New Zealand Herald January 23rd 1865

The barque, signalled throughout Saturday last, arrived in harbour early yesterday morning, and proved to be the Viscount Canning, in command of a very old acquaintance amongst many of the Auckland citizens, Captain W Wright, formerly of the Catherine Stuart Forbes. The Viscount Canning is 124 days out, having sailed from the Downs on the 20th September, having very light weather upon leaving, and passing inside the Cape de Verde Islands. Experienced little or nonorth-east trade winds, which caused much detention, and the line was not crossed until November 4. The south-east trades also proved very baffling and tedious, the ship being becalmed for four days. Sighted the island of Tristan D'Achuna on the 30th November, and remained there two days, taking on board water and provisions. Sailed again on the 2nd December, rounding the Cape of Good Hope on the 16th, and running down her easting in paralell 45deg, with very unsettled thick weather. Passed to the southward of Tasmania, sighting the Three Kings on Thursday last, and after a fine weather run along the coast, arrived in harbour as above stated.

The following ships were spoken on the passage:- October 12, latitude 270 24' N, longitude 190 42' W, ship Ramsey, London to Otago, 24 days out; October 13, latitude 250 41' N, longitude 180 51' W, ship Norwood, London to Shanghai; October 18, latitude 200 59' N, longitude 250 30' W, ship Queen of the Seas, Liverpool to Bombay; October 26, latitude 70 5' N, longitude 240 31' W, barque Queen of the Bay, Plymouth to Algoa Bay, 29 days out; October 30, latitude 40 29' N, longitude 260 16' W, brig Neseirand, London to Port Natal, 48 days out;    November 2, latitude 20 9' N, longitude 270 01' W, barque Inverugie, London to Algoa Bay, 38 days out; November 13, latitude 160 5' S, longitude 310 55' W, American ship Ellen Hood, Antwerp to Rangoon, 45 days out; November 27, latitude 330 49' S, longitude 1700 55' W, ship Agnes Lee, Kingstown to Simon's Bay, with troops, 69 days out; November 29, ship Khunjee Do-doujee, Liverpool to calcutta, 53 days out.

The Vincent Canning brings a large cargo, also some 170 passengers, all in good health, and under the medical charge of Dr Walker. There were four deaths (children) on the passage. Messrs Combes and Daldy are agents for the ship.