sail on 20th July, for Otago and Canterbury; and the "Cresswell," 800 tons, to sail in September for Otago. The "Equator" has, we are informed, been chartered for this port by Mr. C. Suisted.

Otago Witness October 30th 1858

Sheriff, seaman of the ship "Agra," was brought up under a charge of assaulting Ackland Boyle, master of the said ship, on Friday the 22nd instant. From the evidence it appeared that on the day charged the plaintiff had ordered the prisoner to perform a certain duty, and the prisoner not moving with sufficient activity, the plaintiff' urged him or pushed him along, upon which the prisoner turned, struck the complainant, and felled him to the deck, holding him down, and striking him repeatedly, until one of the passengers came and pulled the prisoner off the plaintiff; and that prisoner also struck the said passenger.

The evidence for the defence was very contradictory, so muoh so that no two witnesses agreed in their evidence, and some of the witnesses in one part of their evidence contradicting ivhat they had said in another part.

The Court sentenced the prisoner to ten weeks' imprisonment, with hard labour.

Six seamen of the ship "Agra" were brought up, charged with refusing to perform their duties, and with wilful disobedience of lawful commands as seamen of the said ship, and were sentenced to be imprisoned for ten weeks, and to be kept to hard labour.