The Evening Post 4th October 1876

The New Zealand Shipping Company's ship waimea arrived in harbor shortly after noon to-day, 93 days from London. She is one of the cleanest immigrant ships that ever come into Wellington. Dr W. W. Dunkley is surgeon-superintendent. Her report is as follows:-

Left London 2nd July, cleared the Channel on the 8th, and had moderate winds until the N. E. trades were taken. In 10 deg.north the N. E. trades were lost, then moderate variable winds until crossing the Equator, in 27.20 west. the S. e. trades were moderate and lost them in 26.50 south and 30 west, and from thence to the Cape of Good Hope moderate winds. the casting was run down in 46.47 south, where she encountered two heavy gales, and thence to sighting Cape Farewell on last Saturday moderate winds were experienced, and with S. W. winds came through the Strait arriving off the heads yesterday evening. three deaths of children under two years of age, and one birth, occurred during the voyage. No accident or sickness is reported. Spoke to the ship Mataura, bound for Port Chalmers, in 8 N., all well, in company with the Agnes Rose for Sydney. The captain's wife was sick; sent surgeon on board, and hung by her for five days. On leaving she was progressing favourably.

The Waimea has on board 290 immigrants, equal to 240 statute adults, of these 70 are nominated and 57 selected by the Immigrant and Colonist Aid Corporation and intended for the Fielding settlement.


Ballinger - Carey:- On the 30th September, at the residence of the bride, by the
Rev. Patterson , Joseph William Ballinger, to Anne Sevion Carey, both of Wellington.


This morning Detective Farrell arrested Louisa Smith, the mother of the girl of the same name who was arrested yesterday on a charge of concealment of birth, in connection with the recent discovery of a child's body at Karori. The older prisoner was arrested on the Karori Road, and on being conveyed into town was brought before Captain Holt J.P. , shortly after noon, charged with wilful murder of the child. No evidence was taken, the prisoner being remanded immediately until Monday next, when both mother and daughter will be brought up on the respective charges. The younger prisoner states that the child was removed by her mother (who assisted at her confinement) when it was two days old, she had never seen it since. The police are still investigating the matter.


Christchurch 3rd October
Alice Sheehan was arraigned this morning for the wilful murder of her infant. The evidence discloses that she drowned the deceased in August last, and that she drowned another of her children in 1875, and smothered another in 1874. In all cases the infanticide took place a short time after her confinement. Prisoner was ably defended by Mr Joynt. The jury retired a four o'clock, and returned into court at a quarter to seven with a verdict of not guilty on the grounds of insanity. the judge ordered her to be kept in strict custody in the lunatic asylum during the pleasure of the Colonial Secretary.


At the office of Messrs Dalgliesh and Reid may be seen some arm-chairs constructed after the last patent "Yankee Notion" combining the various advantages of swivell seats  - moveable by screws to any desired height - and spring rockers. The new chairs certainly are marvellous in their comfort and convenience.